Literacy & Workforce Development resources for low-income &/or job-seeking folks & FamAndLit1@HCTC.Net  830-896-8787  Mondays through Thursdays, 9a-5p.  1006 C Junction Hwy., Kerrville, TX  78028.  GED Preparation for students to prepare to earn a high school-equivalency certificate.  English as a Second Language:  students learn  improve speaking, reading & writing skills in English.  Parenting For Kids’ Sake  For divorcing or separating parents

Workforce Development resources for low-income &/or job-seeking folks:  Building a premier workforce in America by providing employers & residents with the opportunities resources & services to develop & gain a competitive edge in the global economy.

For eligible folks 24 yr. or younger: & 830-257-3171, x. 280; 1700 Sidney Baker, Ste. 500, Kerrville, TX  78028

For eligible folks older than 24 yr.: & 830-257-3171, x. 2804; 1700 Sidney Baker, Ste. 500, Kerrville, TX  78028

WorkForce Solutions in FBG on Friendship Lane near the Emergency Management Systems site:  college tuition, work experience, direct hire, on-the-job training for 18 through 24-yr.-olds who meet the low-income qualification &/or receive food stamps &/or are dislocated workers

YOUTH PROGRAMS:  More than Minimum wage, MORE THAN ENTRY LEVEL:  MAXIMUM POTENTIAL, ENTIRELY NEW OPPORTUNITIES   MORE THAN A FIRST JOB:  A LASTING EXPERIENCE   Helping low-income folks succeed in school, job & life:  helping youth to finish their education & prepare for a long & rewarding career.  For economically disadvantaged youth between 14 & 18 yr. — even if youth aren’t enrolled in school:  tutoring & study-skills training, referrals to alternative schools, GED preparation, help with GED test expenses & a cash reward when students pass; job-interview skills & how to complete a job application;  assistance with transportation & child care; skills training; helping finding part-time & full-time employment; CAREER EXPLORATION; COLLEGE AWARENESS; HELP WITH MONEY FOR COLLEGE; GUIDANCE & SUPPORT TO ACHIEVE EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT GOALS.

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