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Job-description draft for TTU Feral Cat Program:

Texas Tech Feral Cat Program seeks cat-loving, student leaders for immediate Officer-Elect positions

Begin immediately by serving as [insert here:  ’13-’14 year; fall-semester spring-semester; summer-session], volunteer-shadow with outgoing [insert here:  president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.] & other Feral Cat Program campus volunteers.  Assume [insert here:  respective officer position(s) needed] position in Dec. 2013 (continuing through subsequent-years’ election of officers).

Contact ’13-’14 President &/or Faculty Advisor Dr. or visit to get details about the fulfillment, challenges, time requirements … or to offer your immediate [insert here:  respective officer position(s) needed]-elect services.

TTU staff-volunteers:

Drane Hall: & 806-834-3716; & 834-4306; & 806-834-3745.

Benefits to volunteers

  • Professional work experience for your resume, job or college / graduate-school entrance application(s) or honor-society’s community-service requirements;
  • Letter of reference or support:  based on volunteer’s level of effectiveness, efficiency, initiative & continuous quality improvements.

Long-term volunteer opportunities, based on volunteer’s interests, skills, goals & availability

  • Refresh weekly:  up to 11 feral cats’ feeding stations across TX Tech Univ. campus
  • Provide weekly:  15+ lb. sack(s) of crunchy cat food for TTU Feral Cat Program
  • Coordinate the loan & return of six live traps & no-charge / $67-value Humane Society of West Texas feral-cat spay/neuter/rabies-vaccination vouchers via Dr.
  • Design, create & post pre-approved, e-endearing fliers with photos … to recruit additional TTU-student volunteers; post announcements on pre-approved student bulletin boards around campus, Craig’s List & elsewhere online or via social media.

Volunteer Career Ladder

  • Train new volunteers with their respective duties
  • Coordinate with Humane Society of West Texas President to search for grants (via Lubbock Area Foundation Library: & to apply for grants for feeding-station supplies.
  • Coordinate with TTU Feral Cat Program student leaders, co-advisors, employees & on-campus sites to Trap / Neuter / Release feral cats on campus.

Affiliated with the Humane Society of West Texas: or or 806-799-PETS (7387).  P.O. Box 67645, 5106 Ave. T ,Lubbock  TX 79424

Circa 9-23-’13 (TTU PhD student) adopted AVW 3-legged foster cat “Domino Henderson,” now known as “Lucky.”  Beautiful, rolling-happily-on-his-back photo of Lucky provided 10-10-’13 exactly when AVW most needed an inspiration-boost.

Texas’ animal-cruelty laws:

from Liz Holtz, Alley Cat Allies:  good Web site for people without legal training to quickly look up laws:  not updated frequently, often accurate. This is the bulk of the Texas anti-cruelty laws: 

Texas Penal Code § 42.092 (2013)    § 42.092.  Cruelty to Nonlivestock Animals

(a) In this section:

(1) “Abandon” includes abandoning an animal in the person’s custody without making reasonable arrangements for assumption of custody by another person.

(2) “Animal” means a domesticated living creature, including any stray or feral cat or dog, and a wild living creature previously captured. The term does not include an uncaptured wild living creature or a livestock animal.

(3) “Cruel manner” includes a manner that causes or permits unjustified or unwarranted pain or suffering.

(4) “Custody” includes responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of an animal subject to the person’s care and control, regardless of ownership of the animal.

(5) “Depredation” has the meaning assigned by Section 71.001, Parks and Wildlife Code.

(6) “Livestock animal” has the meaning assigned by Section 42.09.

(7) “Necessary food, water, care, or shelter” includes food, water, care, or shelter provided to the extent required to maintain the animal in a state of good health.

(8) “Torture” includes any act that causes unjustifiable pain or suffering.

(b) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(1) tortures an animal or in a cruel manner kills or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(2) without the owner’s effective consent, kills, administers poison to, or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(3) fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care, or shelter for an animal in the person’s custody;

(4) abandons unreasonably an animal in the person’s custody;

(5) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner;

(6) without the owner’s effective consent, causes bodily injury to an animal;

(7) causes one animal to fight with another animal, if either animal is not a dog;

(8) uses a live animal as a lure in dog race training or in dog coursing on a racetrack; or

(9) seriously overworks an animal.

(c) An offense under Subsection (b)(3), (4), (5), (6), or (9) is a Class A misdemeanor, except that the offense is a state jail felony if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09. An offense under Subsection (b)(1), (2), (7), or (8) is a state jail felony, except that the offense is a felony of the third degree if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09.

(d) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that:

(1) the actor had a reasonable fear of bodily injury to the actor or to another person by a dangerous wild animal as defined by Section 822.101, Health and Safety Code; or

(2) the actor was engaged in bona fide experimentation for scientific research.

(e) It is a defense to prosecution under Subsection (b)(2) or (6) that:

(1) the animal was discovered on the person’s property in the act of or after injuring or killing the person’s livestock animals or damaging the person’s crops and that the person killed or injured the animal at the time of this discovery; or

(2) the person killed or injured the animal within the scope of the person’s employment as a public servant or in furtherance of activities or operations associated with electricity transmission or distribution, electricity generation or operations associated with the generation of electricity, or natural gas delivery.

(f) It is an exception to the application of this section that the conduct engaged in by the actor is a generally accepted and otherwise lawful:

(1) form of conduct occurring solely for the purpose of or in support of:

(A) fishing, hunting, or trapping; or

(B) wildlife management, wildlife or depredation control, or shooting preserve practices as regulated by state and federal law; or

(2) animal husbandry or agriculture practice involving livestock animals.

(g) This section does not create a civil cause of action for damages or enforcement of the section.


The veterinary community backing the TTU Feral Alliance Petition:

Representatives from the Humane Society of West Texas, the TTU Feral Alliance, and concerned employees plead with facilities management at Texas Tech last week to release four cats from underneath Drane Hall on Texas Tech’s campus.  Facilities Management claimed to have freed the cats; however, the cats have not been accounted for by their caretakers.  Feral cats are proficient at hiding and hide during the day.  Unfortunately, no representatives or caretakers were involved to ensure the cats were released.  The grates were then replaced with solid sheet metal so no one can see if cats are still trapped. If cats are still trapped, they are in need of urgent care. They are dehydrated and will die if not released soon.  Please sign this petition to urge Texas Tech University leaders to install a one-way excluder door at Drane Hall immediately.

