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Lubbock, TX-area community leaders

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Free money for college for south-central TX high school seniors: 

[Sent “bcc” — to avoid scrolling through e-addresses.  I apologize for duplicates due to your various leadership roles.  To unsubscribe please e-Reply & include “unsubscribe.]

Hello!  Please e-forward this free money-for-college / scholarship Website to south-central-TX area high school seniors, high school counselors, teachers, administrators, school- board members, parents & guardians.  Thank you for enriching students’ lives through educational opportunities.

Quickie Happiness Workshop for Increasing Profits at Times of Seeming Peril

Quickie Happiness Workshop for Increasing Profits at Times of Seeming Peril: 
Think as much, if not more, about growing your income as you do of trimming your expenses.
And for extra credit, focus on customers more than vendors; smiles more than frowns; possibilities more than risks; choices more than commitments; vacations more than overtime; detours more than setbacks; opportunities more than obstacles; and Goldilocks more than the bears.
End of Workshop —    The Universe

How to access your Rotary Foundation donation history

To access your Rotary Foundation donation history:

Go to

Login to My Rotary — at the top, middle of the page — to the left of the Club Finder box

Note the circling icon — indicating that the new page is getting cued up to appear on           your monitor

Click Manage in the middle of the top box — on the top bar

Within the Club & District Administration box in the left-hand column (beneath a photo), click on View Reports link

Within the Donor History Reports box, click on View Report link

Click on Donor History Report link

Rotary Learning Center:

Rotary Learning Center:

Access GMail messages even when there’s no TTU e-access

Hill Country Crisis Council Emergency PET Shelter in Kerrville (south-central), TX

To make a donation:   Hill Country Crisis Council, P.O. Box 291817, Kerrville, TX  78029 or

Your lifetime legacy through Rotary!

FBG Morning Rotary Club + Rotary International [the organization all 35,000+ Rotary clubs belong to] + The Rotary Foundation [RI’s charitable “purse”] are potentially & eternally powerful … by offering a positive vision & ever-improving systems-of-work … available to each member (who chooses to do so) to partake of & leverage Rotary  resources … in order to make lasting, significant impacts toward win-win, enduring peace & prosperity on earth for all.  A personal “bonus” is that everything in Rotary is replicable to all aspects of each person’s life:  personal, social, financial, family, spiritual, physical.


How about inviting folks to Rotary Leadership Institute & other Rotary events – while continuously & simultaneously reminding us that Rotary has resources to help us meaningfully contribute toward world peace & prosperity for all?!  RI, TRF & our Rotary club offer us the resources to leave a Life Legacy – to help others who come after us …&  that everything about Rotary is potentially replicable to each member’s personal, business / professional, family, spiritual, financial & social life?!

Rotary:  Engaging Leaders!  Exchanging Ideas!  Taking Action!



Subscribe to “Global Polio Eradication” updates:


NO new Wild Polio cases Week of May 20, 2018.         

What is that Polio Eradication Picture?   It’s a picture of Elvis promoting the March of Dimes to support Polio eradication.  Many celebrities and sports stars have given of  their  time, talents, faces, voices, and donations to the Polio Eradication cause worldwide over the years..                

Zero is the Magic Number!

The three year Countdown to History starts after the final Wild Polio case. 

Today, we count six weeks since the report of the most recent Wild Polio case.

For Rotary District Leaders (and Influencers) – Know what’s best Polio Eradication “Bang For Your Buck”?  Contributions of your Rotary District Designated Funds (DDF) are matched $.50 to the $1 by The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund and are then matched again $2 to $1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  So, a $10,000 DDF donation becomes $45,000.  That’s an unbeatable deal!  See the DDF donation form here file:///C:/Users/terry/Downloads/ddf_donation_form_rotary_foundation_funds_en.pdf  

Rotary is committed to raise $50 Million (including Rotarian, public, and DDF donations) to be matched by $100 mil from the Gates Foundation – for each of the next three years – for a total of $450 million for the Global Polio Eradication effort!

