Rotary D5840-wide e-addresses by clubs

TRF Planned Giving officer: & 847-425-5688;;  830-456-1322; global-grant scholarship; Joe Ramirez’ e-referral: & 830-368-4023 to walk her through the documents on  They are under “Foundation,” left sidebar when you are on the Foundation page.  This is for graduate study (Masters or Doctoral)  Membership staffer requested Alice’s “tsunami” of membership documents:  all from Rotary sources!  Also, 71 others (including ??? from MA, USA; & ??? from Costa Rica); through PDG Sandy Forster:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Nicole.Peñ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Ken_SueJarvis@WindStream.Net;;;;; M.Badgett@SBCGlobal.Net; Deedra110@Verizon.Net;;;;;;;;  AMiller@Turnbridge.CA;;;;  PNDean@ComCast.Net;;;;;;;;;

2017-2018 D5840 club secretaries & admin. team:;;; Kid-Doc@EarthLink.Net;;;;;;


D5840 Rotary Youth Exchange:;;  All about Rotary Youth Exchange: & Youth Exchange Insurance: 

D5840 Roarian, event planner: & 210-416-7263

Austin South Public Image expert Amber Scarborough, Joe’s daughter.  She adopted one of her foster children:; 512-551-3001; 512-423-6868

Corpus Christi;

Review annual, Rotary district-by-district net membership results:   Meeting Registration Success – Zoom  Meeting # 544-896-340   Participate in Jan. 2017 Membership Matters Zone 21b Webinar:  Meeting Registration Success – Zoom & run Zoom:  Meeting Registration Success – Zoom     Please click this URL to join.

FBG Morning Rotary Treasurer Jake Whittington, CPA, work address 712 West San Antonio Street; Fredericksburg, TX 78624; Charity Fund:  409 N. Milam, FBG 78624

Harper, TX  Harper HS Counselor Melanie Parker:  MParker@Harper.TxEd.Net & 2017 Ag-Business TTU student  Hannah “Sage”;

Carol F. Holmes, 325/265-4495; 281/923-6111; holmes.cf688@gmail.com5840DG2017@gmail.com & & 1-830-755-6452

Kathryn Hubbard, MD; Rotary 5840 District Governor 2018-19; DG58402018@gmail.comtel:18304567604

Rotary Leadership Institute Session I or II or III.  Meet, greet & compare notes with other high-performance Rotarians from 58 clubs in our Rotary 5840 District (from San Angelo / Ballinger to Eagle Pass, Uvalde & KVL/FBG/San Antonio & thereabouts).  The RLI experience will help satisfy your new-member / getting-acquainted with Rotary / getting-acquainted-with-each-other process).  Plus, everything in Rotary is transferable / applicable to wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive. Register  RLI I.  Plan to enroll in upcoming RLI opportunities, below, for RLI II & RLI III – complete with a graduation ceremony & an invitation to participate in a subsequent RLI Facilitators’ training session:  & YOU can facilitate RLI I, II & III sessions for other Rotarians!  Because we FBG Morning RLI participants have discovered first hand … that RLI is of such tremendous value to ALL Rotarians, first-time FBG Morning Rotarians will be reimbursed for at least 50% of the registration fee for RLI I (contact for details).  Preliminary D5840 RLI data suggest that there may be up to a 90% three-year, membership-retention rate for Rotarians who have participated in at least RLI I:  wow!  Future RLI I participants, I predict that you will eagerly continue with the entire RLI experience:  that you will enthusiastically participate in RLI II & RLI III — & perhaps become an RLI Facilitator yourself!  RLI is irresistible.  Resistance is futile.  Make sure that your Rotary “buddy” or “mentee” plans to participate.

Rotary D5840 Hallowe’ens at 4:30p at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.   event for ALL young & young-at-heart – including children with disabilities.  Come costumed — or not — bring cans of food for the local food bank & then check in at the Rotary Volunteers table to get the location of your candy-distribution site.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Volunteer Application – NOT Group Volunteer –  (Do not put in T-Shirt size – Not Provided)
  3. After entering your LAST NAME please put in parenthesis (Rotary Volunteer along with your Club or School Name) and your application will be sent directly to the organizer for the district.

Need a ride?  Want to car caravan with Rotarians?

Kim Kimmey’s home:  from Wal-Mart, continue east down US Hwy. 290 for about 5 miles. When you come to a traffic light, Kampground Of America & the Stagecoach convenience store, this is RR 1376. Turn right onto Ranch Road 1376 (the only way you can turn). Go south about 3 miles, & our property will be on your left. We will have the gate open and we’ll tie a yellow bandana on the mailbox. There is also a sign on our fence with “The Skinners” on it.

Bonnie & Max Beckmanns’ garage:  106 East Austin St. (1 block north of Main St. / US Hwy. 290) between Adams & Llano St.:  the fourth building east of the NE intersection of Austin St. & North Adams St. on the north side of Austin St.  Theirs is a beautiful, white-stone home across from the church on the south side of Adams St.

Janie:  #2014, 106 Nature Trail:  to stop sign:  straight, left, left, left onto Nature Trail

Fredericksburg, TX, Rotary:  Morning, Noon & Night!   One club hugs, another sings & one club drinks & all 3 Rotary clubs SERVE others.  Visit all three clubs to discover who’s who.;; http://www.FBG-NimitzRotary.orgalso:;

Mondays, noon at the United Methodist Church on far north Llano St. — 2 blocks west of the cemetery on the east side of Llano St.