TTU Feral Cat Situation Dire:

Cronin’s Cat War to Jeopardize APPA Excellence Award:

TTU’s Office of Cruel, Poor Communications:

Texas Tech Blocks Any Collaboration, Much Less Oversight on Cat Removal:

Cats Still Trapped Under Drane Hall:

TTU Circles Wagon Around Cruel Cronin:

my 37+ furever pets & 146 foster cats

In loving memory/honor of my 37+ Beloved Forever Pets & 146 Foster Cats


 1. Pooch White, 1933-1949, black-&-white dog

2.  Fishes & Turtles, 1950s

3.  Fuzzy, 1951  yellow duckling from brother Harry

4. Gypsy, 1951, brown?-&-white Springer Spaniel

5 & 6.  Spotty & Cottontail, 1953-1955 sibling? rabbits:  white with brown spots & all white

7.  Midnight, 1955 … all-black, male cat

8.  Pete, 1956-1958, light-blue & white parakeet

9.  Rags, 1957  black-&-white dog with long tail (“Rags” for “Russell Alvin Gabbert”)

10. Pooch Breitenbach, met in 1965  black-&-tan German Shepherd

11. Liepzig, 1969-1985  black-&-tan Gernan Shepherd (named in memory of Liepzig Breitenbach); buried in rural Edwards County, KS

12. Danzig (affectionately known as “Chessie”), 1972-1982  light-orange/brown, friendly grinner, curly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, seriously focused retriever:  would swim to retrieve fly-fishing “bobbers;”  would scold hunters if they missed shooting doves; strong, patient  from Joe Yoder of Cheyenne Wells,CO (who had acquired her from central CO local pound through radio swap-talk show); buried in backyard of home at 2914 Westview, Dodge City, KS

13. Baby Gale (registered name:  “Aleutian Autumn Gale”), 1977-1996  2-yr.-old, registered, curly, light orange-brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever from field-trial, dog-training dentist in Durango, CO through sister-in-law Serena Rankin White; buried in backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

14. Sarah Boots, 1979-1990  white-&-gray miniature Husky; mother of 7 puppies; buried in  the backyard  home at 7909? Wine Cup Hollow; Austin, TX

15. Nemo Boots, circa 1983  young, black-&-tan German Shepherd from Anders Neighbors buried in the  backyard home at 2914 Westview, Dodge City, KS

16. Sunshine, 1985  young, ever-running, white & light brown herding dog; ate hole through redwood fence

17. Kalvin Climb, met in 1987  Stan Orth’s beloved, long-lived gray tiger-tabby

18. Bubba, 1987-1998  all-black, long-haired, completely tailless Manx.  Buried in the backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

19. O.C. (“outdoor cat”) Whitewoo, 1987-1998  all-white, shy,  Buried in the backyard valley of home at 5914 Upvalley Run, Austin, TX

20. Nick-in-the-Box  circa 1990  hyper-active all-black herding dog; dognapped by Beverly Williams; rehomed to Stan’s MCC colleague; 5 PhDs attended Nick’s obedience-school graduation

21. Blue Belle, circa 1990  foster cat

B.W. Toonces, circa 1991  black-&-white cat found after hit by car; taken to vet; passed on within a few hours; paid for burial in cat cemetery in Round Rock, TX

22. Orange Jello, trapped & neutered 1991  large, vocal orange tiger tabby;  years later found out he had been adopted & had been living happily ever after with a Cat Mountain neighbor

23. Susan, circa 1992  dog found in neighborhood & quickly reunited with family

24. Flicka, circa 1992  friendly brown-&-white dog found in neighborhood, bathed & reunited with relieved family

25. Mary Kate, adopted July 5,1993; d., 2005  whispering, orange-black-white calico; three deceased kittens  [also, three Williamson County SPCA foster kittens until well:  Diamond, Ruby & Opal]. Buried in large, black floral pot with smiling-sun face stick-in-the-dirt décor … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX.  Miss Fire buried with her in July 2011.

26. Laurel, June? 1993 –Nov. 14, 2012:  baby feral, regal, all-black, stub-tailed Manx; 2 siblings:  Hardy & deceased “Sweet Little Oxen”  [parents:  Laurel-look-alike mother/deceased from antifreeze

27. Norman Zane Gray, attentive, affectionate gray Siamese]; generational sisters/cousins:  Miss Fire & Sure Fire

28. Hardy, June?1993-2008  baby feral, energetic, affectionate, all-black, completely tailless Manx; siblings:  Lauren & deceased “Sweet Little Oxen”  [parents:  Laurel-look-alike mother/deceased from antifreeze & Norman Zane Gray, attentive, affectionate gray Siamese]; generational sisters/cousins:  Miss Fire & Sure Fire; Missing In Austin for 24+ days.  Buried in large, shiny-black flower pot with a hearty green plant growing in it … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX.

29. Miss Fire, June? 1993-July 1, 2011:  feral, gray tiger tabby; affectionately known as “The  Miracle Kitty:”  jumping for joy, adopted Baby Gale, at 2-yr.-old: adopted Baby Gale’s family; invited her sister Sure Fire to move indoors; her orange tiger-tabby brother Spit Fire adopted by Cat Mountain / Austin neighbor; biological parents:  Miss Firecracker (all-black feral cat / mother or sister to Laurel & Hardy’s biological mother who died at vet office from antifreeze), adopted by Cat Mountain neighbors) & The Baby Sitter:  attentive, friendly, feral gray tiger tabby; plus, Miss Kitty, another all- black feral female cat (spayed 2x!).  Buried with Mary Kate in large, shiny-black flower pot with small Disney bowl of dog Pluto bowing to play: symbolic of Miss Fire’s playful spirit – intentionally training herself during her final years to be more tolerant of other feline family members  … her & Mary Kate’s  burial pot has a smiling-sun-face, stick-in-the-dirt décor inserted among the artificial flowers … in backyard of 403 Topeka, Lubbock, TX

30. Sure Fire, June? 1993-July 19, 2012.  Feral, gray tiger tabby, affectionate; moved indoor at 3 yr. old – at invitation of biological sister Miss Fire; orange tiger-tabby brother Spit Fire adopted by Cat Mountain / Austin neighbors; biological parents:  Miss Firecracker (all-black feral cat/mother or sister to Laurel & Hardy’s biological mother who died at at vet office from antifreeze), adopted by Cat Mountain neighbors) & The Baby Sitter:  attentive, friendly, feral gray tiger tabby; plus, Miss Kitty, another all-black feral female cat (spayed 2x!).