  • Kenya, SYRIA, SOMALIA, Nigeria & DRC No Polio cases have been reported in Nigeria, Kenya or Somalia.  No new cases of circulating vaccine-derived Poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) were reported this week in Syria (last case 9/20/17) leaving the total number of Syrian cases at 74 for 2017 and 0 for 2018.  No new cases were reported in DRC leaving their 2018 total at 4 (22 in 2017).
  • Quote of the Day – “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Maya Angelou, Author & Poet
  • The Final Three Endemic Countries:
  • Pakistan– No new Polio cases reported this week. One Polio case reported in 2018 – the most recent case was from the Balochistan Province with an onset of paralysis on 3/8/18.  Eight cases reported in 2017.  One new Polio-Positive Environmental Sample was reported this week (Karachi).  A Sub-National immunization campaign reached 20 million children in May.
  • Afghanistan– No new Polio cases reported this week.  Seven Polio cases reported in 2018 – the most recent case was from the Kunar province with the onset of paralysis on 03/03/18.  Fourteen cases reported in 2017.  A sub-national vaccination campaign reached 9.6 million children in May.  One new Polio-Positive Environmental Samples was reported this week (Kandahar).

Nigeria – No new Wild Polio cases have been reported in 2017 or 2018.   The most recent Polio case was reported on 8/20/16.  Nigeria has once again gone 1-3/4 years without a Wild Polio case.  

   Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!!

Terry Ziegler, Rotary District 5890 Polio Eradication Chair & Zone 21B/27 PHS Coordinator

Wichita, KS: car cruising opportunities

If you live in Wichita or whenever you’re in Wichita, here are two, car-cruising opportunities for you to watch or participate in:

from:     …   friends and classmates, if you show up it is a good place to catch up.  Cruising attire is appropriate and very comfortable.  I remember the bleeding Madris short sleeve shirts and the light tan pants for the summer months.  We tried to dress just like kids in So. Cal., cool is cool.  When the pictures come out I will tag you to enjoy.  Yes, go ahead and forward my email.   I will tell Mike Dahlem that you said Hi.  He is a good ole boy friend of mine from back in the day.  …

  1. Just to let you know, every third Sat. during the summer, we have a cruise down Douglas Ave., we gather at the old Quality Chevy parking lot at Hydraulic Ave., and Douglas Ave., intersection and then cruise Douglas St. to Delano District circle turnaround and back through downtown.  It is dark at night now.  I will meet Mike Dahlem at 5:30pm to get there early and watch the cars pull in.  Classic cars, sports cars, muscle cars and others just to cruise like we did in the sixties.  The memories are still strong for us and the desire to cruise is still there.  I got a new tire today to replace the one with the nail leak.


  1. Every Friday evening the cruisers meet at West St., and Central Ave., parking lot for a cruise in car show. This is all free, need gas, a good battery and air in the tires of course.  Anthony Middendorf also sets up out of town cruises for car collections and also lunch if appropriate.  These are very cool.  This is exactly what I bought the vette to do.  That is to cruise with fellow car cruisers.  When the pictures post than I will tag you so you can enjoy them also.  …


To help with pet-shelter kennels for families fleeing from domestic violence, contact or 830-257-7088, x. 125

Please let or 830-257-7088, x. 125 know if you / your organization(s) want to help with pet kennels in Kerrville … for pets of families fleeing from domestic violence.

In the backyard of the Kerrville, TX, domestic-violence survivors’ shelter, we have a small enclosure for survivors that bring dogs.  When I say enclosure, I mean 4 chain link panels with a gate, probably 7′ x 7′, no covering for shade.  It is adequate for a dog, or 2-3 from the same family, or maybe two from different families that get a long together.  Only adequate – too small most certain.

We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful volunteer that comes to our shelter weekly to teach a bible study.  Prior to joining us, she had been to the Kendall County Women’s Shelter and saw their pet facility.  I haven’t seen it, but word is, is it outstanding, and most certainly very expensive.  Our volunteer graciously decided to have a fundraiser to build new kennels for Hill Country Crisis Center.  She moved from Houston a few years ago, does not have as many Hill Country connections and lives in Comfort.  She reached out to her friends in the Reserve where she lives, and found an overwhelming number of people wanted to form a committee and help her fundraiser for this project! Very generous and exciting! She is toying around with the idea of a golf tournament at the Buckhorn.  She asked that I reach out to our board in hopes a member or two would like to join this committee.

