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Free money for college for south-central TX high school seniors: 

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Hello!  Please e-forward this free money-for-college / scholarship Website to south-central-TX area high school seniors, high school counselors, teachers, administrators, school- board members, parents & guardians.  Thank you for enriching students’ lives through educational opportunities.


Leverage every get-acquainted opportunity via sharing your 3 offers & your 3 wishes!



put your organizational contact information at the top:

Join Leaders!  Exchange Ideas!  Take Action!  The Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning or visit us on Facebook     #WhereServiceIsFun  #FBGMorning  #1DistrictAllHeart  #District 5840  #District5840PeopleOfAction

Three Offers & Three Wishes

my Wishes:  I wish that

 1.  I could get e-contact information of “everyone” (including Rotary Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary clubs & Rotary districts; colleges’ & universities’ community outreach & service-learning programs) that coordinate service projects to benefit homeless dogs & cats (e.g., foster homes, food, vaccinations, trap-neuter-return programs; animal / public-health training programs & outreach ideas) – to learn from &/or collaborate with them.

2.   As many Rotaract & Rotary clubs & districts as possible would invite me to give

a.  my hilarious, interactive, Rotary-membership presentation during a weekly meeting or during a Rotary conference or special event.  The title of my presentation is 5+M Rotarians doing even More Good in the World during Rotary’s 2nd Century of Service

b.  my inspiring presentation about why The Rotary Foundation; community, university, college, association & sorority foundations are my charities of choice.

3.  I could pique the curiosity of

a.  community colleges, colleges, universities & public health institutions & their respective associations; non-profit organizations & others – about the $30+K money available for their good causes [academic, research, service-learning, community-outreach; etc. ] through The Rotary Foundation: And ask me about how your Rotary District may help create peace on earth by sponsoring a no-cost “At Large” Rotary Peace Fellow.

2.  folks who might want to invest in great causes in the TX Hill Country

a.  healthy, win-win youth in FBG via basketball courts near the skate park:        or visit our Facebook page

3.  Higher education:


b.  Community Foundation: www.CommunityFoundation.Net

c.  Wolf Creek Camp: providing dyslexic children with individualized tutoring to strengthen language skills & build confidence & enhance


my Three Offers:  I offer to individuals & organizations

1.  To include their Call-To-Action information on my blog that receives 40 visits daily: &/or onto the popular blog

2. To e-forward their invitations or opportunities or resources to my vast resource of e-contacts:  e-lists &/or spreadsheet contact information.

3. To add their e-address(es) to my geographically arranged contact lists … so that I may constantly be of service to them & their good causes.;; 830-990-8101;;  542 Winding Way Court; Fredericksburg, TX  78624-5040



Doing Good: Intro =

Doing Good: Supporting Education =

Doing Good: Growing Local Economies =

Doing Good: Fighting Disease =

Doing Good: Providing Clean Water =

Doing Good: Saving Mothers & Children =

Doing Good: Promoting Peace =


The Rotary Foundation; 14280 Collections Center Drive

Chicago, IL  60693 or




Be our guest on most (non-holiday) Thursdays, 7a at the Buffalo Nickel Bar & Grill   105 S. Llano in Fredericksburg / south central, TX  — on east side of Llano St. & ½ block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290.  Llano St. is one block east of Adams St. / SH 16 South


Imagine 2.5+M Rotarians Doing even More Good in the World during Rotary’s 2nd Century of Service!

Q:  Why does Rotary Membership Matter?

A:  because we’re all in this together!*


paraphrased:  IT’S ABOUT TIME by John Denver


There’s a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again

Who’s to say you have to lose for someone else to win?

In the eyes of all the people the look is much the same

For the first is just the last one when you play a deadly game

It’s about time we realize it:  we’re all in this together

It’s about time we find out:  it’s all of us or none

It’s about time we start to face it:  we can’t make it here all alone

There’s a man who is my brother, I just don’t know his name

But I know his home and family because I know we feel the same And it hurts me when he’s hungry and when his children cry

I too am a father and that little one is mine

It’s about time we begin to turn the world around

It’s about time we start to make it the dream we’ve always known   It’s about time, it’s about changes and it’s about time     It’s about peace and it’s about plenty and it’s about time

It’s about you and me [& Rotary] together and it’s about time!

It’s about time!

Fredericksburg, TX: publicize your events on the radio: & 830-997-2197

Fredericksburg, TX: publicize your events on the radio! & 830-997-2197

  1.  Read about event on air as a news/community calendar event

2.  “Talk About the Hill Country” M-F at 10a live.  5-10 minutes:  to highlight things going on in the community and help get the word out.  Free, thanks to paid advertisers / sponsors.

2018 drive-through Pet Rabies Clinic on occasional Saturdays at Willow City Fire Station: 2553 RR 1323

The Willow City Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (near Fredericksburg in south-central, TX) will sponsor the annual pet rabies vaccination clinic in Willow City on occasional Saturdays.