31. Angel, b. 2001?; joined family on Thanksgiving Day 2004 by having gotten trapped & erroneously moved to Lubbock.  All-black, completely tailless Manx:  mistaken for the missing Hardy;  accidentally adopted from Old Town/Coronado Hills Dr. / Austin – five days after family’s all expenses-paid move to Lubbock; on the evening of Thanksgiving Day, Angel’s larger size, talkative personality, longer legs, higher rump & front claws finally got him identified him as “not Hardy;”  adoption error announced via Old Town’s newsletter but, thankfully, no one claimed him.

32. Heavenly Hostess, 2008  Sleek, all black kitten with long, expressive tail, heard wailing in neighbors Sandy & Wendell Howard’s bushes.

33. Kai, lovable dark Calico kitten with precious little voice & happy-go-lucky disposition; from Williamson County Shelter, feline leukemia-position [transport 2-’12; passed away during vet treatment ]

34. Lucky, f  gray & white tiger tabby with pale blue eyes through Jennifer Timmer  [11-20-’11; gray & white; thrice-returned; 6-4-’12; returned due to ill   health on 8-15-’12, gave me a hearty “Hello, again” purr & peacefully passed  away 2-3 hr. later]

35. Margaret, f, petite, talkative, gray tiger tabby [9-8-’12 from Margaret & Ken Hite’s yard to vet to

AVW’s front yard  / patio; cuddly, ankle-swishing, snuggly, loving, petite, fluffy, gray tiger tabby 11-6-

’12 accidentally struck in neck & instantly killed by AVW’s front, right tire]

36. Peaches, f, orange, good-natured, ever-purring, chronically ill tiger tabby who gave AVW a tender

heart  [4-5-‘13]

37. Hot Shot, f, one of six sibling kittens from Wildlife Center [5-5-’13; 1:24 a 5-10-‘13]


146 Beloved, Eternal Foster Cats & 5 guests

through & or

806-799-PETS (7387); P.O. Box 67645; Lubbock  79424


Since October ’10

130 placed + 8 adoptable + 6! = 100 adopted + 11 elsewhere + 7 AVW patio / home + 12 Ferals Neighborhood / Renaissance Park   = 130  [11 elsewhere = 3 all-white & deaf ferals released together at Sherrie Davis,’ animal-friendly apt. complex + 3 cats to Amarillo barn [2] Julie Lopez + 1 Pampa cat in dog cage for 2 yrs. + 3 cats to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s Hereford ranch:  Onyx, Coal & Chloe; keep relocated feral cats indoors only & fed & watered for 4 weeks; must have on-site donkey to kill predator]; + 1 feral Kyle back to his neighborhood & 1 Little Sweetheart Yeager returned to TTU / Art-Education]+ 7 ferals in AVW patio / home (One Potato, Arthur Timmer, Richie Marcum; Mirage Pampa, Will Wilkinson & the late:  Margaret Hite & Hot Shot Wildlife Center); 12 Ferals Neighborhood  / Renaissance Park (next-door Cogdells’, Ronda & Sherman Nortons’ patios, 407 Troy; 806-777-9063; etc.):  Amanda Rogers [in-out 2-20-‘13]; Ashes Timmer [8-‘12], Daisy Orfila [ 7-24-‘13], Four Potato Henderson, Little Boy Orfila = Acrobat-look-alike through Jorgelina Orfila & Paula Yeager; Nancy / Ned  McCutcheon Sugar-&-Spice look-alike;  Precious Sister Henderson, Spice Wilkinson [ 4?-‘13]; The Acrobat Henderson, Three Potato Henderson, Two Potato Henderson, Your Royal Highness Henderson & 4 guests:  black-&-white Felix Dodd; tiny, cold, wet, noisy, gray-white tiger kitten with Persian-like face from TTU Civil Engineering to Jamie Reed; & Julius Olson [Sept. to 10-20-‘12].

Many thanks to Jennifer Timmer, Beverley Nichols, Sherrie Davis, Jamie Reed, Amanda Rogers, Krysti Agosta & all Humane Society of West Texas (Janice with HSWT Wellness: 806-466-1310 after 5p); PetSmart / Canyon West & PetSmart / South Slide Rd.; Dr. Jorgelina Orfila & Lubbock Animal Services [7 + 5] for helping beloved SPFB farm kittens, various Pampa cats, Snowflake, Buttons, Houdini & others find their new, forever families.


8 + 6 F+! + 5 Ferals LIVING in AVW patio / home, above  = [8 adoptable + 6 F+! = Bernardo Rudine! Mattie Marler! Juliett! Kitty Oakley! Joey McCutcheon! Leonard Wilkinson!  Khaleesi + 3 young, skittish cats from & 806-762-2192 & 301-580-4122:  Pan, orange tiger tabby&  siblings Rosalind & Rosamund:  gray tiger tabbies (Rosalind has white nose); Sugar Wilkinson, all-black Momma Mia & Drake Storch-Tidwell; & 5 Ferals LIVING in AVW patio / yard, above; + 12 Ferals Neighborhood /Renaissance Park, above.