Tuesdays, 6p at the rear, meeting-area of Western Edge Cellars on the north side of Main St. & 1.5 blocks east of the NE intersection of Milam Ave. & Main St. / US Hwy. 290.

Thursdays, 6:45a at The Buffalo Nickel, 105 S. Llano St. in downtown FBG:  1/2 block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290 on the east side of Llano St. (one block east of S. Adams St. / SH 16 South).

To visit 65-year-long Rotarian John Dooley in the Knopp Retirement Center in north-central Fredericksburg, TX contact his Delta Kappa Gamma daughter-in-law Jerrie Dooley:;   location of his retirement center:  from Main St. / US Hwy. 290, go north on Llano Street (toward the town of Llano) for about a mile or so to Trailmoor St.  Turn left onto Trailmoor & go about a half block:  turn left into the parking lot.  The retirement center is not at the corner of Llano & Trailmoor—that one is the skilled-nursing care.  The retirement center is the next building as you go down Trailmoor.

Rotarian Marc Bennett & DCC alumna Cindy Bennett:  408 Bennett Ranch Rd.  from FBG, head out on Hwy. 16 towards Kerrville  Turn R on 2093, Tivydale. Go about 10 mi.   Turn Left on White Oak Rd. Go about 5 mi.     Turn Left onto Bennett Ranch Rd.

Rotarian Rex White & Marylou White’s home at 5596 Lower Crabapple Rd.:  5.96 mi. from the intersection of No. Llano / SH 16N & Crabapple (a few blocks south & east of the Methodist Church & the FBG Elementary School-area):  from No. Llano St. / SH 16N, turn west onto Crabapple Rd.  Go approximately 5.1 mi. west / northward on Crabapple Rd.; cross a cattle guard & continue on Crabapple Rd. for 8/10 mi.  Turn right & cross their private bridge that will get you to their home.  Need more details?  830-997-2873.

Morgan’s Wonderland Park in San Antonio, TX:  for children & people with disabilities:     Go to  Click on Volunteer Application – NOT Group Volunteer –  (Do not put in T-Shirt size – Not Provided)   After entering your LAST NAME please put in parenthesis (Rotary Volunteer along with your Club or School Name) and your application will be sent directly to the organizer for the district.  John Willome’s cell is 456-5422 if you need to contact me directly.

FBG Rotarian Camey Stewart’s ranch:  from Main St. / US Hwy. 290 in FBG:  turn NORTH onto Hwy. 16 / Llano St. & go 13 mi. to FM 1323;  Turn RIGHT & go 3.5 mi. to WILLOW CITY.  Turn RIGHT at the T-intersection & continue 1.5 mi. to HERBERT-SCHAEFER Rd. on the RIGHT.  The Ranch ENTRANCE is the NEXT GATE on the LEFT = 4259 RR 1323.

2016-2017 D5840 officers [alphabetized, not including 2016-2017 club presidents]:;;;;; DixHome@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; MLSawyer@CenTex.Net;;;;;; Yolanda_Delgado@SBCGlobal.Net;

2016-2017 club presidents [e-addresses only & alphabetized by first letter of e-address]: AAMD@SuddenLink.Net;;;;;;;;  CatAustin@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;  Daniel.F.Mikolay@ICE.DHS.Gov;;;;;; HPB@Stic.Net; Howard.Lott@ATT.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Mike@SpeciaInc.Net;;; Poteet187@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;

D5840 members, alphabetized by 1st letter / number of e-address

need to be alphabetized:;;;;;;;

AAMD@SuddenLink.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Anvil4@Hondo.Net;;;;; ASpencer.;;;;;;;;;;;;   BESmith@Co.Hays.TX.US;;;;;;; BlueSkysRanch@Hughes.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;; Brian.Rawls@US.AF.Mil;;;; BStewart@Harper.TxEd.Net;;

CAllerkamp@BeeCreek.Net;; Captron1@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;; CatAustin@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;; Chuck@CoCard.Net;;;; CLuckenbach@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;

DAdams0618@SBCGlobal.Net;;; Daniel.F.Mikolay@ICE.DHS.Gov;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Debbie.W07@SBCGlobal.Net;; DellaZ@BeeCreek.Net;;;;;;;;;  DixHome@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Dwayne.Hopkins@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;; EMustard@MustardDesign.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; JimOverman@ATT.Net;;;;;;;;;;;  Jolly6@EarthLink.Net;;;;   JLiving@SWBell.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Jubilee@CTESC.Net;;; Judy.Livingston@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;  Kathy.Andera.White@ATT.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;   Kid-Doc@EarthLink.Net;;;;;;;;; KPickard@CTESC.Net;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Liane@MadWomen.Biz;;; Linda.Cowart@DFPS.State.TX.US;; Linda;; LizBAlt@Verizon.Net; LJTMiller@SBCGlobal.Net;;; LondonLonghorn@WildBlue.Net;;; LQMunoz@PantryStores.Net;;;;;;;  MaggieHenryHunt@SBCGlobal.Net;; MaryAnn@GlamFashions.Biz;;;;; MaxLWebel@EarthLink.Net;;;;; McKiem@HaysCISD.Net;; MDDobbins@Verizon.Net;;;;; Merger@WindStream.Net;;;;;;;  Mike@SpeciaInc.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Nanny@HCTC.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; PLM@PGWM.Net;;; Poteet187@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;; Riaan@FirstCoast.Co.ZA;;;;; RIM45@SBCGlobal.Net; RioIns@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  RosaRamirez1973@SBCGlobal.Net;; Ruben.R.Perales.Civ@Mail.Mil;;;;;;;;;;;; SEveer@Prodigy.Net;; Shawn@AshAndAssociates.Net;;;;; SJaeger307@ATT.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; TRMendenhall@ATT.Net