The event will be held at the Willow City Fire Station, located at 2553 Ranch Road 1323, between the hours of 2-4p. The Station will be set up for a drive-through clinic, which will allow pets to be treated from the owners’ vehicles. Also, those with aggressive or timid pets can be treated in the parking lot.

Rabies vaccinations will be administered by Dr. Pat O’Neil, DVM, of Pedernales Veterinary Center.  Cost per rabies shot is $9. Check or cash payments will be accepted.

Other vaccinations will be available upon request, including for dogs:  DHLPP $20 (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza), Bordetella $18, Rattlesnake $25, and/or Influenza $35, and including for cats:  FVRCP $15 (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, panleukopenia), and/or Leukemia $20.

Annual rabies clinics throughout Gillespie County support the regular canine and feline vaccinations and have contributed both to the health of dogs and cats and to the public health. So, “Love your Pet, and Give it a Valentine” vaccination in Willow City on February 10.

Visit “Gillespie County Country Schools” mobile application:

Visit “Gillespie County Country Schools” mobile application:

Friends of the Gillespie County Country Schools were invited to work with Texas Historical Commission on this Mobile App early in 2017.  We think you will like what they have produced And did a great job in helping us tell our story to heritage tourist with or without bicycles!

Hill Country Memorial Hospital donation site

To donate to the Malcolm Baldrige award-winning hospital in Fredericksburg, TX: 

& click (for example) Fredericksburg Police Department No Shave November — to support FBG Police Department officers who are supporting those battling cancer.

locations of various sites in Fredericksburg, TX

Nury’s Cafe:  ttps://

from Kerrville – turn right at the first stop light on Tivydale Road.  Go to the next stop light (US 87) and turn left.  Nury’s will be on your left.

from Comfort – after the first stop light coming into town, Nury’s will be on your left.

from downtown Fredericksburg – take US 87 towards Comfort.  After the stop light at Highway Street, Nury’s will be on your right.


FBG, TX-area sights to see for youngsters

FBG, TX-area sights to see for youngsters:

MarktPlatz playground

FBG Morning Rotary Skateboard Park near H-E-B Grocery

Lady Bird Johnson swimming pool with near-by butterfly garden + swimming pool south of FBG Middle School

Wildflower Seed Farm on E. US 290

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza on SH 16 — east of Gillespie County Airport & FBO

Science Mill in Johnson City — 1 hr. east of FBG on US 290  &  &;;;;;  Volunteer your time & wisdom to discover what makes our community great & what could we do to make it even better. &;

To all Co-Chairs 2017 Community Visioning from;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Jim.Mikula;;

Clinton Bailey, P.E., Assistant City Manager, City of Fredericksburg, 126 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624  O 830-997-7521  C 830-889-5897  F 830-997-1861

Mission of the City of Fredericksburg, TX:  Leading with integrity while providing the best customer services to our community.

36 on GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE  including 4 co-chairs:;;;;  Prospective Committee Members:;; Beverly0099@ATT.Net;;;;;;;;;;; LesMeurer@EarthLink.Net; MHess@HCTC.Coop;;; W.Vins@GMX.De;;;;; 8-’17 list additions:;;  Bryan.Benway@House.Texas.Gov;;;;;;;;;;;;;

BUSINESS COMMITTEE  Co-chairs:;; Prospective members:

e-invitees for Gillespie County vision presentation:  Kent Myers <>; Linda Langerhans <>;; Jim Mikula <>; Rose Marie Mazanke <>; Marion Wiggins <>;;;;;;;; Brian Vorauer <>;;;;;;

Earlier-meetings’ participants:  Beverly0099@ATT.Net;   e-list for 7-25-’17 meeting:  Kathy Shearer <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Family Life Committee Members  David Ewing <>; Pastor Travis <>;; Carol Seminara <>;;;;;;;;; Janie Trantham <>; Julie Southwick <>;; Martha Foster <>;;;; Keith Whited <>; Pamella Spruiell <>; Ernie Loeffler <>; Linda Kay <>; Marion Wiggins <>;;;

Quality of Life Committee    Brandon Vinyard <>; Aaron Kolterjahn (; Andrea Warren <>; Anna Hudson <>; Beverly Reynolds <>; Bill Heath <>; Carlos Fernandez (; Cheryl Fernandez <>; Diana Armbrust <>; Dixie Cope <>; Ernie Loeffler <>; Hollie Reno (; Janie Weisinger <>; Jeannie Jackson <>; Jerry M. Luckenbach <>; Jill Carr <>; Justin Hill <>; Jyl Miller <>; Karen Vanek <>; Kent Myers <>; Lewis & Brenda Rather <>; Marion Wiggins <>; Martha Foster <>; Matt Seidenberger <>; Pat Weinheimer <>; Randy and Charlotte Briley <>; Sharon Joseph <>;

Court House Square Advisory Committee:>
To: “Linda Langerhans” <>, “Mark Wieser” <>, “Joseph, Sharon” <>, “Judy Vordenbaum” <>, “Debbie Farquhar” <>, “Glen Treibs” <>, “Tim Sawtelle” <>, “David Sawtelle” <>, “Jim KeeterJr” <>, “Dorman Schmidt” <>, “Barry Wagner” <>
Cc: “Tim Dooley” <>, “Bryan Bierschwale” <>, “Lester Frantzen” <>, “Eric Mustard” <>, “Rose Marie Mazanke” <>, “Kent Myers” <>, “Gary Neffendorf” <>, “Anna Hudson” <>, “Tony Klein” <>, “Royce Hunter” <>




Rodgers <>; Tamesha Jumper <>

Leadership Kerr & Leadership Gillespie County

Ask about applying for Leadership Kerr &/or for being a Leadership Kerr presenter (about the Community Foundation) for “Community Infrastructure Day” or some other related topics.

