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Connect your international, charitable organization with Rotary International:

Connect your international, charitable organization with Rotary International:

When you partner with Rotary, 1.2 million Rotarians amplify your impact, elevate your brand, advance important causes, improve communities & gain access to global connections.


3 Rotary Clubs in Fredericksburg, TX: Morning, Noon & Night: please visit all three — to decide where you would like to apply for membership.

Mondaysnoon at the United Methodist Church on far north Llano St. — 2 blocks west of the cemetery on the east side of Llano St.  Maria is an honorary member.

 Tuesdays6p at the rear, meeting-area of Western Edge Cellars on the north side of Main St. & 1.5 blocks east of the NE intersection of Milam Ave. & Main St. / US Hwy. 290.

Thursdays6:45a at The Buffalo Nickel, 105 S. Llano St. in downtown FBG:  1/2 block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290 on the east side of Llano St. (one block east of S. Adams St. / SH 16 South):  park on street or in lot directly west of The Buffalo Nickel.

Where Rotarians may donate to benefit Hurricane Harvey folks

Rotarians may donate funds to Houston, Rockport, other locations.  These are the Districts and their contacts:

Rotary District 5930:  partnered with McAllen North Rotary Fund – a 501(c)3 to set up an Emergency Relief Fund.   Send checks to:  McAllen North Rotary Fund and mail to Rotary D 5930, McAllen North Rotary Club, 501 N. Nolana, McAllen, TX.  Contact:  DG Betty Ramirez-Lara, cell: 956-683-5706; (Rockport area)

Rotary District 5910:  Send checks to Rotary District 5910 Charitable Foundation, c/o Bobbie Applegate, 985 IH-10N, Suite 111, Beaumont, TX  77706.  Contact: DG Rhonda Herrington, cell: 903-724-8515; (Palestine area)

Rotary District 5890:  Send checks to District 5890 Charities, Inc., c/o Jackie Barmore, 3525 Preston Ave., Pasadena, TX  77505. Contact: DG Bill Palko, cell: 713-582-7235, William.palko@amegybank. (Houston area)

Rotary District 5840:  501(c)3 – Send checks to District 5840 Foundation (Disaster Fund), Attn:  Bobbe Barnes, Treasurer, P. O. Box 13, Boerne, TX  78006.  Contact:

DG Carol Holmes, cell:  281-923-6111; (San Antonio, Hill Country Area).

at-large Rotary Peace Fellow: annually at no cost to Rotary District(s)

“at-large” Peace scholar @ no cost to your Rotary District:

If you are interested in your Rotary district’s sponsoring a Peace Fellow scholar or if you are interested in applying to become a Rotary Peace Scholar yourself:  contact The Peace Center at Rotary International:  Laureen Pugliese   #847 424-5364 or

If your Rotary District is willing to sponsor Peace Fellow(s) at no cost to your district, tell Laureen that your Rotary district is interested in accepting “At large” Rotary Peace Fellow candidate(s).  All-applicants’ deadline is July 1.  They then will send you e-mails (usually late May & June) asking if you will take a particular candidate as each Peace Fellow applicant needs a Rotary District endorsement.  At that time, you start “mentoring” the candidate in preparation for an interview (usually done by Skype) & endorsement by your Rotary District.   All the information you need is online & there are a number of Rotary Webinars (I will send you the links) about how to handle this.  Google:  Rotary Peace Fellow applicant information, & it will call up all sorts of things.  The supplement is full of information.

I need to warn you that this is a LOT of work.  It took me all of May & June working many hours (even with a committee to help) to get through 5 applicants.  They come from all over the world.  Some have never received any help in doing their resume or writing essays.  Some have limited English which is why they have to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam to test their English:  they must have a certain score to be accepted at the Rotary Peace Centers.

Rotary International does an initial screening to see if they have 5 years of work or volunteer work in Peace & Conflict before sending them on.  We in the district really have most of the work to make sure they have all application materials in order & all the district endorsements (for or against) are in by July 1. After you read everything & take the Webinars, contact & she will be glad to discuss & respond to questions you may have.

Shipping Books for Africa to Atlanta, GA, USA: 404-603-8680. End book famine in Africa!

e-mail me w/ any questions about donating books. Let me know how many books, &  I can guide you in the right direction for moving them: or Brad Mattson, Director Of Atlanta Operations, Books For Africa 3655 Atlanta Ind. Dr., Atlanta, GA 30331  404-603-8680 ATL.

Help End the Book Famine in Africa!   

Transformational power of the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA

Transformational power* of the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA!

INSPIRING remarks from

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s attorney daughter, I drew this conclusion:  humans have a choice:  peace or extinction.  She received a prolonged, standing ovation.