ValerieA@WCC.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; WillAndAnn@SBCGlobal.Net;;; WJSeidel@GVEC.Net;;;



Refer a member www.Rotary.or/MembershipReferral  to recommend a friend, family member, business associate or other qualified individual to potential membership in a club other than your own; e.g., [on AVW flight to Denver in Nov. for Rotary Zone Cadre Membership-Development training:  UT Austin nursing student who received a Rotary scholarship & is interested in public health policy]

Rotary Leadership Institute: & &;

Make up missed meetings via & select “Makeups.”  What does it mean to be a hybrid e-Club with on-line & off-line meetings?  [click “Skip Ad” or wait through the brief e-ad];  How do I take part in an e-Club meeting?      Participate at your convenience in e-Club meetings & follow their processes to confirm your participation (some will e-confirm & you can e-forward the confirmation to your club secretary; some e-clubs will ask for a financial contribution to help them continue their Website services & you can share a copy of the payment with your club secretary):   Also, & scroll downward to select “E-CLUB” form the lower, left-hand side (& then fill-in-the-boxes with “E-CLUB,” which country, what language & then click “SEARCH” & e-Club links will appear); e.g. e-Club of Anchorage, Alaska:  eClub of Anchorage, Alaska: & Facebook:  RotaryEClub5010 & & 907-250-6388.     And, you may take part in an e-Club meeting:     Attend other Rotary clubs in your town or in other towns:  one of the main purposes of Rotary is friendship & visiting other clubs is a century-old tradition for Rotarians.  To find other Rotary clubs’ days, times & locations wherever you happen to be travelling: Ask each club to complete & give you an official Rotary form that confirms your attendance (or ask them to write a confirmation that you attended if they have no official form) & give your attendance form(s) to your club secretary.  I often attend all local Rotary clubs weekly:  a great way for me as a relative new-comer to get acquainted.  Bonus:  As a guest, you’ll be joyfully introduced to the entire group each time (an awareness-building strategy for your business & a potential way for you to meet out-of-town counterparts who may be able & willing to refer customers to you or to be your career-building mentor).      Actively participate in our & other Rotary clubs’ service projects & special events, as often as your schedule allows.  Please let your club secretary know about your participation.  Perhaps your participation will simultaneously fulfill our club’s engagement / attendance preferences.       E-register & ride along with fun, friendly Rotarians to inspiring, all-day Saturday Rotary Leadership Institute trainings or other Rotary District events:  watch for updated registration & logistics announcements (e.g., www. & scroll t

 Willing to help with global grants:  210-865-4783; http://www.DrJackieParsons.Net

Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio:  5223 David Edwards Dr.; 78233:  US 87 South, IH-10; 1604 East; IH 35 South; right onto Hwy. 1502 / Wurzbach/ O’Connor Rd.; right onto One Thousand Oaks = Morgan’s Wonderland on right

Alamo Heights  Goal:;;; & 210-273-1961;;;;


Beeville; LQMunoz@PantryStores.Net;

Boerne;;;; & 830-755-5050, RLI I.;;;

Boerne Moontime;;;

Boerne Sunrise;;

Brady  AG & DGNE Carol Holmes: & 325-265-4495, h.; 281-923-6111, c. &;;;;

Canyon Lake;;;;

Cuero;; WJSeidel@GVEC.Net & 361-275-4239, RLI I.

Del Rio;;

Dripping Springs;;;

Eagle Pass;; RioIns@SBCGlobal.Net;;

Fair Oaks Ranch;; Debbie.W07@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;; KidDoc@EarthLink.Net;;;;;;

Floresville  May form satellite & may transfer members into  Ken Donoughue’s & other San Antonio Rotary Clubs Sue Benson:; & 512-750-6179 ;;;

Rotary:  Morning, Noon & Night!;;

Fredericksburg Morning:  Thursdays, 6:45a, Buffalo Nickel, 105 S. Llano:  on east side of street (one block east of Adams St. / SH 16 South; & 1/2 block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290.  Club #50842 at 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club x 2;  Every Rotarian Every Year Club.  Go to & click Member Login at the top, right-hand side of your screen;  then click Login near the middle of the page [you’ll be glad every time you easily Login — that you clicked “Keep me logged in”] … uh-oh!  [Need your Login information?  click “New & existing users:  retrieve Login &/or Reset Password;”  enter your e-address & your Logon link will be e-sent to you immediately]; click Member Area at the top right of the screen; click [for example] View Club Directory in the #2, wide column half-way down – beneath My ClubRunner & voila!  You may Web surf our Rotary Web site with confidence, ease & delight!

