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Hill Country Memorial Hospital donation site

To donate to the Malcolm Baldrige award-winning hospital in Fredericksburg, TX: 

& click (for example) Fredericksburg Police Department No Shave November — to support FBG Police Department officers who are supporting those battling cancer.


locations of various sites in Fredericksburg, TX

Nury’s Cafe:  ttps://

from Kerrville – turn right at the first stop light on Tivydale Road.  Go to the next stop light (US 87) and turn left.  Nury’s will be on your left.

from Comfort – after the first stop light coming into town, Nury’s will be on your left.

from downtown Fredericksburg – take US 87 towards Comfort.  After the stop light at Highway Street, Nury’s will be on your right.


3 Rotary Clubs in Fredericksburg, TX: Morning, Noon & Night: please visit all three — to decide where you would like to apply for membership.

Mondaysnoon at the United Methodist Church on far north Llano St. — 2 blocks west of the cemetery on the east side of Llano St.  Maria is an honorary member.

 Tuesdays6p at the rear, meeting-area of Western Edge Cellars on the north side of Main St. & 1.5 blocks east of the NE intersection of Milam Ave. & Main St. / US Hwy. 290.

Thursdays6:45a at The Buffalo Nickel, 105 S. Llano St. in downtown FBG:  1/2 block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290 on the east side of Llano St. (one block east of S. Adams St. / SH 16 South):  park on street or in lot directly west of The Buffalo Nickel.

draft 9-12-’17 Matrix ranking & weighting by committee

Government Committee I – Important
U – Urgent
NI – Not Important
NU – Not Urgent
SC – Simple
MC – Med
DC – Difficult
LC – Low cost
MC – Med cost
HC – Hi Cost
Acity – All city cost
City+County – cost sharing
City+ state – cost sharing
Ranked by Committee 8/8/2017 & 9/12/2017 Importance Factors
I/U = 3
I/NU = 2
NI/NU = 1
Complexity Factors
SC= 3
MC = 2
DC = 1
Cost Factors
LC = 3
MC = 2
HC = 1
Cost Factors
ACity = 3
City+County = 2
City+State = 1
Rated Score
(B x C x D)
City of Fredericksburg #VALUE! * Full Comment – Don’t Over-Regulate. Eliminate existing regulations that cannot be consistently enforced. Limit new ones to critical few.
Affordable Housing (4):  Economic Development Commission is sponsoring an on-going committee focused on Affordable Housing.  Tim Lehmberg invites interested folks to join committee. #VALUE!
Protect historical character of city (2) City hired Anna Hudson, Historic Preservation 0
Spay-neuter cats and dogs (2)  Being handled by revival of PAWS & emerging collaborations among PAWS, SPCA & City Animal Shelter 0
Continually update community master plan (1) 0
Development of city emergency service(1)  Refer to Quality of Life Committee 0
Develop/Maintain Parks (1)  $12B proposed bond issue pending 2 1 2 2 8
Don’t Over-Regulate (1)*  Handled by City’s regularly scheduled sunset reviews:  thus, avoiding costly discriminatory lawsuits 0
Improve Emergency Services (1)  Quality of Life Committee addressing issues of 2024 eclipse — atractring a massive amount of incoming visitors 0
IT  redundant items on a later page of this Matrix 0
Improve IT/internet/WiFi/Fiber Optics (9) 3 2 1 2 12
Bring in portable cell towers during large festivals (1)  wrap Cellular On Wheels / COWS into festival fees:  to avoid loss of city-wide cellular use during high-tourist presence / cellular use 0

draft of


Community Visioning Project

Government Committee Meeting

Fredericksburg City Hall Meeting Room – Law Enforcement Building

on the south side of Main Street / US Hwy. 290 East

Fredericksburg, Texas

Tues., Sept. 12, 2017, 5:30p–7:15p

Please mark your calendars in order to actively participate in our next meetings at the Fredericksburg City Council Room of the Law Enforcement Building

Tuesdays:  Sept. 26, Oct. 10 & 24, Nov. 7 & 21; Dec. 5 & 19. All meetings begin at 5:30p & will last no more than 75 min.

