Showcase your Rotary-exhibit location at all your events! via an inflatable Rotary Wheel at your community events

Order an inflatable Rotary Wheel  in order to showcase Rotary & your Rotary-exhibit location at all your events:  via a highly visible, inflatable Rotary wheel: — customizable for neighboring Rotary clubs’ use (via inexpensive velcro name plate for each side of the inflatable Rotary wheel).

 Why order & display an inflatable Rotary wheel at your Rotary exhibits; community-wide, Rotary-sponsored &/or other special events?   Through the on-going use of a highly visible Rotary wheel, your Rotary club may be increasing the visibility of Rotary & of Rotary’s worthwhile service projects & thus, attracting service-minded new members, increasing your club’s financial $pon$or$hip$ & therefore doing even more good in the world.

Brilliant:  the inflatable Rotary Wheel is a fund-raising program of a Rotary club!  What a savvy way to combine service, fund-raising, attraction / retention of members & public image.  I wonder what kinds of products & services that every Rotary club might be able to provide … thus, doing even more good in the world through money for & from The Rotary Foundation & their Rotary club foundation.     

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