South Plains Food Bank farm arrived October ‘10


  1.     F kitten Lush:  tan/Siamese:  sweet  [adopted 1st week-end; Acres North called AVW 3-’11 about spay voucher]
  2.     F kitten Gray speckled with white on face & body:  sweet  [adopted 2nd or 3rd week-end]
  3.     F kitten Callie:  sweet calico  [adopted 2nd week-end]
  4.     F kitten Gray Baby:  all gray; sweet & slept in AVW lap; settled with 2nd forever family  [adopted 4th or 5th week-end, returned & re-adopted immediately;  returned 5-22-’11; adopted 5-25-‘11]
  5.     F kitten “S” Spot:  all black with spot of white; sweet  [adopted 6th or 7th week-end]
  6.     F kitten Midnight:  all black; sweet & tenderly affectionate  [treated for weepy eye]   in Feb. photo with Flat Sarah  [adopted week-end of 2-12-’11]


36 Foster cats from Pampa


  1.     F cat Roxie:  calico/gray tiger tabby; a bit aloof but gentle  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 3-11-‘11]
  2.     F cat Miss Fluffy Pants:  long-haired black with striking gray & white stripes; friendly  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 3-12-‘11]
  3.     F cat Sable:  all black, sweet  [arrived 2-21-’11; adopted 2-26-‘11]
  4. F cat Tessa:  black with white  [arrived 2-21-’11, pregnancy terminated; adopted 3-13-‘11]
  5. F cat Buttons:  white cat with large, beautiful patches of gray & black (black “helmet” design on her head; black on back-half of her back & black tail);  getting friendlier:  2 yrs. in dog crate  [arrived 3-24-’11; adopted 6-18-‘11]
  6. F cat Greta:  peach-colored , hidden:  2 yrs. in dog crate  [arrived 3-24-’11; to Tina’s barn in Amarillo, 4-4-‘11]
  7. F cat Cream Puff:  white with large, black spots, fluffy!  [arrived 4-27-’11; adopted 5-15-’11 by Levelland family who had temporarily adopted Sven]
  8. M cat Coal:  all-black, cuddly & leg-hugging; Heavenly look-alike  [arrived 4-27-’11; to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11;  missing 6-30-‘11]

15-17.  M cat Cloudy:  all-white, fluffy; easy-going, affectionate, lovable [6-30-’11; adopted 8-1-‘11]; F cat Calie,

distinctive-looking Calico [6-30-’11;  adopted 8-1-‘11] & sibling F cat Layla, white, fluffy cat with a few

large-black markings (tail, cap & sides);  all three recovering from ringworm & siblings in two-week, hissing

contest.  [6-30-’11; adopted 8-5-‘11]

18-19.  Dannie, m. JC look-alike:  white with prominent black markings [11-22’11;]; Patches [11-22-’11; adopted

1-1-’12; 2-2-‘12],

blonde/tan & white cat [through Jennifer Timmer]

20-22.  Julie, f, Calico [2-6-’12; 2-25-‘12] & Toby, m JC/Dannie look-alike through Jennifer T. & Fiona,

            Mona/Ashes look-alike, f [1-9-’12; 2-25-’12 / Fiona & Toby, 1-9-’12; 4-20-’12 by Kristin & her 2 loving,

precious children Leah & Christopher , whose old b-w cat had died from heart failure a few mos. ago].

23.  Sweetie Pie, f; black-tortie Calico [5-11-’12; 5-27-’12 back to Mona, as her own cat, in Pampa]

24.  Samantha, f, affectionate gray tiger tabby [5-15-’12; 6-2-‘12]

25.  Donovan, f, talkative white cat with large, light gray markings [6-28-’12; 7-13-‘12]

26.  Doogan, m, small, active & hungry orange tiger tabby [6-28-’12; 7-8-‘12]

27.  Julius, m, larger orange tiger tabby [6-28’12; 7-5-’12 by Marc Olson, 6527 92nd St.; Lubbock  79424; 806-

559-6628; returned as a guest on 9-2-’12 until new home is completed.]

28.  Rigby, m, fluffy black cat with surgically removed tail & tender left, back foot / leg [6-28-’12; 7-26-’12;

returned 8-9-’12; adopted 9-22-‘12].

29.  Linus, m, easy-going, large-headed, orange tiger tabby [7-18-’12; 8-15-‘12]

30.  Lucy, f, black-&-white, fluffy, calm cat [7-18-’12; 10-20-‘12;]

31.  Sammy, f, plump, smooth, gray-&-white cat [7-18-’12; 12-15-’12 who will be picked up by Sherrie Davis on

12-24-’12; returned 12-27-‘12 due to allergies; 2-15’13]

32.  Serenity, f, young, slender, gray tiger tabby & mother of two adopted kittens; blind in left eye [7-18-’12; 8-

17 -‘12]

33.  Mirage, m, all-black, skittish kitten [10-16-’12; 12-31-’12 AVW yard]

34.   Music, m, black-&-white, outgoing, playful, loving, affectionate [10-16-’12; 2-15-‘13]

35.   Bogart, m, gray-brown, easy-going tiger tabby [10-16-’12;1-13-‘13]

36.   Sonnet, shy, gray cat [10-16-’12; 2-23’13]


More foster cats

37-39.  3 F adult, all-white, deaf feral cat siblings:  rarely seen, hidden under & within couch-beds  [arrived 11-’10?

two -day “cat rodeo” with four people for vet appt., released in Sherrie Davis’ cat-friendly  apartment

      complex!  Beloved deaf cat killed by car roll-over by neighbor who loved her.]

40.   kitten Mr. Elegance:  white coat with beautiful gray tips on ears & tail, good-natured:  “bat” at tails of SFPB

farm kittens  [arrived 12-’10? adopted!]

41.   M adult cat Winston:  large, gorgeous version of Mr. Elegance:  bold-striped gray tiger tabby; gentle, calm, a

bit chatty; [arrived 12-’10? adopted!]

