Rotary Membership: 2nd Century of Service sample remarks & local activities

D5840, 2014-2015:  Rotary letter with AVW’s favorite membership-related packet to all D5840 Presidents &/or Membership Chairs from DG Jan &/or me?!  e.g., We’re here to help via visit, remarks, consultancy, Membership Bootcamp (invite all clubs in your geographical areas or club-by-club)

Need to recruit 460 new members for a net of 200 new members:  given 13% annual loss


Resources:  Strategic Planning Guide, Be a Vibrant Club, Rotary Coordinators, District Planning Guide;


Rotary Membership:  2nd Century of Service

More active, alive & relevant than it has ever been

Make this world a better place for all

RI focus:  fellowship, integrity, diversity, service, leadership, humanitarian service, enhance public image / awareness, support & strengthen clubs

Volunteering to improve lives globally & locally     Engaging opportunities for youth     Creating a better community for all

 Sample Remarks


*  2-sided bookmark + Why Rotary?  20- Answers /Benefits document for Rotarians

**  include audience engagement, role playing

***  include any remarks or processes from TRF & AKS presentation, wisdom books in computer room

****  Use

 What did you come here on Earth to do with your Life?    Wonderful world of Rotary

Rotary membership will help you grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially & financially

Rotary provides you with the company of enlightened leaders of your community   opportunity to serve   develop & polish your leadership abilities

Prosper over next century    More than a once-a-week meeting:  a life style   Rotary:  crown jewel of service clubs   fun, invigorating, energizing, diverse, in-lace systems to leverage my sweat equity & financial investments   prestige, business connections

We are all on the journey of life.  We share the common desire to serve humankind so others less fortunate can also enjoy that journey.

Friendship   service   international:  worldwide bond to other Rotarians   peace

We’ve got a good [Rotary] story to tell & are proud to share it.  Lots of people would make wonderful Rotarians if they only knew   Rotary would change their lives for the better   Rotary is the biggest networking club on earth

Relationships with integrity, high ethics & trustworthiness are everything in business

Join Rotary to serve the world.  Our world.  A human world can also be a humane world.

Good fellowship, friendship, fun, camaraderie   make things happen in our communities & globally

Our duty to ASK others to be part of the life-changing, world-changing organization:  tell me about yourself.  What Rotary can do for YOU.  What you can do for Rotary.  Rotary:  where barriers disappear

Rotary has made me a better person   more self-esteem   I can do something for others, but I receive far more back in return.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare.”  Strangers are only friends we have yet to meet.

Former UN Sec.-Gen. Kofi Annan:  “the UN … recognizes Rotary – not only for what you’ve done for the worldwide eradication of polio, but for how you’ve helped I 30,000 communities around the world.”

We are leaders who act responsibility, take action to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges

Refer a member:  to recommend a friend, family member, business associate or other qualified individual to potential membership in a club other than your own.  The Web site inquiries will help initial screening for prospective members & then clubs may follow up with in-person, get-acquainted conversations to determine the person’s alignment with The Four-Way Test, service & friendship.

Major successes:  retention, recruit … fellowship, integrity, diversity, world service, leadership, engaged early & often around members’ skill sets & needs; stay relevant.

Refresh every 3 hr.:  get board buy-in for 3-4 hr. for Vision / Strategic Plan, Work on Top 1, 2 or 3 goals:  determined by consensus.:  multi-year cycles, long-range plan, representing my club’s culture; coordinated plan:  continuity, consistency, consensus; pulling in the same direction via stair-step activities; shared commitment, long-term direction, framework for goals & objectives; optimizes use of resources; strong, effective club; may lose some members; harmony, continuity, involving, unified plan 16%+ membership satisfaction; sustained increased membership; successful service projects; grow leadership beyond the club level:  to district, zone & RI.

Planning questions:  who is our club?  Where are we?  Where do we want to be?  How do we get there?  How do we know if we’ve arrived?     e.g., We start on time & end on time & have a good time.

Celebrate uniqueness of each club

Conclusion:  Participants voluntarily share their favorite membership to-do:  “Yes, I want to help by …”

How to enroll in Rotary Club Central?  Membership   more members, more services to communities

New & reinstated Activities to promote Membership retention, recruitment, diversity, engagement

  • Order & share quantities of favorite membership-related items from &
  • Create slogan for 3 FBG Rotary clubs:  Fredericksburg Rotary!  Morning, Noon & Night!  [slogan  include on 3-club business cards, Pints for Polio tee shirt];
  • 3-club business card with clubs’ respective days-of-week, times & locations — for
  • Rotary information within Welcome to FBG newcomer’s bag:  2-club flier with 3-club business card & blue-satin bookmark ribbon with gold-embossed Four-Way Test);
  • Share & send RI-recommended 12 Membership letters per week to each new member,
  • Reinstate 2- or 3-person, year-long “buddy” assignments — for members to look out for each other; Membership bookmark to thank each member for her / his personal contribution to membership retention, recruitment, diversity & engagement;
  • Reinstate Breakfast Coupon for current members to give to prospective, new members — to attend our breakfast meeting;
  • Invite all 59 D5840 clubs to participate in Rotary Day / Small-Business Day in San Antonio on Nov. 29;  set up display like a Rotary-meeting set up; obtain all vendors’ & participants’ business cards & then share contact information with respective towns’ Rotary clubs;
  • Participate in &/.or help with presentations:  Rotary Leadership Institute I, II & III; Membership Bootcamp training in Fair Oaks, Kyle;
  • Invite new members from my & other clubs to participate in The Rotary Leadership Institute & to ride with me;
  • Participate in Rotary Zones 21/b & 27 membership training on Nov. 15 in Denver;
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