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Connect your international, charitable organization with Rotary International:

Connect your international, charitable organization with Rotary International:

When you partner with Rotary, 1.2 million Rotarians amplify your impact, elevate your brand, advance important causes, improve communities & gain access to global connections.


at-large Rotary Peace Fellow: annually at no cost to Rotary District(s)

“at-large” Peace scholar @ no cost to your Rotary District:

If you are interested in your Rotary district’s sponsoring a Peace Fellow scholar or if you are interested in applying to become a Rotary Peace Scholar yourself:  contact The Peace Center at Rotary International:  Laureen Pugliese   #847 424-5364 or

If your Rotary District is willing to sponsor Peace Fellow(s) at no cost to your district, tell Laureen that your Rotary district is interested in accepting “At large” Rotary Peace Fellow candidate(s).  All-applicants’ deadline is July 1.  They then will send you e-mails (usually late May & June) asking if you will take a particular candidate as each Peace Fellow applicant needs a Rotary District endorsement.  At that time, you start “mentoring” the candidate in preparation for an interview (usually done by Skype) & endorsement by your Rotary District.   All the information you need is online & there are a number of Rotary Webinars (I will send you the links) about how to handle this.  Google:  Rotary Peace Fellow applicant information, & it will call up all sorts of things.  The supplement is full of information.

I need to warn you that this is a LOT of work.  It took me all of May & June working many hours (even with a committee to help) to get through 5 applicants.  They come from all over the world.  Some have never received any help in doing their resume or writing essays.  Some have limited English which is why they have to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam to test their English:  they must have a certain score to be accepted at the Rotary Peace Centers.

Rotary International does an initial screening to see if they have 5 years of work or volunteer work in Peace & Conflict before sending them on.  We in the district really have most of the work to make sure they have all application materials in order & all the district endorsements (for or against) are in by July 1. After you read everything & take the Webinars, contact & she will be glad to discuss & respond to questions you may have.

Shipping Books for Africa to Atlanta, GA, USA: 404-603-8680. End book famine in Africa!

e-mail me w/ any questions about donating books. Let me know how many books, &  I can guide you in the right direction for moving them: or Brad Mattson, Director Of Atlanta Operations, Books For Africa 3655 Atlanta Ind. Dr., Atlanta, GA 30331  404-603-8680 ATL.

Help End the Book Famine in Africa!   

Transformational power of the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA

Transformational power* of the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA, USA!

INSPIRING remarks from

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s attorney daughter, I drew this conclusion:  humans have a choice:  peace or extinction.  She received a prolonged, standing ovation.

Bill Gates:  When The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new pledge of millions more in “$2-for-$1 matching” dollars to End Polio Now, Bill said that as important as the dollars are (to end polio), the most important assets are the Rotarians & friends of Rotarians who go into & throughout the most dangerous countries to administer the vaccine & thus prevent a crippling, potentially life-diminishing, preventable disease.  A photo of an almost completely covered Pakistani woman was displayed at that point.  The photo could also have been of our beloved Judy & John Hutcherson.

The CEO of Coca-Cola mentioned Coke’s three international priorities:  water, women & communities.  Water:  because Coca-Cola uses so much of it, so they’re ever watchful to be thoughtful stewards of the resource;  women:  because women who are encouraged to become entrepreneurs can change the world for the better; & communities – to help them thrive … which also helps Coca-Cola financially prosper as well.   As a direct result of his presentation, today I actually passed over “my” drink-of-choice:  diet Mt. Dew & purchased a diet Coke instead.

Andrew Young — as wise as he was humorous.  He marched next to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King during the 1960s & concluded that much of the civil rights progress in the US was in direct response to businesses’ understanding the financial importance of our brothers & sisters of color. — & that the more they prospered, the more everyone prospered.  Although Young was trained to be humble, he chuckled that it’s hard to be humble when Atlanta named a street in his honor.

PERSONAL THRILLS:  I met a PDG who is in the hometown of my best friend (he just doesn’t yet know it) Dr. Pol – the naturally hilarious, kind, 70-ish-year-old  veterinarian in a National Geographic TV network series.  She promised to give my business card to him & to tell him “Hi” from his ardent “fan:”  me.  He’s an Honorary Rotarian in Mt. Pleasant, MI; a Paul Harris Fellow & regularly invited speaker at Rotary clubs & other Rotary events).