54 e-addresses alphabetically by last name from “Allen” to “Zey”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  JakeWhittington@HotMail.comDellaZ@BeeCreek.Net; also, John Dooley; 972-963-0247;;;;;

Donations (including credit-card donations) may be sent to Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Club Charitable Fund, 409 North Milam, Fredericksburg, TX  78624.

To visit long-time Rotarian John Dooley contact his daughter-in-law Jerrie Dooley: about his availability to receive guests at The Knopp Retirement Center, 103 E. Trailmoor Drive:  from US Hwy. 290 / Main St. in downtown FBG, go north on Llano Street (toward the town of Llano) / SH 16 North for about a mile or so to Trailmoor Dr.  (several blocks south of the United Methodist Church & the JEK’s Quick Stop).  Turn left onto Trailmoor Dr. & go about ½ block & turn left into the parking lot.  The Retirement Center is not at the corner of Llano St. & Trailmoor Dr. (on the corner is skilled-nursing care).  The Retirement Center is the next building west on Trailmoor Dr.

Taqueria Altos de Jalisco at 1410 East Main Street  / US Hwy. 290E in the Baron’s Creek Shopping area close to Beall’s Department Store — north of WalMart; 830-990-8554;:

Janie Bailey, Katie Bradford & Jim Overman’s homes (on south side of east Main St. / US 290 East) in the gated Heritage Hills community – across from the TX Rangers’ site.

 Kristyn’s husband Jeremy Hahn:;  Luzaan:  +19729630247 & +27826197297; PHF;; regular Bird’s-eye-view of the Rotary Club of FBG Morning’s signature service project:  Skate Park under construction:

Beckmanns’ home for Rotary events at 106 East Austin St. (1 block north of Main St. / US Hwy. 290) between Adams & Llano St.:  the fourth building east of the NE intersection of Austin St. & North Adams St. on the north side of Austin St.  Theirs is a beautiful, white-stone home directly north of the FBG Bible Church (between Adams & Llano Sts.).Park anywhere on Austin St. & walk down their west-side drive way to their garage area … where we will stuff Kraut Run packets

**  Jack & Adam’s Bike Shop (from memory, so please  edit for accuracy’s sake):  on the NW corner of Lincoln & ?San Antonio St.?” – 1? block south of Main St. / US Hwy. 290 on the west side of Lincoln St.  Park on Lincoln St. or any near-by side street. Guest of Leigh Dempsey:  Brad Rauch, 247 Kara Dr., Kalispell, MT 59901: & 406-249-7068.  HuntSA Ministries (Hunt South Africa): &;

Fredericksburg NOON!   Mondays, 11:45a, at 1800 N. Llano:  1st United Methodist Church 1/2 block west of North Llano St. / North SH 16 … in north central Fredericksburg.  P.O. Box 1006; FBG 78624  Monday Rotary projects “Helping others through Fellowships with Each Other:”  International projects:  Shelter Box relief for natural disasters in the Philippines & elsewhere; toilet projects in India — that help keep girls & boys in school.  In & around FBG:  Books for Babies born at Hill Country Memorial Hospital & to Women Infants & Children families; Toys for Tots, plus free books; Chess at Fredericksburg Elementary School; donating books to FES Library (signed by Rotary speakers); Highway Beautification along US 290:  4x/year 2 mi. on 290 West towards Harper; active Rotary Interact Club at FBG High School via [Valerie Remschell]– to grow leaders among youth, teach them Rotarian values such as the Four-Way Test & raise money for community & international

3-Rotary club sponsor of multiple Rotary Literacy Projects: ROAR at Women Infants & Children site :  Book Buddies:  Libros Amigos (distributed 90 books for 45 well-baby visit for babies 6-12 mo., 18-24 mo., & 24-36 mo. & older); bookcases @$9 (mahogany-colored bookcases are $11) + $500+ for shipping.  Rotary Evening — Nimitz’ Joe Houde has reformatted the bi-lingual brochure for the International Reading Association to 8″ x 11 1/2″ less-expensive, black-&-white format.  reading-aloud-to-children Reading Rodeo; H-E-B Foundation support; direct donations to support three, local non-profit organizations:  Boys & Girls Club of the Texas Hill Country (BGC provide after-school care & structure for 100+ students every day after school; some members play chess with them) &  the Good Samaritan Center & the Hill Country Community Needs Council (that meets a myriad of needs for families in crisis) & the Stonewall Head Start.  Friends of the Library:  to purchase books for birth-to-5 yrs.; possible staff-development workshop with Head Start & Little Lambs.  Members’ birthday-check donations go to FBG Rotary Foundation for scholarships; “Welcome” area’s fishbowl donations provide stipends for Rotary International Exchange student(s) 2015-2016 fund-raising goal:  $26K via $10K FHS Homecoming Party + $15K Valentine’s Dinner + $1.5K serving water at Oktoberfest

Crawford Guthrie, 830-997-5126; 675 Oxen Trail:  US Hwy. 290W:  3 mi. from courthouse:  turn right onto Homestead Rd. into Settlers’ Ridge subdivision.  Wind around to Oxen Trail & turn left (the 1st & only turn):  at NW corner of Campfire & Oxen Trail.  Park along & in the driveway.;;;;; Camey@BeeCreek.Net;;; CLuckenbach@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;; EMustard@MustardDesign.Net; GLumpkin;;;;;;;  Jolly6@EarthLink.Net;;;;; Judy.Livingston@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;; KPickard@CTESC.Net;;   MaxLWebel@EarthLink.Net;;;;;;; PLM@PGWM.Net;;;;;;  SEveer@Prodigy.Net;;;;;;;; Caroline Cornett, 246 Omos Lane, FBG; 806-217-0027:;  