It may be difficult to understand the dynamics of domestic violence, and even more so to grasp that people not being to bring their pets with them can actually decide to stay in the relationship.  As Brent, and our Director of Trauma Services, Kim Olden can attest to, we have recently had to turn women away because we could not accommodate their dogs.  I asked Kim to help explain this dynamic:

“It is very common for survivors of intimate partner violence to want to take their pets with themThreats of abusing or killing pets are made often times as a form of control.  We have had clients receive pictures of their destroyed animal, and we currently have one in the shelter that had a pet killed the day she left, and has since been told that

he another one was killed.  The most dangerous time for a survivor in an abusive relationship is when she is trying to leave.  The abuser begins intensifying his means to control her.  We do attempt to problem solve the issues with those seeking shelter asking if they have a friend or a family member who can care for their pet/pets while they are here.  Then we frequently run into two more common abuse tactics used by abusers to create barriers to a woman seeking safety:  isolation and social sabotage.  Many survivors have been isolated by their abuser and have lost contact with all family and friends, and many relationships have been sabotaged by the abuser.”

It can be intensified when there are children.  The children are already leaving everything they know; asking them to leave their pets as well is another added trauma.  Include the fact that many children will have heard that their pet will be killed.  Very sad situation.

It would be great to have proper kennels that can accommodate more pets, easier to clean, and safer and more comfortable for the pets! Let me know if any of you would like to speak to our volunteer.

Thank you,  Suzanne Tomerlin, Development Director, Hill Country Crisis Council, 830-257-7088 ext 125

MedAir = 9-1-1 response team for the world. To donate to Medair’s Emergency Response Fund: payable to “Medair” & send to Medair United States; P.O. Box 4476; Wheaton, IL 60189-4476

Greetings, below, from MedAir’s two Fredericksburg, TX’ Morning Rotary visitors “Daniel” & “Esteban” last fall!  As you may recall, MedAir = 9-1-1 response team for the world – in collaboration with the United Nations (Rotary International is the only non-governmental organization that has a founding, permanent place at the UN table).  

 To donate to Medair’s Emergency Response Fund:  make your check(s) payable to “Medair” & send to Medair United States; P.O. Box 4476; Wheaton, IL 60189-4476.  Details, below, from Daniel Xu [] Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 3:50 PM  To: Alice White  Subject: Medair – Emergency Response Fund

…  Hope all is well in the beautiful Fredericksburg!   I recently visited Medair HQ in Switzerland.   The main topic of the gathering was on the importance of emergency response and how preparation saves lives.   …   As part of the 3-year strategy by 2019 Medair aims to respond to 2 large-scale disasters (e.g. Rohingya crisis, Esteban is still there!) simultaneously while maintaining a robust presence in our on-going country programs.

For $150K Medair will be able to fill 12 critical roles to complete a rapid response team which has the capacity to handle a project of $1.2 million and caring for at least 2,500 households (12,500 people).   This seed money is vital to recruit staff and help Medair unlock larger grants from our institutional partners such as USAID, a 8X factor!

Recently I presented this proposal to a select group of compassionate communities in UT, CA & AZ.  Together we came up with $105K commitment each year for the next 3 years.  However, the goal is $150K and they asked me if we could leverage on their existing $105K to invite other like-minded friends,  in partnership to bring up the remaining $45K.

I told them that I would connect with other communities such as our friends in Fredericksburg!  Would you mind reviewing the attached proposal and consider sharing it with your community?    This could be an exciting opportunity, in collaboration with other like-minded friends, to save lives and care for the most vulnerable in our midst.

Essentially for $45K we will be able to fully fund an emergency response team, capable of responding to any crisis, anywhere in the world.   Your partnership will be directly putting boots on the ground.

Lastly if anyone likes to talk to a member of the Medair Global Response Team we have a colleague who recently came back from Bangladesh, currently in Springfield, MO.  He would be more than happy to connect over the phone.   And if need be we would love to present in-person as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely,   Daniel      Every second counts


Daniel Xu  U.S. Development Director    Email:   Phone: (408) 960 – 3540| Emergency Relief and Recovery

For mailing check or wire transfer:      Please indicate GERT on the check, which stands for Global Emergency Response Team.

Gifts by Check
Send checks, made payable to Medair, to Medair United States;  P.O. Box 4476; Wheaton, IL 60189-4476

Gifts by Bank Transfer  Bank: Wheaton Bank & Trust Company; 211 S. Wheaton Ave.; Wheaton, IL 60187; Account number: 0007501544; Routing number: 071925389

We also just welcomed Medair’s new CEO, David Verboom, to HQ this month.  If you’re interested please check out his recent interview.