Bill Gates:  When The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new pledge of millions more in “$2-for-$1 matching” dollars to End Polio Now, Bill said that as important as the dollars are (to end polio), the most important assets are the Rotarians & friends of Rotarians who go into & throughout the most dangerous countries to administer the vaccine & thus prevent a crippling, potentially life-diminishing, preventable disease.  A photo of an almost completely covered Pakistani woman was displayed at that point.  The photo could also have been of our beloved Judy & John Hutcherson.

The CEO of Coca-Cola mentioned Coke’s three international priorities:  water, women & communities.  Water:  because Coca-Cola uses so much of it, so they’re ever watchful to be thoughtful stewards of the resource;  women:  because women who are encouraged to become entrepreneurs can change the world for the better; & communities – to help them thrive … which also helps Coca-Cola financially prosper as well.   As a direct result of his presentation, today I actually passed over “my” drink-of-choice:  diet Mt. Dew & purchased a diet Coke instead.

Andrew Young — as wise as he was humorous.  He marched next to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King during the 1960s & concluded that much of the civil rights progress in the US was in direct response to businesses’ understanding the financial importance of our brothers & sisters of color. — & that the more they prospered, the more everyone prospered.  Although Young was trained to be humble, he chuckled that it’s hard to be humble when Atlanta named a street in his honor.

PERSONAL THRILLS:  I met a PDG who is in the hometown of my best friend (he just doesn’t yet know it) Dr. Pol – the naturally hilarious, kind, 70-ish-year-old  veterinarian in a National Geographic TV network series.  She promised to give my business card to him & to tell him “Hi” from his ardent “fan:”  me.  He’s an Honorary Rotarian in Mt. Pleasant, MI; a Paul Harris Fellow & regularly invited speaker at Rotary clubs & other Rotary events).

I got to see a woman from India donate $1M to End Polio Now.  What I was sputtering about her generosity, someone said that this is the 5th time she’s donated $1M!

I accidentally got seated next to an incoming trustee for The Rotary Foundation.  After everyone at the table introduced ourselves, she said, “Do you remember that we already know each other?”  Oh, my:  I was clueless & embarrassed not to have recognized her.  She was the RI President’s Representative who came to FBG when we dedicated the Skate Park & inducted 5 new members – the stunning visitor who wore a straw hat.  And there she was again … serendipitously seated next to me.  As you may know, during her time in our Rotary district, she & incoming DG Carol Holmes became best friends.

In the AKS lounge (a quiet, light-refreshment area for donors of $250,000 & more), I met a new friend from Kansas City, KS.  We both vividly remembered the year (1962) when my Wichita (KS) East High School won the state basketball championship by having defeated his Wyandotte High School, the almost perpetual state basketball champion.  Small world.  Also, my “true love” boyfriend & I broke up that night. <sigh>

I met in person, the wonderful Rotarian in India whose project our club just donated $2.5K to – the artificial limb project.  He was so excited & grateful to hear about our donation.  And I got to meet both the leader & his brother – who oversee the girls’ toilet blocks project in India — we just donated $2.5K to.  Not only is the project helping girls AND boys stay in school (“prosperity insurance,” as I see it), they are helping families with sustainable, entrepreneurial projects & teaching hygiene / cleanliness habits to families.  Bottom line:  the project is growing & expanding.

I met a Rotarian from WI who told me about “at large” Peace Scholars (maybe that was the status of our Peace scholar Ghada & her connection with our district – not sure).  Anyway club(s) &/or district(s) may annually request (from The Rotary Foundation) an at large Peace Scholar at no charge to our club.  It would be the role of someone within our club to mentor the prospective scholar through the application process:  “easy if the applicant is proficient in English … more time-consuming if the student isn’t quite so proficient.”  If our board is interested, I’d be glad to share her contact information with the our club’s designee — for further information.

*  my transformational vision:  I eternally compound my exponential relevance … in fulfillment of Eternal Divine Light’s Highest Destiny purposes for ALL.


How to take on-line Rotary D5840 grant-management training:

How to take on-line Rotary D5840 grant-management training @$20 per year: & use your e-address as Username

via Chad Bayard, Course Development & Client Support, EdTek Services, Inc.;  800-827-1593 x 5     Alice.White.7616

Room-share with a gentleman attending Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA

Please contact or 210-345-2000 if you want to share a two-bedroom arrangement with him — during the RI Convention in Atlanta &/or e-forward this message to gentlemen / RI Convention participants … in case they might want to room-share with David.  Many thanks. To unsubscribe, please e-Reply & include “unsubscribe.  To thank you in advance for your helping David locate a roommate, please e-Reply & request that I e-mail you my most-favorite Rotary documents:  example, attached – to encourage you to e-ask me for my other Rotary-document gems.]