3 Rotary club   LITERACY COMMITTEE:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; KPickard@CTESC.Net;;;; JimOverman@ATT.Net;;;;; DellaZ@BeeCreek.Net;;; Judy.Livingston@SBCGlobal.Net;  Camey@BeeCreek.Net;; MaxLWebel@EarthLink.Net; 

FNRC = Fredericksburg Evening / Nimitz Rotary Club &  NIGHT!  Tuesdays, 6p at Western Edge Cellars:  228 West Main St. =  1.5 blocks from NE corner of Milam & Main St. / US Hwy. 290.  TRF grant-writing “buddy:” DGE D5730; 806-781-1753.  Carleton:  512-750-6243  LondonLonghorn@WildBlue.Net;;;;;;;; CAllerkamp@BeeCreek.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  new-member prospect Pastor Kelly Graham with SkatePark idea, E3Church.  Dawn’s phone #s:830:456-0347 & the spa:  830-990-8413.  Brent’s phone #s: 830-456-2912; 830-669-2985.  Former member:;;


Greater San Marcos:

Hondo / D’Hanis:  Anvil4@Hondo.Net;;; Captron1@SBCGlobal.Net;; DixHome@SBCGlobal.Net;; JamesDanner@SBCGlobal.Net;;;


Junction:;; MDDobbins@Verizon.Net;;

Karnes City:; MaggieHenryHunt@SBCGlobal.Net;;


Kerrville Morning:;; HCDayLil@WindStream.Net;;;;; Merger@WindStream.Net; Nanny@HCTC.Net;;;   prospective member:  KVL Car Club, TX Tech connected

Kerrville / Noon:;; GEychner@WindStream.Net;;;;;;

Kerrville Evening Satellite Club since 11-’14:  younger members.  Coordinate with & 512-787-7064 about shipping boxes of books through their shipping site to the Houston Port & internationally.  Kerrville Chamber of Commerce / Leadership Kerr County staffers:  Katherine Leggett’s partner; & 830-896-1155, o.; 830-459-8221, c. through former TTU student

Kyle:;; BESmith@Co.Hays.TX.US;; [trained Wine Judge];;;;;;;;;; Judge722@HotMail.comJuezlar3@Yahoo.comLaynie@AshAndAssociates.NetMcKiem@HaysCISD.Net;;;;;

New Braunfels:;;;;;; Heyden@CompuVision.Net;;;;;;;



Poteet  WillAndAnn@SBCGlobal.Net;

San Angelo;; GADuke@SuddenLink.Net; Gregory A. Duke, Concho Valley Regional Food Bank;;;;; Linda.Cowart@DFPS.State.TX.US;;;;

San Angelo West; HomeERA@SuddenLink.Net;  e-signature:; Joining Leaders, Exchanging Ideas, Taking Action!  Explore Rotary Now   We are neighbors, community leaders & global citizens uniting for the common good.  With you, we can accomplish even more.

San Angelo Sunrise goal of 17 members; began with 16 members, maintaining at 16 members;  ValerieA@WCC.Net;

20 San Antonio Rotary Clubs     Catherine Austin, Pres.,:  Run Wild Sports: & 210-223-9453:;;;;

San Antonio;;;;;;; Jan.King@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;

San Antonio Airport;;;;;;; ‘; ‘; Ruben.R.Perales.Civ@Mail.Mil;;; for low-vision members

San Antonio at the Dominion;;;;;;;;

San Antonio e-club of Converse / Live Oak Club: Charter late-June 2015;;;;; Brian.Rawls@US.AF.Mil;;;;;;;;;; MelissaJones;; GloriaKnighten@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;

San Antonio Evening;

San Antonio los Amigos Internationales;;;;;;

San Antonio Med Center;  LJTMiller@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;

San Antonio Mission Trail;;;

San Antonio North Central;;;;;;;; SJaeger307@ATT.Net;;;  roaringly successful Baby Boxes project

San Antonio Northeast;;;;;;;;

San Antonio Northwest; BCarrasco@HeartRepair.Net;;; DAdams0618@SBCGlobal.Net;;; DonGordonMD@ATT.Net; DRDKHarmon@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;  HardyJ@SWBell.Net;;;;;;;;; MiltHenry@SBCGlobal.Net;;  RIM45@SBCGlobal.Net;; TRMendenhall@ATT.Net;;

San Antonio Oak Hills Rotary Club;

San Antonio Randolph Metrocom; Liane@MadWomen.Biz;;

San Antonio Riverwalk Rotary Club;

San Antonio South;;; JLiving@SWBell.Net;; RosaRamirez1973@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;

San Antonio Stone Oak;;; Yolanda_Delgado@SBCGlobal.Net;;

San Antonio Sunrise  Kathy.Andera.White@ATT.Net;

San Antonio West  HardyJ@SWBell.Net;; & 229-364-6870;;

San Marcos, Greater;;; KelleyCD@BellSouth.Net;;;

San Saba  11 members;;;;;