42.   F young cat Tweaker:  small gray tiger tabby  [escape artist into AVW’s garden home]   in Feb. photo with

Flat Sarah; [arrived 12-’10? adopted week-end of 2-12-‘11]

43.   F young cat Poppsie:  larger, calmer gray tiger tabby   in Feb. photo with Flat Sarah; [arrived 12-’10?

adopted week-end of 2-12-‘11]

44.   F young cat Abby:  white with large gray spots   [affectionate with & kind to humans, not cats:  in separate,

south guest room]; [arrived 12-’10? from Sherrie Davis; to PetSmart & then adopted by Jennifer Timmer

on 3-20-’11]

45.   M kitten Alvin:  chubby, cheerful, playful, orange tiger tabby:  left at PetSmart; lost hair due to

allergy/stress; energetic;  [arrived 2-5-’11; adopted 3-26-‘11]

46.   M cat Sven:  gorgeous gray tiger tabby:  via Trace’s son/apartment complex; good-natured, chatty, loves

tummy rubs, plays gently with Alvin; [arrived 2-23-’11; adopted 3-20-’11 week-end’; returned 4-1-’11’ adopted


47.   M cat Soldier (formerly “Handful”):  deployed soldier’s cat from Waco via two volunteer transporters:  through

John & Carol Knight (MiniSpot@EarthLink.Net) & Dr. focuses elsewhere:  scarcely

notices feline roommates; [arrived 3-12-’11; adopted 3-20-’11; found in Brownfield & returned 6-8-’13; to

Lubbock Animal Services 6-21-’13; adopted from PetSmart on Milwaukee circa 7-18-‘13].

48.  F 15-yr.-old deaf cat Snowflake:  all white, long-haired, green eyes, chatty & affectionate; from the late  

Spencer Family with 15 cats; familiar to vet on 84th & Quaker; [arrived 3-15-’11; adopted 6-11-’11:  by TTU

librarian Pamela Hight; returned 6-25-’11; adopted 7-’13-’11: by Angel Salas via Jennifer’s ad on Craig’s list].

49.   F 1-yr.-old cat Aspen:  all-white;pale-blue irridescent eyes, affectionate even during immediate bath; from

Levelland; [arrived 3-27-’11; adopted 4-3-’11]

50.   M Black Beauty, all-black, fluffy kitten from Sheryl Epperson  [arrived 5-20-’11; adopted 6-4-‘11] & sibling

White Mittens

51.   F White Mittens, mostly black with white mittens, legs & underbelly; large black “dot” on chin; sibling Black

Beauty; from Sheryl Epperson via sister Sandy [arrived 5-20-’11; adopted 6-4-’11]

52-54.    Julie Lopez’ 3 north-central Lubbock neighborhood cats    3 all-black cats:  2 F (lovable, affectionate

                  Onyx & Unnamed Cat #1 friendly, fluffy long-haired, all-black cat; & 1M, Unnamed Cat #2 (hides behind

couch) [arrived 4-1-’11; 2 to barn in Amarillo with Tina:  4-4-’11:  1F fluffy/Unnamed #1 + 1M/Unnamed #2

behind couch];  darling little Onyx to TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11; missing:  6-30-‘11]

55    F Chloe, adult black cat with gorgeous orange-Torti coloring.  [one-day stop-over from Sherrie Davis to

TTU/Education Dean Ridley’s ranch, 6-25-’11; missing 6-30-‘11]

56.    M 2-yr.-old, cat JC:  black-&-white smooth coat; lovable, calm, affectionate, admired; white belly, white lower-

half of face & white ring-around -neck; rest of his coat is black:  top-half of head; top of back & tail; recovered

from kidney disease?  [arrived 4-5-’11; 1-3-’12 Jaiden Stein, little brother]  from the neighbor of Vicki at

                  Office Depot

57 & 58.    from TTU College of Education   M, 2-mo.-old Houdini:  black-&-white, long-haired kitten [rescued from drain

pipe. on   6-3-’11; adopted 6-20-‘11]; & F 2-mo.-old Bagheera, biological sister of Houdini:  black, long-haired

kitten:  immediate bonding with lovable Onyx/June 24  [rescued on 6-21-’11; adopted 6-29-‘11 ]

59.   F 2-yr.-old Jinxy Baby, fluffy, all-black, shy cat:  from SPC Lauren Gregory & great-grandcat of Sycily

Lattimore/Levelland [arrived 6-21-’11; trial adoption  6-30-’11; returned 7-2-’11 due to allergies; 8-20-’11

adopted by PetSmart employee Mercedes & adopted from Mercedes.]

60 & 61.  Skittish ish kittens from 32nd St. (east of University):  Arthur, M white & beige-colored, Seal-Point Siamese with

Light-blue eyes & sister Ashes, F wide-eyed, light gray sibling   [surprise arrivals during Miss Fire’s 2nd thyroid

blood test; in south guest bathroom on 6-27-’11; temporarily with foster mother Jamie Reed 11-20-’11 to 12-27-

11; saved from interior of couch-bed within van parked at TTU International Cultural Center 8-’12 & then moved

herself from the garage into AVW’s home-yard & eventually into the neighborhood circa 10-24’12; Arthur

AVW’s yard 12-31-‘12].

62-72.  Beverley Nichols’ 11 foster cats/kittens  Honor/small gray tabby [6-30-’11; adopted 9-10-‘11]; Bo/torby [6-30-

’11; adopted 8-12-‘11], Belli/pastel tabico  [6-30-’11; adopted 7-30-‘11]; Kelby/gray tabby with white feet [6-30-’11;

adopted 8-10-‘11]; & biological sibling Kermetra Kermie”/torby.[6-30- ’11; adopted 7-16-‘11]; Momma cat Mona

           & five kittensAlice/white their black spots [adopted 11?-‘11] & smaller, look-alike Edward [adopted 2-21-‘12];

Rosalie/all gray like  Mother Mona [adopted 1-22?-‘12]; Esme [adopted 1-‘12] & smaller Jasper/2 look-alike gray

tiger tabbies [8-29-’11 & back to Beverley & then to Tammy Pratis at 806-773-8187 for socialization 10-29-’11 &

adopted 2-23?-‘12]; Mother Mona [adopted 2-4-‘12].

