a Disaster-response plan that includes your animals

www.UAN.org  No animal left behind — when a natural disaster separates you from your pet.  Discover tips for making a disaster-response plan that includes your animals.

www.Paws4Life.org/donations & http://hssm.org   Help feed pets in their homes after disasters.

www.EARS.org  Join our Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) team!  If you’ve ever wanted to help animals displaced by natural disasters or rescued from mass cruelty situations, here is your chance.  Space is available in our upcoming EARS training workshops near Chicago, Illinois, USA.

www.RedCross.org  Include your pet in your family emergency-disaster response plan.

Call 806-762-8721 to register for or replicate Community Emergency Response Teams training in Lubbock, Texas.  Community Emergency Response Teams training educate people about disaster preparedness & basic disaster-response skills (fire suppression, light search & rescue, medical disaster operations, disaster psychology & terrorism awareness).

Also, inquire about on-going, medical or non-medical volunteer opportunities in your county … such as Adopt-a-POD (a Point Of Dispensing where community folks would go in a disease outbreak to receive pills or shots):  www.AdoptAPOD.com or RStrickland@MyLubbock.US or 806-775-2917.

Also, foster-related help for all:

www.CatGuardians.org/resources/temporary-foster-help    Thousands of people each year find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to provide shelter for themselves, much less for their pets. Many owners don’t want to surrender their pets but find little choice. In order to help people keep their pets, the following organizations provide temporary short-term &/or long-term foster care so that your animals can be cared for while you’re getting back on your feet.

Anti-Cruelty Society — SAFE Program  www.AntiCruelty.org/site/epage/59842_576.htm or 312-644-8338, ext. 313.  Helping individuals & families in crisis, the SAFE Program (Short-term Accommodations for Emergencies) is an effort to protect & shelter people & their pets.

PAWS   www.PawsChicago.org/pet-resource-center/paws-chicagos-crisis-response/   773-475-9462  PAWS Chicago Safe-Haven Program:  Dedicated network of foster homes, providing temporary homes for pets of families in crisis.   PAWS Chicago Emergency Admissions:   Prioritized admission into their adoption program for those who do not see a way to keep their pet.

Naperville Area Humane Society Safe Pets Program  www.NapervilleHumaneSociety.org/programs_safe_pets.cfm or 630-420-8989  Specializes in helping victims of domestic violence.

Blessed Bonds – Naperville   www.BlessedBonds.com or BlessedBonds@GMail.com or 708-710-2493  Offers temporary assistance to persons who want to keep their animal companions but are having difficulties that interfere with their ability to meet their pets’ daily needs.


www.BanfieldCharitableTrust.org/Grants  Funds for Programs to Keep Pets & Owners Together  Providing grants to non-profit organizations nationwide that keep & their people together. Through the Pet Advocacy Grants program, the Trust provides funding to organizations whose programs provide a direct solution to avoid surrender or separation of companion pets from families. Funding priorities include the following: basic veterinary care for financially challenged companion pet owners; programs that help the homeless, seriously ill, homebound or disabled care for their pets; companion pet-food banks; education programs that directly relate to keeping companion pets & their people together; behavior-modification programs to correct inappropriate behaviors so that pets may remain in the home; & disaster preparedness & response.  Visit the Trust’s Web site to download the application guidelines & forms.

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