Seguin; K5TK@ATT.Net;

Seguin Sunrise;;

Stone Oak;;



Rotary Club of Alamo Heights:;

Rotary Club of Beeville:; LQMunoz@PantryStores.Net;

Rotary Club of Boerne Noon:;

Rotary Club of Canyon Lake:;

Rotary Club of Dripping Springs:;;

Rotary Club of Fair Oaks Ranch:;

Rotary Club of Fredericksburg:;

Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Evening – Nimitz:;

Rotary Club of Fredericksburg Morning:; FFH@BeeCreek.Net;   JimOverman@ATT.Net;;;;;;

Rotary Club of Hondo / D’Hanis:  JamesDanner@SBCGlobal.Net;

Rotary Club of Karnes City:; MaggieHenryHunt@SBCGlobal.Net;

Rotary Club of Kerrville:;

Rotary Club of New Braunfels:;;

Rotary Club of Pleasanton:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Airport:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Amigos International:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio:; Jan.King@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Medical Center:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Mission Trail:  RLWarren44@SBCGlobal.Net;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Randolph MetroCom:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio North Central:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Northwest:;

Rotary Club of San Antonio South:;;

Rotary Club of San Antonio Stone Oak:;; Yolanda_Delgado@SBCGlobal.Net

Rotary Club of Greater San Marcos:;

Rotary Club of Seguin Sunrise:;;

Rotary Club of Uvalde:;

Baton Rouge, LA:  request for membership packets 7-’17:;; Brandi.Lowe@BlueBonnet.Coop;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; AnnGraham@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;; Lynne.Lightsey@AustinTexas.Gov;;;;;;;;;;;; DCrist3@Verizon.Net;;;;;;;;; ProjectWideAwake@ATT.Net; RSaikowski@Consolidated.Net; RSaikowski@ComCast.Net;;; D.Loesch@ComCast.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; KABuel@ATT.Net;;; Congresman@ComCast.Net;;;;;;;

Rotary global-grant prospects:  US Army Nat. Guard in Africa = Helping the World See Clearer = & of the Rotary SA Dominion Club  glasses @25+ — depending upon transportation / shipping costs to respective countries [shipping <
4300 to El Salvador; $2,200 to Africa); 210-315-3773

Other towns     D5730:  Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland-Odessa areas:  on Excel spreadsheets within AVW file folders

Austin District 5870 leaders:;; Brandi.Lowe@BlueBonnet.Coop;;;;;;;;;;;;;

D5870 Austin Rotary club(s):;;;; [#5455428 & 9/13/2001];;

Austin South:  Past Pres. AnnGraham@SBCGlobal.Net & 806-470-4002;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Canada: in Canada; requested membership info; 8-’17:;

UK:  Osman Ersat ATAK  ErsatAtak@Yahoo.Co.UK;;  requested membership info 8-’17;;

6 Corpus Christi Rotary clubs within D5930:;;;;;

DFW area:  DCrist3@Verizon.Net;;

Jan. ’14 Arch C. Klumph Society induction:  Sylvia & Bob Danner:;

Killeen Evening:;


Denver:  D5450 Membership Chair & 303-520-7445

Graham, TX:  PETS, 2015-2016 through Jody Donovan

Houston / next to me at PETS ’16:  ProjectWideAwake@ATT.Net Helping girls discover who they are before they are lost to addiction, eating disorders or toxic relationships

Houston / Conroe:  RSaikowski@Consolidated.Net  provides $25 Starbuck’s gift card to TEACHERS who work with their “I Like Me” books for 1st graders; 7 schools, 140 kids, hired outside publisher & delivered books & rea0d to kids & kids read to them.  Local HS Interactors still have their “I Like Me” books.    potential donation to TTU of wine-making equipment* if someone will pick it up in Conroe from Rotarian & TX Tech alum Ron Saikowski:  RSaikowski@ComCast.Net  & 713-252-3729.  Ron Saikowski, Wine Columnist, 304 N. Main, Suite #1; Conroe, TX  77301; 713-252-3729:  RSaikowski@ComCast.Net &;  also, Rotarian Bonnie Villacampa, Rotarian in Kyle, is a professional wine judge: & 512-633-2664.

Houston / East Montgomery County:; 832-877-8699 — interested in e-clubs

Houston / Katy, TX:  D.Loesch@ComCast.Net;;   www.KATYBREWFEST.COM  IH-10, EXIT GRAND PARKWAY HWY 99 SOUTH,  & make YOUR WAY TO FALCON POINT Country Club. = Red Raider, Boot Ranch case study; 281-312-2065 & 281-451-4186

Houston / Rotary Club of the University Area:  Fire Fighters Home: &;;

MD:; 9817 Lanham Severn Rd., Lanham, MD  20706; 240-487-6359; founding member Bob Grill; 2792 Spring Lakes Dr., Davidsonville, MD  21035.  Survival packs & equipment

OKLAHOMA   Keith Giles, Cross Timbers / Norman:;

No. Carolina:  Scott Rossi with World’s Greatest Meal / to benefit End Polio Now website:

SW CO / Pagosa Springs:

Temple — South, TX:  Beverly Luedke, PE, PETS 2016:;;

Vidor, TX:;   Books for the World

Medicine Hat, 1051 Ross Glen Drive SE; Medicine Hat, AB  T1B 3T8
Canada;  requested 3 new-member packets 11-’16