73-79.  Two deliveries of 7 young-adult, feral cats from Al Henderson, Photographer  ( 4 siblings

[One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato & Four]:  young-adult, gray tiger- tabbys  [8-5-‘11]; 3 young adults (1

dark, almost-all-black Calico: Your Royal Highness, who stayed hidden with Mona & 5 kittens; + 2 white

cats / siblings with large patchesof black or gray [The Acrobat & Precious Sister]:  1 = “aunt” to Mona’s 5 kittens;

three on 8-10-‘11 not related to 4 gray tiger tabbys  [8-’10-’11; one [Precious Sister: white with gray patches]

temporarily to Jamie Reed for eventual adoption if tameable10-30-’11:  not tameable so returned 11-‘11] & all

            seven into AVW’s outdoor patio/yard 10-30-’11 & 11-‘11].

80. All-gray, adult tired of PetSmart:  KiKi  [8-6-’11; re-located to PetSmart 8-26-’11; adopted 8-29-‘11].

81. Orange tiger tabby Cowboy, m  [9-13-’11; adopted 1-17-‘12]

82. Drane Hall cat, m.  gray, tiger tabby with flat ears through Mary Ruth Gossett  [10-21-’11; adopted by Acres North

technician 10-24-‘11]

83. Mattie, f  all-black, fluffy cat through Emily Marler from TTU Equestrian Barn [10-24-’11] feline leukemia-positive

84. Jacob, m  through Jennifer Timmer & Julie; from inside of car hood  [10-31-’11; to Jamie Reed’s foster home 11-

13-’11; adopted 11-20-’11.]

85. Sheba, f  all white-, fluffy cat through Jennifer Timmer & Beverley Nichols at Wellness [11-15-’11; adopted 12-31-


86. Lucky, f  gray & white tiger tabby with pale blue eyes through Jennifer Timmer  [11-20-’11; gray & white; thrice-

returned; 6-4-’12; returned due to ill health on 8-15-’12, gave me a hearty “Hello, again” purr & peacefully passed

away 2-3 hr. later]. & 806-778-1398;

87. Nancy= 12-yr.-old Aubrey, f  good-natured, gray tiger tabby with Persian face through Nancy McCutcheon & her

sister JoBeth  [11-30-’11; reunited with adoptive, human mother 12-10-‘11] ; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

88.  Joey, m. affectionate white cat with large gray patches through Nancy McCutcheon & her sister JoBeth [5-24-‘12];

806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

89.  Bernardo, m, shy tiger tabby; feline leukemia-positive through HSWT  [1-4-’12; all-house

furlough circa 6-21-‘13]

90.  Mr. Whitie, m, white underside with gray top-coat, friendly [1-5-’12; 1-29-‘12]

91.  Peaches, f, larger, darker, chronically ill, ever-purring, good-natured, orange tiger-tabby Cowboy look-alike  [1-

9-’12; passed away peacefully via veterinarian 4-5-‘13]

92.  Kai, f, Copper-&-black Tortoiseshall; born 6-5-’11; posthumously adopted by AVW on 2-4-‘12 & passed away

while receiving fluids & antibiotics at vet on 3-20-‘12; feline leukemia-positive through John & Carol Knight

(MiniSpot@EarthLink.Net & 254-707-2978) from

Austin/Georgetown/Williamson County [2-4-‘12].

93.  Amigo, m, black cat from K-Mart feral colony through Lisa Smith at 806-745-0549 & Nancy McCutchen  [?2-15-

’12; 3-25-’12 & returned 3-29-’12; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953; adopted 7-4-’12 by Calie & Dr. Brian Bruening,

PBK Assoc. Bd.: 806-790 -8548].

94.  Juliett, f, orange tiger tabby, feline leukemia-positive through Cara & Jennifer/HSWT [2-8-’12; all-house furlough

circa 6-21-‘13].

95.  Katie, f, black-&-white young cat through Jennifer Timmer’s friend Mike [3-25-’12; 5-4-’12; vet euthanized from F+


96.  Kitty, m, orange tiger tabby, feline leukemia-positive from Waco through Fallon Jones [5-5-’12; all-house furlough

circa 6-21’13].  Juliett look alike.

      97.  Roger, m, affectionate, friendly, black-&-white kitten from a Lubbock neighborhood through [7-’18-’12; 8-2-‘12]

98.  Richie [ m, young Siamese feral cat with congenital eye virus; from TTU West Hall through [7-21-’12]

99.  Amanda, all-black, fluffy, young feral cat from neighborhood through

[7-23-’12; to AVW patio: 9-17-‘12].

100. Kyle, m, adult, Siamese with healing forehead injury; through [7-25-’12; neutered,

head-wound stitched & treated, long-term antibiotic administered & Kyle got returned to his Kyle-friendly

neighborhood, 8-1-‘12]

101. Mr. Kitty, m, from Jake Williams (210-542-0146); Arthur look-alike! HSWT foster family moving out of town [8-11-

’12 & 4-14-‘13;]

102-105. Krysti Agosta’s ( & 806.559.5978) Momma cat Mocha Marichino & 3 kittens [all on

8-17-‘12].  Momma: pastel Tortoise-shell, short-haired, lap-sitter [2-2-‘13]; 12-week-old kittens (Nikita: gray,

fluffy girl who must snuggle [9-8-‘12]; & her two mellow, willing-to-snuggle brothers have Ragdoll / Hanging-on

tendency; Yaki, super-playful, apricot-colored male [8 -25-’12] & Suki [11-10-‘12], silver-colored male .

106.      Jerome, calm, affectionate, orange tiger-tabby with white on his face; from Wildlife Center [9-4-’12; 10-7-‘12]

107.       Margaret, f, petite, talkative, affectionate, happy-go-lucky, gray tiger tabby [9-8-’12 from Margaret & Ken Hite’s

yard to vet to AVW’s front yard / patio; 11-6-’12 killed instantly via AVW car hitting her neck]

108 & 109:  Alastair & Smudge, 7-yr.-old, chubby, neutered, non-bonded littermates from HSWT feral-kitten project

to through [9-9-’12; Alastair: 2-23-’13; Smudge

through Lubbock Animal Services at PetSmart on Milwaukee, circa 7-19-‘13].

110.  Miss Kitty, chubby, orange-&-white, long-haired cat; f, [9-13-’12; 12-9-‘12] from Teresa Brandt: & 806-783-0728; 4704 86th St. 79424-4125: $50 PetSmart gift card; through Paula New; &

Teresa’s sister Barbara McCann ( & 806-790-5633 with 3 feral- cat colonies:  downtown Lubbock

+ Orland’s on Ave. Q?   McAllister’s on 19th St.?)