From: Wiechmann, David [] Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 11:55 AM  To: White, Alice  Cc: Jim Montgomery;     Subject: RI Convention in Atlanta – Hotel Room Sharing

Thank you for offering to circulate my . message.  I have two bedroom reserved during the entire week at the Westin Peachtree Hotel, which is District 5840’s initial preferred hotel.       My family cannot join me so I am looking to split the cost of the room with another gentleman.  I may be reached for additional information at or 210-345-2000       Yours in Rotary,     David Wiechmann

Rotary Club of San Antonio at the Dominion, V.P., Treasurer & Acting TRF Chair Dominion Rotary Foundation, Trustee & Treasurer             Certified Faculty for Rotary Leadership Institute  Login / About Us / About District 5840 / District Leadership Plan

Rotary International theme-by-month: for speakers’ topics, press releases, service- & fund-raising projects


for speakers’ topics, service projects, special events, articles for mass media

July              Welcome

August         Member and New Club Development

September   Basic Education & Literacy

October        Economic & Community Development

November    The Rotary Foundation

December    Disease Prevention & Treatment

January       Vocation / Service

February     Peace & Confrontation Prevention/Resolution

March         Water & Sanitation

April            Maternal & Child Health

May            Youth Service

June           Rotary Fellowship

Rotary Open World — US Congress-sponsored exchange: FBG welcomed Ukrainians in March 2017

Yaryna Khomtsiy <>;;;;;;

Austin, TX-area Rotary district clubs (see e-msg. map within AVW’s saved e-msgs.);;;

Rotary Club of Fredericksburg (TX) Morning: add both hash-tags at the conclusion of your Facebook comments: #WhereServiceIsFun #1DistrictAllHeart     Add both hash-tags at the conclusion of your Facebook comments:  #WhereServiceIsFun #1DistrictAllHeart


Rotary Club of Fredericksburg (TX) Morning  = Join Leaders!Exchange Ideas!Take Action!

Want your Rotary International & Rotary District 5840-related questions answered asap?    Go to & click Help in upper-right-hand area; then click RI & District support & ask a staffer listed.     Or call toll-free 1-866-976-8279

Three Rotary Websites to help you fulfill your goals: & &

Find, adopt, adapt, browse through, read, study your favorite Rotary documents / files       Select Member Login from upper, right-hand corner of page     Select Login from middle of page     Select Member Area from upper, right-hand corner of page

Example #1   

How to enter, view &/or print Rotary documents   Select View Club Documents from middle area of page [within the My ClubRunner section]

Browse through 19+ titles of file folders & 20+ documents / files

To open a file folder, click on one of the right-pointing arrows in the far, left-hand column

[to close a file folder, click on the downward-pointing arrow]

To open a document, double-click on the title of the document

the document may immediately open & allow you to print or “Save As” to copy-&-paste into your file folders & for your on-going use


an icon of the document may appear in the lower, left-hand corner of your screen:  print or “Save As” for your on-going use

Use tabs in upper, right-hand corner of the page to add your own folders &/or documents; download all folders &/or documents

Use tabs in upper, left-hand corner of the page to find or manipulate folders & files, as needed

Use one or more of the three “Actions” selections within the far, right-hand column to add or edit files / documents

Example #2

How to find members’ mailing address, phone #s & e-addresses

Select “Membership” from the middle area of the top, horizontal bar

Select “Member Lists” at the far, left-hand side of the horizontal bar – beneath the “Membership” bar (above)

Look for the member’s link (if necessary, use the lower-right corner’s right-pointing arrow to toggle to subsequent page(s) to locate the respective member’s link)

Click on the member’s link & the member’s photo & contact information will appear

Example #3

Save e-communication time:  Create your own Rotary e-lists!

Ask Dona Drew for required, access approval

Click on

Select Member Login from upper, right-hand corner of page

Select Login from middle of page

Select Member Area from upper, right-hand corner of page

Click on “Communication” tab (in the upper, left-hand side of the left-to-right selection bar

Click on “E-mail Services” (left-hand side of bar)

Click on right-pointing arrow next to “Edit Custom Distribution Lists” … wait for the command to execute

Click on upper, right-hand link:  Create New Distribution List” … wait for the command to execute

Enter the name of your Distribution List within the long bar beneath “Edit List” & “Distribution List Name”

Click the “Save” button in the upper, middle-area of the page

Click in the box to the left of each member’s name, whom you want to add to your specific distribution list

Click “Save” & there is your distribution list for your on-going use.

Remember to keep your list up to date by clicking beside new members’ names that need to be added.