No-Kill 101 for Animal Shelters

Ask any of the following animal lovers for a 2018 copy of “No Kill 1010 for Animal Shelters:”

Durham, Maggie <>; Livingston, Kat <>; Terrell, Kathryn <>; Kym Ruiz <>; Pierce, Jaymie <>

Cc: Warren, Dawn <>; Lansdell, Trevor W <>; Wittlake, Barak ( <>; Smith, Leslie <>




Theodore Roosevelt:  The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.

Leverage every get-acquainted opportunity via sharing your 3 offers & your 3 wishes!



put your organizational contact information at the top:

Join Leaders!  Exchange Ideas!  Take Action!  The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning or visit us on Facebook     #WhereServiceIsFun  #FBGMorning  #1DistrictAllHeart  #District 5840  #District5840PeopleOfAction

Three Offers & Three Wishes

my Wishes:  I wish that

 1.  I could get e-contact information of “everyone” (including Rotary Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary clubs & Rotary districts; colleges’ & universities’ community outreach & service-learning programs) that coordinate service projects to benefit homeless dogs & cats (e.g., foster homes, food, vaccinations, trap-neuter-return programs; animal / public-health training programs & outreach ideas) – to learn from &/or collaborate with them.

2.   As many Rotaract & Rotary clubs & districts as possible would invite me to give

a.  my hilarious, interactive, Rotary-membership presentation during a weekly meeting or during a Rotary conference or special event.  The title of my presentation is 5+M Rotarians doing even More Good in the World during Rotary’s 2nd Century of Service

b.  my inspiring presentation about why The Rotary Foundation; community, university, college, association & sorority foundations are my charities of choice.

3.  I could pique the curiosity of

a.  community colleges, colleges, universities & public health institutions & their respective associations; non-profit organizations & others – about the $30+K money available for their good causes [academic, research, service-learning, community-outreach; etc. ] through The Rotary Foundation: And ask me about how your Rotary District may help create peace on earth by sponsoring a no-cost “At Large” Rotary Peace Fellow.

2.  folks who might want to invest in great causes in the TX Hill Country

a.  healthy, win-win youth in FBG via basketball courts near the skate park:        or visit our Facebook page

3.  Higher education:


b.  Community Foundation: www.CommunityFoundation.Net

c.  Wolf Creek Camp: providing dyslexic children with individualized tutoring to strengthen language skills & build confidence & enhance


my Three Offers:  I offer to individuals & organizations

1.  To include their Call-To-Action information on my blog that receives 40 visits daily: &/or onto the popular blog

2. To e-forward their invitations or opportunities or resources to my vast resource of e-contacts:  e-lists &/or spreadsheet contact information.

3. To add their e-address(es) to my geographically arranged contact lists … so that I may constantly be of service to them & their good causes.;; 830-990-8101;;  542 Winding Way Court; Fredericksburg, TX  78624-5040



Doing Good: Intro =

Doing Good: Supporting Education =

Doing Good: Growing Local Economies =

Doing Good: Fighting Disease =

Doing Good: Providing Clean Water =

Doing Good: Saving Mothers & Children =

Doing Good: Promoting Peace =


The Rotary Foundation; 14280 Collections Center Drive

Chicago, IL  60693 or




Be our guest on most (non-holiday) Thursdays, 7a at the Buffalo Nickel Bar & Grill   105 S. Llano in Fredericksburg / south central, TX  — on east side of Llano St. & ½ block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290.  Llano St. is one block east of Adams St. / SH 16 South


Imagine 2.5+M Rotarians Doing even More Good in the World during Rotary’s 2nd Century of Service!

Q:  Why does Rotary Membership Matter?

A:  because we’re all in this together!*


paraphrased:  IT’S ABOUT TIME by John Denver


There’s a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again

Who’s to say you have to lose for someone else to win?

In the eyes of all the people the look is much the same

For the first is just the last one when you play a deadly game

It’s about time we realize it:  we’re all in this together

It’s about time we find out:  it’s all of us or none

It’s about time we start to face it:  we can’t make it here all alone

There’s a man who is my brother, I just don’t know his name

But I know his home and family because I know we feel the same And it hurts me when he’s hungry and when his children cry

I too am a father and that little one is mine

It’s about time we begin to turn the world around

It’s about time we start to make it the dream we’ve always known   It’s about time, it’s about changes and it’s about time     It’s about peace and it’s about plenty and it’s about time

It’s about you and me [& Rotary] together and it’s about time!

It’s about time!