I got to see a woman from India donate $1M to End Polio Now.  What I was sputtering about her generosity, someone said that this is the 5th time she’s donated $1M!

I accidentally got seated next to an incoming trustee for The Rotary Foundation.  After everyone at the table introduced ourselves, she said, “Do you remember that we already know each other?”  Oh, my:  I was clueless & embarrassed not to have recognized her.  She was the RI President’s Representative who came to FBG when we dedicated the Skate Park & inducted 5 new members – the stunning visitor who wore a straw hat.  And there she was again … serendipitously seated next to me.  As you may know, during her time in our Rotary district, she & incoming DG Carol Holmes became best friends.

In the AKS lounge (a quiet, light-refreshment area for donors of $250,000 & more), I met a new friend from Kansas City, KS.  We both vividly remembered the year (1962) when my Wichita (KS) East High School won the state basketball championship by having defeated his Wyandotte High School, the almost perpetual state basketball champion.  Small world.  Also, my “true love” boyfriend & I broke up that night. <sigh>

I met in person, the wonderful Rotarian in India whose project our club just donated $2.5K to – the artificial limb project.  He was so excited & grateful to hear about our donation.  And I got to meet both the leader & his brother – who oversee the girls’ toilet blocks project in India — we just donated $2.5K to.  Not only is the project helping girls AND boys stay in school (“prosperity insurance,” as I see it), they are helping families with sustainable, entrepreneurial projects & teaching hygiene / cleanliness habits to families.  Bottom line:  the project is growing & expanding.

I met a Rotarian from WI who told me about “at large” Peace Scholars (maybe that was the status of our Peace scholar Ghada & her connection with our district – not sure).  Anyway club(s) &/or district(s) may annually request (from The Rotary Foundation) an at large Peace Scholar at no charge to our club.  It would be the role of someone within our club to mentor the prospective scholar through the application process:  “easy if the applicant is proficient in English … more time-consuming if the student isn’t quite so proficient.”  If our board is interested, I’d be glad to share her contact information with the our club’s designee — for further information.

*  my transformational vision:  I eternally compound my exponential relevance … in fulfillment of Eternal Divine Light’s Highest Destiny purposes for ALL.


Cape Town (So. Africa) Society for the Blind:

Lizelle Van Wyk, Chief Executive Officer, Cape Town Society for the Blind      27 21 448 4302 / 27 79 575 0793 & www.CTSB.Co.ZA      You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream – C S Lewis

Rotary Open World — US Congress-sponsored exchange: FBG welcomed Ukrainians in March 2017

Yaryna Khomtsiy <>;;;;;;

5- & 6-figure grants, money for college/university, peace fellowships & more: &


  1. Apply for Peace &


  1. Find out about $30K master’s-degree-level, scholarships for advanced study in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus:*


  1. Learn more about Rotary’s 5- & 6-figure global grants … endless opportunities for service-, community- & faith-based & internationally focused folks; also for life-long students; current, former & retired faculty, staff, researchers & administrators at universities, colleges, experts throughout public health** & economic-development fields, too:

*Rotary’s six areas of focus for global grants:  [1] fighting disease, [2] providing clean water, [3] saving mothers & children, [4] supporting education, [5] promoting peace & [6] growing local economies  — via [a] humanitarian grants, [b] vocational training teams** & [c] scholarships.  Rotary’s six areas of focus build international relationships, improve lives & create a better world to support peace efforts & end polio forever.

**  Public health, healthcare experts &/or researchers, economic-development & other subject-matter-experts are needed by Rotarians & their community partners – for the planning & implementation of The Rotary Foundation’s five- & six-figure global grants.