Attendance: Co-Chairs:  Alice White & Brian Vorauer; Committee Members:  Bob Bates, Bob Hickerson, Bryan Benway, Clinton Bailey, Della Zey, Donnie Schuch, Ernie Loeffler,  Ken Carr, Kyle Biedermann, Mo Saiidi, Polly Rickert, Rose Marie Mransek, Tim Lemert & others on attendance list.

Brian Vorauer welcomed all & suggested some working agreements to ensure effectiveness & efficiency of all meetings:  keep comments succinct (no more than 2 min., please), allow others to share their perspectives; stay focused on the topics within our agenda, aspire to attain consensus — in order to prioritize issues on the Government-Committee matrix; & keep our short-term goal in sight:  our dynamic, visionary Dec. 2017 report with can-do recommendations.

Prioritization matrix:  to help us thoughtfully rank our priorities, direction & year-end recommendations (see Matrix, attached, for committee ranking of various issues; note that some issues have comments in lieu of numerical ranking)

Summary of discussions

  • Eliminate items from matrix – that are being addressed by other Visioning committees or that are already being handled by the city or county
  • Harvest “low-hanging fruit” – focus on resolution of issues that are more likely to be easily & quickly resolved
  • Collaborate with other organizations & entities – let competent, trusted, action-oriented organizations / entities take responsibility for designated issues within their respective sphere(s) of influence
  • Envision the “look” of Main Street — after the by-pass, relief-route is completed & the County Court House is re-located: is the enlarged MarktPlatz the largest, friendliest market square in Texas?  In the US?
  • Government Committee will be asked to help the City-County partnership – by advocating / announcing / marketing support for the bond issue that allows for the decades’-long awaited highway by-pass / relief route — to eliminate lethal, high-density traffic forced to travel through downtown Fredericksburg
  • RoseMarie Mazanke agreed to facilitate e-notification to all Visioning Committees about a Gillespie County Court House / PowerPoint slide-show presentation provided by the Houston-based consultant — about proposed location(s) of the Gillespie County Court House … important in the planning of MarketPlatz / current County Court House area as an eventual site for festivals (after the by-pass / relief route guides today’s downtown through traffic away from downtown FBG):  closing both sides of Main St. for festivals; having pedestrian zones with no vehicles; more events at Gillespie County Fair Grounds


for Committee Members’ consideration – to include in our Dec. 2017 report


Vision Statement   Fredericksburg:  an oasis of celebration, innovation & excellence!

 Mission Statement?  emerging from our Matrix-focused decisions?

 Operating Agreements by Tom Musselman

            The City of Fredericksburg will update its Comprehensive Plan on a regular basis. As a living document, the Comprehensive Plan serves as the statement of policy and priority that guides the City in their consideration of development proposals and investment in capital improvements. The Comprehensive Plan will be developed by City staff and stakeholders in the community and will be a statement of direction for the decisions that help achieve the desired community future.

             The City of Fredericksburg will partner with other organizations and stakeholder groups to enhance the reputation of the Texas Hill Country as a destination for tourism, business, and homeownership.

             The City of Fredericksburg will partner with other organizations and stakeholder groups to diversify the region’s economic base to include tourism and ecotourism, entrepreneurship, and retirement living.

             The City of Fredericksburg will partner with businesses and stakeholder groups to work to keep communication infrastructure up to date and accessible to its residents and business community.

             Citizens of Fredericksburg recognize that successful cities plan for the future and continually develop, update, and fund the City’s infrastructure.         Identifying infrastructure needs is the job of the City Manager, assisted by City Staff department heads, under the direction of the Mayor and the Fredericksburg City Council. A city’s infrastructure binds the City together with a shared sense of community.

Friendly, spayed, 12-yr.-old Dachshund (mostly indoors) needs loving home within 2 weeks: 918-724-4310 — or will be put down. Doxie “Marcie” hopes you’ll adopt her. 2 Guinea Pig siblings need home(s, too), too.

Friendly, spayed, 12-yr.-old “Marcie,” a mostly indoors Dachshund needs a loving home.  Also, available are two, intact (not fixed:  not spayed / neutered) four-year-old, brother-sister sibling Guinea Pigs:  “Cookie” & “Isabel.”  They are tame, like to be cuddled, enjoy watching TV.  Please:  not for breeding.  They need loving home(s), too.