111.  Erv, cute, active, friendly, hungry all-black kitten [9-15-’12; 1-13-‘13] from Game Warden / Lion

Mallory.Brodrick@TPWD.State.TX.US & 806-252-2052 through Gail Barnes at Wildlife Center on so. Indiana


112.  Petey [9-21-’12 from KMart colony through Lisa Smith ( & 806-745-0549 & 806-773-

         2417) & neighbor / volunteer feeder Judy; 10-7-’12]

113.  Little Boy [10-11-’12 through & 806-762-2192 & 301-580-4122 / la Argentina & Paula

Yeager at TTU Art [sighted in AVW yard by Jorgelina 6-1-‘13] with simultaneous e-message from Jeff Farmer:

Proverbs 12:10, “The godly are concerned for the welfare of their  animals.” 10-14-’12 moved himself & Richie from

closed, south bathroom into backyard & over into Cogdells’ patios]

114.  Pete [10-12’12 from Kay/Top Techsan & Jerry Caddel, 2811 N. Meadow Dr.; Lubbock 79403; 10-28-‘12]; will reimburse vet bills to get his shots up-to-date]; 7-yr.-old, gorgeous, chubby dark-brown

Seal-point Siamese.

115.  Little Sweetheart Yeager, beautiful, calm, affectionate, sleek black cat from / to TTU Art Bldg., 12-’11 [greeted me

on campus 9-14-‘12];

116-118.  Will, m, Mary Ann Wilkinson’s neighborhood, tiny, fluffy, skittish, orange tiger-tabby,cat with white boots –

through Lauren Sanderson [10-16-‘12]; & Will’s 8.5-mo.-old, all-black siblings Sugar, m. with white on back &

Spice, m. [12-14- ’12; 12-31-’12 AVW’s yard;

119-120.  Khaleesi, f., fluffy, black-&-tan, a bit skittish, talkative beauty [2-21-‘13]; & handsome, quiet, shy, pleasant, gray

tiger-tabby Bronn [2-21-’13; 3-9-‘13], m, with healing tail-area & low temperature; domesticated feral cats t               through Sherrie Davis;.

121.   Bobcat, 4-mo.-old male, gray tiger tabby from Kristen Harper (Harper1998@Clear.Net & 806-765-2677) [3-8-’13; 3-


122.  Bandit, m from Van Anderson (son of Al Henderson who brought 7 feral cats 8-5-’11) [3-22-’13; 4-5-‘13]

123-127.  Four skittish young, sibling-cats (3 females & 1 male Pan) from & 806-762-2192 &

301-580-4122 [4-7-‘13]:  Daisy & Pan, orange tiger tabby brother-sister + siblings Rosalind & Rosamund:

gray tiger tabbies (Rosalind has white nose).

128-129.  Jacques (gray head) & brother Toby (white face) [4-9-’13; 4-13-‘13]

130.  Domino, m., black-&-white cat with 3 legs via Cynthia Henderson White, daughter of Al Henderson  [4-24-’13; to

LAS for adoption process, 7-25-‘13]

131-136.  6, four-week-old, gray tiger-tabby or Torti kittens from Wildlife Center on 5-5-’13 & 6-21-’13 to Lubbock

Animal Services for adoption through PetSmart on Milwaukee:  Adele, f, brown tiger-tabby

with light-orange patch on her head [6-28-’13]; Bertold, m, black-gray tiger-tabby, not fluffy [7-9-’13]; Paco, m,

fluffy black-gray [7-9-’13]; tiger-tabby; Pippa, f, light gray with a few, small white -&-light  tan spots on her feet

[circa 7-19-‘13]; Pepe, m, smaller, less active, black-&-gray tiger-tabby [circa 7-14-‘13]; [& Hot Shot, f, brown

tiger-tabby kitten with light-orange patch on forehead died on 5-10-’13 at 1:24a with Beverley Nichols]

137.  Bella, 1.5-yr.-old, brightly colored Calico cat from Marlene Hernandez [5-13?-’13; to LAS for adoption process, 7-25


138.  Nancy / Ned McCutcheon, 1 yr. old, all-black feral cat (Sugar & Spice Wilkinson look-alike) from 19th & Quaker via

Nancy McCutcheon & her sister JoBeth [6-1-’13 & 6-3-’13 AVW’s yard].

139-143.  all-black Momma Mia, Mia, Mio & 2 all-black LAS kittens [6-6-’13 through ADPi Elizabeth, friend of

HSWT Volunteer Priya  Sharma, TTU Business undergraduate, ’13; now in AZ; 2, all-back healthier kittens             adopted through LAS circa 7-13-’13; Mia & Mio kittens to LAS for adoption 7-25-’13 &  Mia adopted:  8-12-‘13]]

144.  Lola, 3-pawed cat through Beverley Nichols & Ariana (806-445-3402; found at 62nd & Wayne Ave. shed); [7-12-’13;

to LAS for adoption process, 7-25-’13; <8-18-‘13]; friendly head-butting with Ariana’s Schnauzer.

145.  Leonard Wilkinson, 2-mo. gray tiger-tabby [8-5-’13;]

146.  Drake Storch-Tidwell, LAS orange tiger-tabby / Kitty look-alike , m.[8-16-’13;]

Plus, 4 guests [1] Felix Dodd, Kathrin’s beloved feline son, a black-&-white JC look-alike (Oct. 15 & 16-’11 during open house at Felix’ home); [2] gray tiger-tabby kitten from TTU Civil Engineering [10-27-’11 through Doug Haynes & Shannon West; to Jamie Reed/foster mother]; [3] Max-y, f; re-found, former foster cat:  gray tiger tabby with white socks through Beverley Nichols [2-6-’12 through 2-13-’12; adopted 2-17-‘12]; & [4 & 5] former-foster Julius, adopted by Mark Olson [9-2-’12 until new home is finished].


