Nat. Panhellenic Conf.: values-based recruitment

Nat. Panhellenic Conf.:  values-based recruitment: 

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is a values-based organization. Its 26 member organizations are bound together through the shared values expressed in the Panhellenic Creed. Those values must be portrayed in the activities of College Panhellenics and individual chapters. So, College Panhellenics and individual chapters must ensure that
recruitment events are values-based and reflective of the NPC sorority experience.
Expressing NPC sorority values publicly sheds light on the expectations and standards guiding the member organizations and chapters. It assures that the women attracted to our organizations understand and embrace the commitment to living those values.

A values-based approach should be used with all recruitment styles.  Policy (1989, 1991, 1997, 2003, 2015), All College Panhellenics and their member chapters shall incorporate the following policies into their membership recruitment programs:

• Focus on conversations between chapter members and potential new members about organizational values and member organizations.

• Establish guidelines for membership recruitment budgets and set a cap on membership recruitment expenses, including the value of all donated goods and services.

• Keep decorations to a minimum and confined to the interior space used for recruitment rounds.

• Determine recruitment event attire for chapter members that reduces individual financial burden and eliminates costuming.

• Eliminate gifts, favors, letters and notes for potential new members.

• Eliminate recruitment skits.

What is the purpose of values-based recruitment?     What are the benefits of values-based recruitment?

• To ensure the future of chapters
• To make connections and build relationships between chapter members and potential new members (PNMs)
• To discover shared interests and values among chapter members and PNMs
• To display the high standards held by all NPC member organizations
• Potential new members (PNMs) seek the same core values, principals and standards
as the chapter members.
• Improved retention rates due to heightened PNM awareness of chapter expectations
before joining.
• Members are engaged in meaningful programming consistent with their own
reasons for joining.

What should values-based recruitment look like?     How can organizational values be shared during each round of recruitment?     What are some activities to replace
skits?     What are some sample questions to ask PNMs during values-based

Each campus’s primary recruitment schedule is determined by the number of invitational rounds it includes. Below are three suggested models.

• One invitational recruitment
»» Day 1: Open house focused on sisterhood and
»» Day 2: Preference
• Two invitational recruitment
»» Day 1: Open house
»» Day 2: Sisterhood and philanthropy

»» Day 3: Preference

• Three invitational recruitment
»» Day 1: Open house
»» Day 2: Sisterhood
»» Day 3: Philanthropy
»» Day 4: Preference

In order to provide potential new members with an overall picture of your chapter, a selected leader within the chapter should plan to present them with information about the theme of the event.

• Open house: The president or recruitment chairman shares why she chose the campus, what activities members are involved in on campus and accomplishments of the chapter

• Sisterhood: The scholarship chairman discusses academic standards for the organization and awards and notable internships held by chapter members. In addition, chapter member financial expectations are shared.

• Philanthropy: The philanthropy or service chairman provides information on the inter/national organization’s philanthropy and local service activities.

• Preference: Follows the recommendations of the inter/national organizations

• Open house
»» Why did you choose this campus?
»» What did you enjoy about your high school experience?
»» What are you involved in on campus?
»» How do you like to spend your time?

• Sisterhood
»» What is your favorite class?
»» How did you balance activities and academics in high school?
»» What do you hope to gain from sorority membership?

• Philanthropy
»» What service activities were you involved in during high school?
»» Do you have a philanthropic cause that is important to you? Why?
»» What most excites you about sorority membership?

• Preference
»» What about our chapter interests you the most?
• Genuine conversations
• Words of welcome from chapter officers
• Philanthropy video provided by inter/national organization
• Testimonials by members about chapter activities
• Tour of living facilities
• Panhellenic delegate presentation on chapter support of campus/Panhellenic events
• Presentations on organizational history, values and strengths
• Sharing financial obligations, academic expectations or new member requirements

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