RI Cadre members in Zones 21B / 27:  OK:  Glenda L. Thomas;;;;;; NM:;;;;; TX:;

RI Director Greg E. Podd, C.P.A., P.F.S.; Rotary International Director, ’14-’16;;  Colorado:  303-330-0096;  Arizona:  480-609-7100;  Mobile:  602-400-5470 from

United Kingdom:  RC of Harrogate Brigantes, N. Yorkshire, UK:  Richard M Bosworth
‘What If?’ Specialist   118 Park Place   Park Parade   Harrogate   HG1 5 NS Karen Shepherd  403 613-4143    RC of Calgary-Olympic in Calgary, Canada  Rotary Leadership Institute  District 5360

Pakistan:  PDG 3272  pending $3K Global Grant from FBG Morning Rotary for laproscope in Lahore Cantt, Pakistan cancer hospital; visited FBG Morning Rotary with Rotarian wife & Rotarator daughter in 7-’17; &

Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville: &  830-896-8500, x. 243; P.O. Box 290247; 4100 San Antonio Hwy., Kerrville, TX  78029;    Come south into Kerrville from FBG on SH 16 South.  Right after the Cracker Barrel, turn left on Loop 534 & stay on it through 2 lights.  Turn left at the 3rd light which is Hwy. 27 / Junction Hwy.  In about .3 mile, turn left through our gate (that is past the VA Hospital & the softball fields that are also on the left prior to our front gate for reference).  After coming through our entrance, stay on the main road & pull into the big parking lot on the right after you pass our Administration Building (first building on your right).  The bus will be coming to that parking lot, so you will be there to greet them.  If you should have anyone that stops & speaks with you just mention that you will be meeting one of the buses there, & they will point you in the right direction. Check-In:  2p-5p.

Wolf Creek Camp for dyslexic folks — between Fredericksburg & Kerrville, TX in south central TX:  Joyce@Frontier.Net     Go south out of Fredericksburg on SH 16.  Turn LEFT / EAST onto Pressler-Henke.  About 1 mile to our house.        Stay RIGHT at both turns where you have a choice.  There’s an exotic animal ranch on the right with this high fence, & you’re going to hug that fence.  Pressler-Henke stays to the left every time & go RIGHT after you come up out of a creek crossing. Looks like a drive way to a big house on a hill, but it’s the beginning of Wolf Way:  458 Wolf Way.  You’ll come to a gate.  The code is printed on it: 1234.  Come on through, there’s a little lake & go on up the hill to our house.  720-980-4805.

Psychographics= like-minded service, travelling.  65+ young-at-heart

Tiered-membership pricing?  $22/ mo. for 18-26   $40/ mo. for 27-?

Oktoberfest Kraut Run Master of Ceremonies David C. Smith:  830-832-8158 or ?830-832-8150? 830-629-1785: in New Braunfels, TX & P.Sowell@SBCGlobal.Net;  David’s mailing address for blue or white XL runners’ shirt:  317 Lakeview Blvd., New Braunfels, TX  78130

Nov. 2015 in DFW:  Greater Big Spring, 1-’14:; DGD; [Rose Parade]; 2-zone membership: Kelly:  Congresman@ComCast.Net; recommended fund-development leader-for-hire; &;;;;; & William R. (Bob) Dill, Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 21b and parts of Zone27 2016-2017; District 5770 Governor 2014-2015;  405-360-9707; 405-613-5727;;  NY

Lubbock/Joe Scarborough’s daughter Amber in South Austin Rotary: & her excellent Public Image co-presenter 12-’16 for Membership Zone 21b:

2017 RYLA students from FHS:  D5840 CLuckenbach@SBCGlobal.Net>;;;  Bailee Rian Pelton:;;;; Astri Smith:;;;


Video “Best Wishes” from 2015-2016 RI Pres. “Ravi” to all current & future Rotary leaders

Donate to help Texas Flood Relief:

D5830 Ken & Elyn Patterson; via

as of 10-1’14:  34,558 Rotary clubs with 3-31-’15:  1,228,268 members

AVW Rotary ID#6581622   CPA;

Inflatable Rotary wheel for display at events:; Bill Kugler at 440-846-0800

D5840 #1 in Rotary Zone 21b / 27 for net membership increase of 84 new members!  6-30-’15:!newtopic/rotary-district-5840   Please join this group and take the time to share your progress in Membership retention, invitations, improving the Rotary Club experience and evolutionary ideas with your fellow District 5840 Rotarians & interested community. You may never know who’s facing the same issues & looking for a solution.

from &amp; & 817-832-8066 for Presidents & President-Elects March 5-8, 2015.  a social movement & nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity. We make & keep promises to end suffering, establish peace & build happiness. Our mission is to strengthen humanity’s will. We created the promise card” to help hold people accountable to their commitments. &  806-441-1346:  RI/D5730 Visioning for the Future

Discover Rotary global grant opportunities:  Contribute, participate in &/or learn from others’ global grants:  Double-check with staff to confirm eligibility of clubs & districts listed.