Please call Kristin Thompson:  918-724-4310 in Fredericksburg, TX, if you can offer Marcie, Cookie &/or Isabel a loving, forever home.

Marcie, Cookie & Isabel hope you’ll adopt one, two or all three of them before the literal deadline.  Thank you for caring.


If you can’t Adopt


If you can’t foster


If you can’t volunteer


If you can’t donate


FBG, TX-area sights to see for youngsters

FBG, TX-area sights to see for youngsters:

MarktPlatz playground

FBG Morning Rotary Skateboard Park near H-E-B Grocery

Lady Bird Johnson swimming pool with near-by butterfly garden + swimming pool south of FBG Middle School

Wildflower Seed Farm on E. US 290

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza on SH 16 — east of Gillespie County Airport & FBO

Science Mill in Johnson City — 1 hr. east of FBG on US 290  &  &;;;;;  Volunteer your time & wisdom to discover what makes our community great & what could we do to make it even better. &;

To all Co-Chairs 2017 Community Visioning from;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Jim.Mikula;;

Clinton Bailey, P.E., Assistant City Manager, City of Fredericksburg, 126 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624  O 830-997-7521  C 830-889-5897  F 830-997-1861

Mission of the City of Fredericksburg, TX:  Leading with integrity while providing the best customer services to our community.

36 on GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE  including 4 co-chairs:;;;;  Prospective Committee Members:;; Beverly0099@ATT.Net;;;;; DellaZ@BeeCreek.Net;;;;;;; LesMeurer@EarthLink.Net; MHess@HCTC.Coop;;;; W.Vins@GMX.De;;;;;; 8-’17 list additions:;;  Bryan.Benway@House.Texas.Gov;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

BUSINESS COMMITTEE  Co-chairs:;; Prospective members:

e-invitees for Gillespie County vision presentation:  Kent Myers <>; Linda Langerhans <>;; Jim Mikula <>; Rose Marie Mazanke <>; Marion Wiggins <>;;;;;;;; Brian Vorauer <>;;;;;;

Earlier-meetings’ participants:  Beverly0099@ATT.Net;   e-list for 7-25-’17 meeting:  Kathy Shearer <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Family Life Committee Members  David Ewing <>; Pastor Travis <>;; Carol Seminara <>;;;;;;;;; Janie Trantham <>; Julie Southwick <>;; Martha Foster <>;;;; Keith Whited <>; Pamella Spruiell <>; Ernie Loeffler <>; Linda Kay <>; Marion Wiggins <>;;;

Quality of Life Committee    Brandon Vinyard <>; Aaron Kolterjahn (; Andrea Warren <>; Anna Hudson <>; Beverly Reynolds <>; Bill Heath <>; Carlos Fernandez (; Cheryl Fernandez <>; Diana Armbrust <>; Dixie Cope <>; Ernie Loeffler <>; Hollie Reno (; Janie Weisinger <>; Jeannie Jackson <>; Jerry M. Luckenbach <>; Jill Carr <>; Justin Hill <>; Jyl Miller <>; Karen Vanek <>; Kent Myers <>; Lewis & Brenda Rather <>; Marion Wiggins <>; Martha Foster <>; Matt Seidenberger <>; Pat Weinheimer <>; Randy and Charlotte Briley <>; Sharon Joseph <>;




Rodgers <>; Tamesha Jumper <>

Leadership Kerr & Leadership Gillespie County

Ask about applying for Leadership Kerr &/or for being a Leadership Kerr presenter (about the Community Foundation) for “Community Infrastructure Day” or some other related topics.

And here’s the Website for Leadership Gillespie with application deadline:  Leadership Gillespie County:    During my LGC year (ending May 2016), Paul & I co-presented via a taped interview – about the Community Foundation … during our all-day Community Infrastructure Day.

 As I understand it – because you / the Community Foundation have offices in Kerrville & in FBG:  you are eligible to apply for each of the year-long Leadership-training classes.  Even though one or both programs may say that successful applicants must have lived in the county for at least 12 mos., I’ve seen selection committees make exceptions … based on individual applicants’ pervasive community-wide job relevance.


