Clickable ideas to get folks to visit your Website daily!

Get folks to visit your favorite Website(s) daily!

brainstorm about getting folks to visit your favorite Website(s) daily!   Maybe a PAWS– &/or Forging Futures-related &/or HCUC &/or Oktoberfest Kraut Run &n/or Women2Women &/or HC Crisis Council Websites’ brainstorm for your, Mike’s & others’ consideration:  How about having a “daily click” kind of way to draw folks to PAWS’ & others’ Website?  — that simultaneously teaches me something &/or gives me opportunities to donate.  Here are Websites I’ve faithfully clicked daily for decades (I assume they’re legitimate).  The Websites are conveniently on the front page of my beloved blog

While you are providing your service to people & places wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play &/or thrive, please remember to

Click daily to support worthy causes:  Automatically donate pet food whenever you take informative quizzes on both, color-coded dog & cat portals.  Pay for food & care for some of the 8M companion animals relinquished to US shelters annually.  100% of fees from Web site sponsorships goes to hunger  relief:  1.1 cups of food to the hungry every time you click.  Another way to donate food:;  Click to provide books for children:  1+M free books since 2004.  Choose even more causes you believe in:  (e.g., animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, shelter homeless, fight cancer:  all monies created by your clicking is sent directly from the advertising network to the listed charity.  Give to causes when you shop:  Support causes you care about at no cost to you. Provides charity royalty of 5% to 30% paid on every item purchased from online stores with 4,500+ products.  Purchase eco-friendly apparel & accessories hand-made by women & communities in need).

Hmmm, maybe our Rotary club &/or district could create their own daily-clickable Websites:  e.g., Rotarians,  click daily for almost-instant e-training: & the deep value of transcendent purpose: & gain inspiration from an unstoppable, successful farmer who automatically overcomes physical challenges:   The Rotary Foundation had a limited-time-only, clickable photo of Arch Klumph, founded of TRF – where I could click a little square of his Website photo & thereby donate a minimum of $100 to TRF while simultaneously making the donation in honor / in memory of someone:  what fun!

And / or model a clickable Website that I spoke about during my Rotary Talk About remarks last Thur.:  via the Weblink, I could easily donate to the cause, donate 5% more to cover operating costs, donate 10% more to support the Website; e-tell my honoree (FBG Morning Rotary Pres. Sarah) that I’d donated in her honor.  It was so easy that I just kept-a-clicking & donating:  exhilarating (helping a great cause & seeing how the ease of the process kept me donating more & more).

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