RI Website referrals from students seeking scholarships or grants: &

for prospective Exchange Students too old for Rotary Youth Exchange  Apply to be a Global Scholar.  Apply through the Rotary district where the student lives, where the student goes to college/university or any willing district (e.g., a student within 5840 could apply through D5840; or a Johnson City resident can apply through the district that Austin is in; the closest 6 Rotary Clubs to Johnson City are Marble Falls, Marble Falls Daybreak, Dripping Springs, Burnet, Lakeway/Lake Travis & Wimberley).  The RI Website with info & qualifications is

via former FBGer;

Membership-Transfer process:

1.  Use Club Locator to e-confirm within 30 days with prior club … that prospect is in good financial standing in previous club:  owes the club no money & to request transferee’s Rotary membership #, if known;

2.  Simultaneously ask “Contact Us” for transferee’s membership #

3.  Ask local club’s board & then membership to approve transfer request.

Rotary’s Youth / New Generations Programs:  Annually update GO Center listing & your Legacy documents (FBG Morning & Zones 21b/27), as of 12-29-’14:

EarlyAct &/or  a pervasive, character-education program for elementary & middle schools.  Teaching students how to become noble, service-oriented people, along with why it is important for them to do so (sponsored by local Rotary clubs & their community partners).

Interact for youth ages 12-18:  junior high & senior high clubs with local & international action & fund raising.  Globally:  17,663 Interact clubs (school- & community-based) with 406,249 Interactors in 140 countries / geographical areas.  fueling a lifetime of service.  Highest number of clubs in Brazil, India, the Philippines & the USA.

Rotaract for youth ages 18-30.  Globally:  7,608 Rotaract clubs with 174,984 Rotaractors in 516 districts & 170 countries/geographical areas (28 countries / geographical areas have 50+ clubs each).  Rotaract@Rotary.orgcommunity- & university-based service clubs, connecting young adults to a global network of friendship, engagement & action; service projects & professional development activities.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards / RYLA for youth ages 14-30.  Stipend for high-performance leadership seminars, camps & workshops:  inspiring the next generation of leaders by encouraging & recognizing leadership of youth/young adults.  Globally:  25,000 students & young adults.  typically, selected students & adult sponsors spend an intensive, life-changing week of fellowship, leadership & fun – within the spirit of Rotary’s 4-Way Test.  Annual RYLA North America Conference in Wash., DC @$325:

Rotary Youth Exchange for ages 15-19.  8,000+ students from 71 countries. Exchange students & host families share cultures:  tours, international youth camps & school activities.  Building cultural understanding one student at a time.  Leadership & professional development:  abroad for one week to one year; exchange students & host families to share cultures.

And, Rotary Community Corps / non-Rotarian volunteers:  8,187 Corps with 188,301 members

QUESTION:  How to meaningfully connect TRF with other international, national, state-level organizations?  (e.g., the TX Public Health Association, former health-dept. friends & colleagues, colleges, universities, technical schools & other international service organizations — with millions of members / staff / faculty / students, who may already be doing good in the world, who yearn to leverage the good they’re doing in the world &/or who might want to start doing good in the world) … through TRF global humanitarian grants, vocational training teams & scholarships:

ANSWER: & then visit Websites of interest … for individuals’ contact information. (select “Get Involved” & then “Take Action.”  And then visit one, two or all three sites:  “Explore our Causes,” “Join a Project” &/or “Partner with Us”).  If your club is ready to partner with someone you discovered at MatchingGrants, talk with a Rotary Foundation staffer to confirm that the sponsoring Rotary club is in good standing with TRF.  Why?  If the sponsoring club owes over-due reports to TRF, then your club — by association — will not be eligible to apply for TRF global grants until the sponsoring club’s paperwork has been submitted to TRF & approved by TRF.

If you have additional ideas about how to facilitate meaningful steps that might connect TRF with prospective partner organizations (loaded with folks who might be ideal as future TRF leaders / members of humanitarian-service projects, vocational training teams &/or scholarship recipients), please let me know.  Participants, alumni / trainers

Pints for Polio at Pedernales Brewing Co., & Seveer@Prodigy.Net at 97 Hitchin Post Trail, FBG (on the east side of south US Hwy. 87 / Washington St.:  approx. 2 mi. south of the traffic light at Friendship Lane & then a bit further south of the Fritztown Cinema, that is on the west side of US Hwy. 87S).  Enter near the giant, beer-bottle leaning.  Every $1 donated becomes $3 donation:  thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledge to Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign:

Every $1 donated becomes $3 donation:  thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledge to Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign:

Here are specific ways that your donation$ will help to End Polio Now [polio:  crippling, painful but PREVENTABLE]:

Your $15 donation = 100 doses of polio vaccine that provide 100 children protection from polio for life [$.60 per child = a healthier, brighter future]

Your $25 donation = 50 posters promoting National Immunization Days.  In India, 172+M children were immunized in one day!

Your $50 donation = 100 bright-yellow, easy-to-see, easy-to-recognize vests – for health workers & polio volunteers to wear during community- & nation-wide immunization events

Your $100 donation = 800 finger markers: safe, effective, affordable way to visually confirm that all children have been immunized against polio – by painting a purple-colored stain onto the pinky finger of every immunized child

RI Rep at 2013 Rotary D5730 Conf. in Ruidosa, NM:  Mark Markanda, AAMS, RICP, MS; Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC; 15801 Brixham Hill Avenue; Suite 100; Charlotte, NC  28277;  704-341-4824; 888-769-3131;; 

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