Brand new, electric recliner / rocker @$1,600:

My husband Doug had bought his mother a brand new, electric  recliner/rocker for her to use in her new assisted-living quarters. As you know, she didn’t get to go there.  So if you are interested in knowing more about this recliner, just let me know.   The recliner/rocker is still wrapped in plastic.  The leather color is off-white with pecan-finished arms.  We tried taking it back to the furniture store, but they said that we had it too long for them to refund our money.  The asking price is $1600.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in this piece of furniture, please forward this email to them.     Thanks for the help,  Susan


Leadership Gillespie County 2017 project: Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park Revitalization Project

Help us create a safe & enjoyable access to the beautiful Live Oak Creek River for generations to come!  $10K-$15K estimated cost.

We welcome your donations of money, materials & sweat-equity volunteers:

Your cash &/lor your check(s) payable to FBG Chamber of Commerce, % LGC 2017 Project;  306 E. Austin St., FBG, TX  78624

&/or your credit card at

&/or volunteer &/or offer your in-kind services through

&/or Like us on Facebook:  Leadership Gillespie County 2017



  1. Create an updated & natural eco-system for the FBG community
  2. Restore the location to make it more accessible & fun for family & friends.
  3. Promote an overall greater outdoor, social & physical space for the public, community & tourists.

directions to reception for Tom Hutton: 362 Kruse Hill Dr., FBG, TX

Reception for Tom Hutton:362 Kruse Hill Dr., FBG, TX

North on Olive street or FM 1631 for 5+ miles. Turn left on Sultemeir-Moellering Rd. & follow it to the entrance of Cool Water Ranch subdivision which is well marked.  Turn right into subdivision following the road to the first left turn which is Kruse Hill Dr. Go to the end, & there we are. There is limited parking at top of hill,  but you may park down below if steps don’t bother you.

Pioneer Pavilion at Lady Bird Park SW of Fredericksburg, TX — for group events

Pioneer Pavilion at Lady Bird Park SW of Fredericksburg, TX for group events:

the Pioneer Pavilion reserved for the Rotary Club meeting on May 5, 2017.  Nonprofits receive a 50% discount off the full rate of  $625 with a $500 deposit.  So the deposit of $250 would be due at this time to hold the reservation & then the rental fee of $312.50 is due 2 weeks before the event.  We will refund the deposit approximately 2 weeks after your event.

Andrea Warren, Parks & Recreation Director, City of Fredericksburg; & 830-997-7521

Imagine a place where hungry kids are fed, elderly men & women receive care
& attention, abuse victims find refuge & families in need are empowered
through financial support & counseling.     It’s possible in our Gillespie County Community!  Hill Country Community Needs Council   830-997-9576   Info@NeedsCouncil.org

Deliver items to the Needs Council Office, 1904 N. Llano, by the 7th of each ensuing month. 9a-5p

How you can be part of this mission each month:
October: Collect/Donate Stuffed Animals for Children of families escaping abuse
November: Collect/Donate small heaters with safety tip over switch for warmth
December: Adopt families and donate gifts during the holidays
January: Collect/Donate blankets for warmth
February: Visit and deliver care baskets to seniors
March: Collect/Donate food for the: Food for Kids Program
April: Collect/Donate Household and laundry supplies
May: Collect/Donate children’s books
June: Collect/Donate school supplies
July: Collect/Donate backpacks
August: Collect/Donate health & beauty products
September: Collect/Donate Coats

The Hill Country Community Needs Council offers the following services in Gillespie County:
• Case Management / Financial Assistance
• Counseling & Family Violence Support
• Food 4 Kids
• Help a Senior (HAS)
• Medical Transportation
• Angel Tree & Christmas Families
• School Supplies


The Needs Council relies on donations from the local community to serve the 3,000 men, women and children in Gillespie County who seek assistance each year.

2 resources for you / your contacts

  1. Find out how to build a top-notch internship & entry-talent
  1. Currently enrolling students in & 512-387-0291 in Cedar Park / north-of-Austin area — a new school that is part of a greater organization called 12-month Day School … for high school (14-18) & adults (19+):  inspiring a community of autistic students to actualize their potential according to their own particular abilities.  … estimated 500,000 teens & young adults with autism who will enter adulthood in the next decade …adults with autism looking for work.