AVW template for top line of e-messages:  [Sent “bcc” – to avoid scrolling through e-addresses.  I apologize for duplicates due to your various leadership roles.  Please apply for funding &/or e-forward to other individuals, lifelong students, organizations; public health, community & faith-based organizations; colleges’ & universities’ financial-aid, departmental-level offices, faculty / staff senate, student organizations, study-abroad offices, etc.  Thank you.  To unsubscribe, please e-Reply & include “unsubscribe” & include these numbers: 121-140.  The numbers help me locate & delete your e-address from among the 20,000+ e-addresses on my hundreds of e-lists  Thank you & best wishes always in the fulfillment of your life goals.]always in the fulfillment of your life goals.]

Good news & hope for the future:

Good news & hope for the future:

The Web link explains why I enjoy Rotary:

Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded   By THE DALAI LAMA and ARTHUR C. BROOKS    November 4, 2016    In many ways, there has never been a better time to be alive. Violence plagues some corners of the world, and too many still live under the grip of tyrannical regimes. And although all the world’s major faiths teach love, compassion and tolerance, unthinkable violence is being perpetrated in the name of religion.

And yet, fewer among us are poor, fewer are hungry, fewer children are dying, and more men and women can read than ever before. In many countries, recognition of women’s and minority rights is now the norm. There is still much work to do, of course, but there is hope and there is progress.   How strange, then, to see such anger and great discontent in some of the world’s richest nations. In the United States, Britain and across the European Continent, people are convulsed with political frustration and anxiety about the future. Refugees and migrants clamor for the chance to live in these safe, prosperous countries, but those who already live in those promised lands report great uneasiness about their own futures that seems to border on hopelessness.

Why?   A small hint comes from interesting research about how people thrive. In one shocking experiment, researchers found that senior citizens who didn’t feel useful to others were nearly three times as likely to die prematurely as those who did feel useful. This speaks to a broader human truth: We all need to be needed.

Being “needed” does not entail selfish pride or unhealthy attachment to the worldly esteem of others. Rather, it consists of a natural human hunger to serve our fellow men and women. As the 13th-century Buddhist sages taught, “If one lights a fire for others, it will also brighten one’s own way.”

Virtually all the world’s major religions teach that diligent work in the service of others is our highest nature and thus lies at the center of a happy life. Scientific surveys and studies confirm shared tenets of our faiths. Americans who prioritize doing good for others are almost twice as likely to say they are very happy about their lives. In Germany, people who seek to serve society are five times likelier to say they are very happy than those who do not view service as important. Selflessness and joy are intertwined. The more we are one with the rest of humanity, the better we feel.

Rotary Foundation “World’s Outstanding” in 2016

Rotary Foundation Named World’s Outstanding Foundation for 2016 – Press – AFP

Rotary Foundation Named World’s Outstanding Foundation for 2016

November 15, 2016 

CONTACT: Michael Nilsen, Vice President, Public Affairs, (425) 241-4675

(Arlington, VA)  The Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotary—a global network of volunteers committed to improving lives and communities around the world—has been named the 2016 Outstanding Foundation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

From its first contribution of $26.50 almost a century ago, The Rotary Foundation’s assets have grown to approximately $1 billion, and more than $3 billion have been spent on projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, support education, save mothers and children, and grow local economies.

The Rotary Foundation’s top priority is the global eradication of polio. Rotary launched its PolioPlus program in 1985, and in 1988 became a leading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Since then, Rotary has contributed more than $1.6 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect more than two billion children in 122 countries from this paralyzing disease. The Foundation’s advocacy efforts also have resulted in another $9 billion from world governments and foundations, increasing its impact.

Today, polio is on the verge of becoming only the second human disease ever to be eliminated, after smallpox, with a 99.9 percent decrease in cases since the initiative began.

To mark the Foundation’s centennial year, Rotary members aim to raise $300 million by July 2017. “We are honored to receive this recognition from the AFP, which give us even more reason to celebrate during our Foundation’s centennial year,” said Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee. “The continued strong support of Rotary members will help us keep our promise of a polio-free world for all children, and enable the Foundation to carry out its mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace.  We look forward to another 100 years of Rotary members taking action to make communities better around the world.”

