3 Rotary resources for your / your club’s use: Membership tips, D5840 training dates & Rotary Community Corps “why” & “how-to” documents

Three Rotary resources for your &/or your club’s use:

  1. Updated version of Encyclopedia of Rotary Membership Resources: https://indd.adobe.com/view/07b0b841-37af-477a-a5d8-f515a46b11ba  Discover your favorite idea & share Rotary with a friend who might be actively looking for a relevant way to be of service.


  1. Attachment with Rotary D5840 2016 & beyond … training & celebratory dates, locations; intended audiences & pre-registration Website:  Rotary5840.org Please pre-register, participate & get a double-dose of Rotary inspiration with its can-do resources!  [Not in D5840?  Adapt the document for your respective events.]


  1. Rotary Community Corps’ on-line video from yesterday’s Webinar:  https://vimeo.com/160914857 & yesterday’s RCC PowerPoint presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/Rotary_International/rotary-community-corps-community-solutions-for-community-challenges-60233848 Find out how to engage additional organizations in furtherance of your Rotary service projects.  I’ll gladly e-share with you, upon request, all five documents – from yesterday’s inspiring, creative, interactive RCC-focused Webinar.  My biggest “ah-ha” was “why” & “how” to mobilize RCC on behalf of your Rotary Foundation-funded global grants.  And inspiring information about a RCC of Colorado adults who are developmentally challenged — & how they have become engaged, self-confident, community spokespersons & volunteers — as members of RCC.  Let me know which documents you would like me to e-forward to you:  [a]  Rotary Community Corps:  Why & How-To documents; [b] RCC informational brochure; [c] RCC PowerPoint presentation; [d] RCC sample Bylaws & Constitution; & [e] RCC fill-in-the-blanks Organization form.
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