Need help with other Website functions?  Ask


Example #4

How to create custom templates & notifications; create stand-alone sign-up lists not associated with an event; create public sign-up lists to allow non-members to sign up; & schedule follow-up emails

Under construction

Ask for required, access approval

Click on

Select Member Login from upper, right-hand corner of page

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south-central Texas with 58 clubs, 3 satellite clubs … within & around San Antonio, San Angelo, Eagle Pass & Junction

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How to apply on-line for date-, amount- & purpose-specific D5840 Grants   Click Member Login [upper right-hand corner]   Click Login [middle of page]   Click Member Area [upper, right-hand corner] & then click Grants [#3 item on top, horizontal selection bar]; click Submit a Grant Proposal [& click various choices to fill-in-the-blanks] or click My Club Grants [& click on names of grants already submitted – to edit, attach letters of collaboration, etc.]


Browse through the Website to discover helpful resources

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Home, Calendar, District Leadership, District Administration, Rotary Foundation, Photos, Contact Us, Help & Support


Go to the left-hand column of categories to select topics of interest:  Upcoming Events, Site Pages, District Info, Photo Albums


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Notice other clickable links across the top of the page:  click titles that interest you


Scroll downward to see all of your selections


click on right-pointing arrow within each, front-page photo to start exploring


fill in a city or region to find a club


Click on topics or tabs at the very bottom of the page to learn even more

Great Leaders Create a Culture of Quitters!

Great Leaders Create a Culture of Quitters! | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D. | Pulse | LinkedIn

Great Leaders Create a Culture of Quitters!

You are likely familiar with the concept that employees don’t quit companies, they quit leaders.

It is with this in mind that many organizations invest time, energy, and resources developing leaders who foster employee engagement.

Yes, employees might quit an organization because of a bad leader; however, these same employees may quit their own bad behaviors because of a good leader.

In other words, great leaders create a culture of quitters!

Some of you may be thinking…

Wait a second; great leaders create cultures that encourage people to try new approaches, take on different roles, and apply new solutions. They don’t create a culture of quitters.

Oh, yes they do!

Great leaders encourage people to quit trying in four key areas.

I invite you to invest a few minutes reading about each area and reflecting on your mindset, behaviors, and results.

1. Quit Trying to Please Everyone

Blame it on your upbringing, your DNA, or some other force, but many of us our compelled to please others. We don’t like the idea of someone being disappointed with, frustrated about, or indifferent toward us.

So, we try to please everyone. Not only does this waste time and energy, but it is a fruitless endeavor, because you can’t please everyone.

What do great leaders do? Great leaders give employees permission to disappoint some people. These leaders work with their employees to uncover who truly matters most to the success of the team and organization. This gives employees the freedom to say ‘no’ to certain requests and give a big ‘yes’ to others.

2. Quit Trying to Do Everything

You have a finite amount of time, energy, and resources. When you attempt to do everything, you usually accomplish nothing with excellence. Yes, you might understand the law of diminishing returns at an intellectual level, but when faced with the choice of doing one task over another, you may let our feelings or egos push you to try to do everything.

What do great leaders do? Great leaders work with team members to determine the team or organization’s most important goals, and to ensure clarity about the role everyone plays. Getting clear on which goals matter most and who does what, allows team members to prioritize their efforts, and, like not trying to please everyone, they learn what tasks to accomplish and which ones to let go.

3. Quit Trying to Fix Everything

Most organizations measure things – arguably too many things.

Take a look around your organization. Odds are that if you can measure it, you do. The natural tendency when you measure everything is to try to optimize everything. When you try optimize everything, you typically create no sustainable advantages.

What do great leaders do? Great leaders give employees permission to be just ok at somethings. They do this by allowing some measures to be sub-optimal, or cut the measure altogether in order to provide a very clear set of measurable goals that will allow employees to play a winning game.

4. Quit Trying to Control Everything

Since birth, many of us have tried to control everything. Some even incessantly watch the weather, the stock market, or the daily traffic report in an effort to control the outcome. Highly effective people know that the best energy is placed on things you can control or influence.

What do great leaders do? Great leaders allow employees to let go of things they can’t control and focus on things that employees can truly influence. These leaders also assist employees to accomplish certain tasks by lending the leader’s influence, access, or skill-set.

So, how are you doing?

Take a few minutes to assess yourself as a quitter. Ask yourself how well you are doing and whether or not you are creating a culture of successful quitters.

  • Are you clear on who truly matters most to the success of your team or organization? Do you put the majority of your energy to serving these most important customers?
  • Are you clear on your team or organization’s top goals? Can you name them and explain how well you are performing? Are you clear on the role you play in driving desire results?
  • Are you measuring the fewest number of items in order to ensure clarity? Or, do you measure everything and attempt to optimize everything?
  • Do you obsess about things that are out of your control in hopes that you can somehow gain the outcome you desire? Or, do you focus on what you can do and put your energy in those areas?


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Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

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