Rotary clubs have long embraced the call for peace at the grassroots level by addressing the underlying causes of conflict and violence, such as hunger, poverty, disease and illiteracy. In 2002, the Rotary Foundation took a direct approach by providing future leaders the tools to become catalysts for peace in their communities. Each year, up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellows are chosen to participate in a master’s degree or certificate program at one of Rotary’s Peace Centers

in partnership with universities around the world. Today, more than 1,000 peace fellow alumni serve as leaders in national governments, nongovernmental organizations, the military, law enforcement, and international institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank.

“While almost everyone is familiar with Rotary, not everyone may realize just how much an impact Rotary and the Rotary Foundation have had on countless people and communities across the globe,” said AFP President and CEO Jason Lee. “On behalf of the entire charitable sector and people around the world, all of us at AFP are honored to be able to recognize The Rotary Foundation as our 2016 Outstanding Foundation.”

The Rotary Foundation will receive its award at AFP’s 2017 International Fundraising Conference in San Francisco, April 30 – May 2, 2017.

More information about The Rotary Foundation, along with the National Philanthropy Day Honors, can be obtained by contacting Michael Nilsen at (425) 241 – 4675 or

Public health, universities, colleges & Rotary global grants

Universities, colleges, public health & Rotary global grants:  connecting public health folks with the 5- & 6-figure global grants offered by The Rotary Foundation:   Rotary’s six areas of focus for global grants:  fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers & children, supporting education, promoting peace & growing local economies  — via humanitarian grants, vocational training teams & scholarships.  Public health folks are the subject-matter-experts who are needed by Rotarians & their community partners.

Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives & create a better world to support our peace efforts & end polio forever.

Click-daily Websites

Click daily to support worthy causes:  Automatically donate pet food whenever you take informative quizzes  on both, color-coded dog & cat portals.  Pay for food & care for some of the8M companion animals relinquished to US shelters annually.  100% of fees from Web site sponsorships goes to hunger  relief:  1.1 cups of food to the hungry everytime you click.  Another way to donate food:;  Click to provide books for children:  1+M free books since 2004.  Choose even more causes you believe in:  (e.g., animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, shelter homeless, fight cancer:  all monies created by your clicking is sent directly from the advertising network to the listed charity.  Give to causes when you shop:  Support causes you care about at no cost to you. Provides charity royalty of 5% to 30% paid on every item purchased from online stores with 4,500+ products.  Purchase eco-friendly apparel & accessories hand-made by women & communities in need).   Make Breedlove among the top-rated food & shelter nonprofits in the US:  Rotarians,  click daily for almost-instant e-training: & the deep value of transcendent purpose: & gain inspiration from an unstoppable, successful farmer who automatically overcomes physical challenges:  

3 Rotary resources for your / your club’s use: Membership tips, D5840 training dates & Rotary Community Corps “why” & “how-to” documents

Three Rotary resources for your &/or your club’s use:

  1. Updated version of Encyclopedia of Rotary Membership Resources:  Discover your favorite idea & share Rotary with a friend who might be actively looking for a relevant way to be of service.


  1. Attachment with Rotary D5840 2016 & beyond … training & celebratory dates, locations; intended audiences & pre-registration Website: Please pre-register, participate & get a double-dose of Rotary inspiration with its can-do resources!  [Not in D5840?  Adapt the document for your respective events.]


  1. Rotary Community Corps’ on-line video from yesterday’s Webinar: & yesterday’s RCC PowerPoint presentation: Find out how to engage additional organizations in furtherance of your Rotary service projects.  I’ll gladly e-share with you, upon request, all five documents – from yesterday’s inspiring, creative, interactive RCC-focused Webinar.  My biggest “ah-ha” was “why” & “how” to mobilize RCC on behalf of your Rotary Foundation-funded global grants.  And inspiring information about a RCC of Colorado adults who are developmentally challenged — & how they have become engaged, self-confident, community spokespersons & volunteers — as members of RCC.  Let me know which documents you would like me to e-forward to you:  [a]  Rotary Community Corps:  Why & How-To documents; [b] RCC informational brochure; [c] RCC PowerPoint presentation; [d] RCC sample Bylaws & Constitution; & [e] RCC fill-in-the-blanks Organization form.