And here’s the Website for Leadership Gillespie with application deadline:  Leadership Gillespie County:    During my LGC year (ending May 2016), Paul & I co-presented via a taped interview – about the Community Foundation … during our all-day Community Infrastructure Day.

 As I understand it – because you / the Community Foundation have offices in Kerrville & in FBG:  you are eligible to apply for each of the year-long Leadership-training classes.  Even though one or both programs may say that successful applicants must have lived in the county for at least 12 mos., I’ve seen selection committees make exceptions … based on individual applicants’ pervasive community-wide job relevance.


Leadership Gillespie County 2017 project: Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park Revitalization Project

Help us create a safe & enjoyable access to the beautiful Live Oak Creek River for generations to come!  $10K-$15K estimated cost.

We welcome your donations of money, materials & sweat-equity volunteers:

Your cash &/lor your check(s) payable to FBG Chamber of Commerce, % LGC 2017 Project;  306 E. Austin St., FBG, TX  78624

&/or your credit card at

&/or volunteer &/or offer your in-kind services through

&/or Like us on Facebook:  Leadership Gillespie County 2017



  1. Create an updated & natural eco-system for the FBG community
  2. Restore the location to make it more accessible & fun for family & friends.
  3. Promote an overall greater outdoor, social & physical space for the public, community & tourists.

directions to reception for Tom Hutton: 362 Kruse Hill Dr., FBG, TX

Reception for Tom Hutton:362 Kruse Hill Dr., FBG, TX

North on Olive street or FM 1631 for 5+ miles. Turn left on Sultemeir-Moellering Rd. & follow it to the entrance of Cool Water Ranch subdivision which is well marked.  Turn right into subdivision following the road to the first left turn which is Kruse Hill Dr. Go to the end, & there we are. There is limited parking at top of hill,  but you may park down below if steps don’t bother you.

Pioneer Pavilion at Lady Bird Park SW of Fredericksburg, TX — for group events

Pioneer Pavilion at Lady Bird Park SW of Fredericksburg, TX for group events:

the Pioneer Pavilion reserved for the Rotary Club meeting on May 5, 2017.  Nonprofits receive a 50% discount off the full rate of  $625 with a $500 deposit.  So the deposit of $250 would be due at this time to hold the reservation & then the rental fee of $312.50 is due 2 weeks before the event.  We will refund the deposit approximately 2 weeks after your event.

Andrea Warren, Parks & Recreation Director, City of Fredericksburg; & 830-997-7521

Imagine a place where hungry kids are fed, elderly men & women receive care
& attention, abuse victims find refuge & families in need are empowered
through financial support & counseling.     It’s possible in our Gillespie County Community!  Hill Country Community Needs Council   830-997-9576   Info@NeedsCouncil.org

Deliver items to the Needs Council Office, 1904 N. Llano, by the 7th of each ensuing month. 9a-5p

How you can be part of this mission each month:
October: Collect/Donate Stuffed Animals for Children of families escaping abuse
November: Collect/Donate small heaters with safety tip over switch for warmth
December: Adopt families and donate gifts during the holidays
January: Collect/Donate blankets for warmth
February: Visit and deliver care baskets to seniors
March: Collect/Donate food for the: Food for Kids Program
April: Collect/Donate Household and laundry supplies
May: Collect/Donate children’s books
June: Collect/Donate school supplies
July: Collect/Donate backpacks
August: Collect/Donate health & beauty products
September: Collect/Donate Coats

The Hill Country Community Needs Council offers the following services in Gillespie County:
• Case Management / Financial Assistance
• Counseling & Family Violence Support
• Food 4 Kids
• Help a Senior (HAS)
• Medical Transportation
• Angel Tree & Christmas Families
• School Supplies


The Needs Council relies on donations from the local community to serve the 3,000 men, women and children in Gillespie County who seek assistance each year.

2 resources for you / your contacts

  1. Find out how to build a top-notch internship & entry-talent
  1. Currently enrolling students in & 512-387-0291 in Cedar Park / north-of-Austin area — a new school that is part of a greater organization called 12-month Day School … for high school (14-18) & adults (19+):  inspiring a community of autistic students to actualize their potential according to their own particular abilities.  … estimated 500,000 teens & young adults with autism who will enter adulthood in the next decade …adults with autism looking for work.