The Rotary Foundation: on-going global grants & grant-related details

CUMULATIVE TOTALS of The Rotary Foundation = $3.8B

 since 1947 $3.4B in program awards & operations

 $2.2B Annual Fund + $275M Endowment Fund + $1.2B PolioPlus Fund + $97.6M other

Get engaged with Rotary’s on-going global grants:

Who receives & what are the purposes of Rotary district & global grants from TRF?  Details from 2014-2015 Annual Report of Rotary International & The Rotary Foundation

487 [out of 535 districts] District Grants = $25.2M

1,078 Global Grants = $68.7M [24% more than last year]

$19.8M = 329 Disease Prevention & Treatment grants

$20M = 302 Water & Sanitation grants

$11.2M = 168 Economic & Community Development grants

$8M = 133 Basic Education & Literacy grants

$5.7M = 78 Maternal & Child health grants

$4M = 68 Peace & Conflict Prevention / Resolution Grants (excluding Rotary Peace Centers)

2014-15 CONTRIBUTIONS = $269M [$123M to Annual Fund — SHARE] + $98M to PolioPlus Fund + $20M to Endowment Fund + $18M grant cash & areas of focus + $10M other funds

EXPENDITURES = $266M [84% = $123M PolioPlus + $65M global grants + $24M district grants + $12M other program awards + 8% = $21M program operations] + 8% = $21M = $16M fund development + $5M general administration].  

American Assoc. of Univ. Women: http://HillCountry-TX.AAUW.Net

 The American Association of University Women advances equity for women & girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy & research.

American Association of University Women, AAUW Hill Country Branch:   http://HillCountry-TX.AAUW.Net        For map to meeting location:  select “AAUW Hill Country Branch” from the top menu bar & then scroll downward for map to Kroc Center.

President Pamela J. Haylock, PhD, RN, FAAN; Oncology Care Consultant, Educator; 18954 State Highway 16 North; Medina, TX 78055; 830-589-7380; 830-928-2989 & FloFan1975@Indian-Creek.Net

Treasurer Anita Crane:;;;

End human trafficking:  one voice, one mission:  BLUE CAMPAIGN:  1-888-373-7888 or Text INFO or HELP to BeFree(233733) 170+ languages.  To report suspected human trafficking to law enforcement:  1-866-347-2423 or cal 9-1-1- in an emergency.  Be alert, strong & free:  Did someone take away your ID or documents?  Is someone forcing you to work for them to pay off a debt?  Is someone forcing you to work or have sex against your will?  Is someone threatening or hurting you or your family?  Are you under 18 & getting paid for having sex?  Ask for help.  You have rights in the US regardless of your immigration status.

Lubbock branch contact about AAUW Mother-Daughter Program endowment:  Shelby Russell:

AAUW National contacts serve as points of contact.

former AAUW employee is still available Melodía Gutiérrez:  801.918.6832

The next round of AAUW Action Fund voter guides is available now on the Action Fund website. We’ll be sending Action Network blasts to subscribers in the relevant Congressional Districts but need your help promoting these guides to branch members and beyond.      Want more information about how to best put our voter guides to use? Be sure to register for our September 28th skills training on voter education!       Elizabeth Holden    Grassroots Advocacy Manager    American Association of University Women (AAUW)    202.785.7763 |

Past Lubbock, TX, AAUW Pres. Lane Powell’s new book:

Texas Public Health Assoc.: prospective Rotary global grant partners via

TX Public Health Assoc.:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The Rotary Foundation’s & the Texas Public Health Association!  Prospective Rotary global-grant collaborative partners. & & Terri S. Pali, Exec. Dir., TPHA; P.O. Box 201540; Austin, TX  78720-1540; 512-336-2520

Texas & all public-health folks are likely partners for Rotary global grants — serving as:

Subject-matter experts for Vocational Training Teams 

Trained & experience public / health professionals to help with humanitarian projects


prospective $30+K master’s-level scholarship recipients (or faculty, staff or administrators with master’s-level students) in one of The Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus — that sound like Public Health 101:

1.   Maternal & child health

2.  Disease control & prevention

3.  Clean water & sanitation

4.  Literacy & education

5.  Economic & community development &

6.  Peace & conflict resolution.