Humane Society of West Texas volunteers


  1. Expert transporters to-from weekly Pet Adoptions Days at PetSmart on S. Slide & Milwaukee & to wellness clinics on Tues. evening at Beverely Nichols’ home:  Humane Society of West Texas volunteer Jennifer Timmer ( or 517-775-5906) &


Alice provides folks  with

No-charge Humane Society spay/ neuter/ vaccination/ vouchers

  • Take them directly to Acres North (5205 13th St.: SW corner of Slide & & 806-793-2863) or the Animal Hospital of Lubbock (7902 Slide Rd. & 806-794-4543);
  • Drop them off
  • Pick them up the next day &
  • Release them back (or work with Jennifer to get kittens into the Humane Society foster/adoption system).

*No-charge vouchers from the Humane Society include the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/vaccinated).  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.


  1. HSWT President provides no-charge vouchers from the Humane Society for Texas Tech feral cats – for spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/had rabies shot).  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the $67 cost of vouchers) are welcomed.
  2. Call 806-785-2331 recruit TTU student-volunteer feral cat feeders.
  3. HSWT volunteer Janice Barnes (806-790-8979).
  4. Beverley Nichols (Jake.Beverley@SBCGlobal.Net & 806-792-1983) the go-to person for kittens & appreciates donations.  She gives excellent care to baby cats.
  5. Nancy McCutchen & her sister JoBeth feed/rescue TTUHSC feral cats @ S. Quaker & Loop 289:  806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.
  6. Helpful cat-lovers:  Robin Bingham ( & 806-742-2976.
  7. Sherrie Davis: or 325-232-2775 or HSWT / 806-466-6644.
  8. Krista  at 806-549-8807.
  9. has cat trap to help with Trap/Neuter/Release.
  10. & or 806-799-PETS.   Humane Society of West Texas’ every-Tuesday evening Wellness Clinic/Lubbock (, 6p until finished (usually about 9p):  low-cost vaccinations for dogs & cats.  Get into the queue for your animal’s vaccinations/check-up exam.    For helpful tips about trapping kittens/cats for vaccinations & spay/neuter: or 517-775-5906.
  11. Krysti Augusta ( from A&S Dent Shop on 34th & Slide:  806-785-3034 & 806-559-5978; will take cats & kittens to-from Wellness Clinic, spay-neuter appointments & PetSmart.
  12. Carol Harber rescues & fixes cat:  806-794-3471 via Gary.G.Harber@SBCGlobal.Net / TAHFI Nom. Comm.

54+ Feral cats trapped, spayed/neutered/rabies shot & released/adopted

Since Sept.? 2011?

3+ cats from TTU Art Bldg. by Sarah McKeown; Dec. 2011 & Jan. 25, 2010 (including adoption of Titan/Art Bldg., 1-’12)

5 cats (Momma, 2 grown cats & 2 kittens) by Cindy Shaklette, Sam Hawthorne’s Law Firm; Jan. 24 & 25, 2012

2+ cats from TTU/Education by Stacey Poteet & others; Sept. 2011

2+ cats from TTUHSC/south Quaker site by Nancy McCutchen  Nov./Dec.? 2011; 806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.

3+ cats / kittens by Deborah Hart ( Sam Hawthorne’s Law Firm

2+ cats by Dwight Sanders (

3+ cats by

5+ cats by

2 foster cats:  Kyle & Amanda via Amanda Rogers

1 foster cat:  Richie via Rachel Marcum

1 cat via voucher to Jackie Cantrell  July 2012

1 cat via voucher to Jennifer Timmer’s friends July 2012

3 cats / kittens via  July 2012

15+ cats / kittens via Sherrie Davis’ contact near 29th & Slide  Fall 2012

3+ cats via Amanda Rogers’ neighbor Fall 2012

3 cats via vouchers to Elmo in Tulia, TX

[3+ cats via Dr. & 806-793-9762]


The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  Gandhi

Feral cats & Texas law

Texas cruelty statute covers feral cats:


TEX. PENAL CODE ANN. § 42.092 (2012).Cruelty to Nonlivestock Animals.


(a)In this section:

(1)“Abandon” includes abandoning an animal in the person’s custody without making reasonable arrangements for assumption of custody by another person.

(2)“Animal” means a domesticated living creature, including any stray or feral cat or dog, and a wild living creature previously captured.The term does not include an uncaptured wild living creature or a livestock animal.

(3)“Cruel manner” includes a manner that causes or permits unjustified or unwarranted pain or suffering.

(4)“Custody” includes responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of an animal subject to the person’s care and control, regardless of ownership of the animal.

(5)“Depredation” has the meaning assigned by Section 71.001, Parks and Wildlife Code.

(6)“Livestock animal” has the meaning assigned by Section 42.09.

(7)“Necessary food, water, care, or shelter” includes food, water, care, or shelter provided to the extent required to maintain the animal in a state of good health.

(8)“Torture” includes any act that causes unjustifiable pain or suffering.


2.Relocating colonies:


3.Using social media:


4I recently had a case where the public wanted to save dogs from a desert hoarder – they created a website that really did the trick. They included photos, videos, and the contact numbers for the people responsible for not seizing the animals.   Here’s the page:   This could be done in your case but someone has to take the lead and find and photo the cats and find out the protocol that is being used and whether they are trapping or removing or euthanizing.

Grant$ for non-profit organizations:

Grant$ for non-profit organizations:

Cat-vertising, herding cat & museum cats!

Cat-vertising! Hilarious, but true video-spoof:  Herding cats reminded me of my houseful of foster & furever cats.

The Hermitage, model of the perfect art museum:

Feral Cats, homeless dogs & the law:

Legislative Victories via TX Humane Legislation Network

Animal Cruelty Statute Amendments

Happy PuppySome of the amendments to the State Animal Cruelty Statute that THLN has been  involved with include:

  • A  bill that increased the penalty for a third animal cruelty offense from  a  Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony (SB 143, passed 1997).
  • A  bill that increased the penalty for aggravated acts of animal cruelty  from  a Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony, and from a state  jail felony to a  third degree felony on the third conviction (HB 653/SB  1724, passed  2001).
  • HB 2328 (passed 2007) makes it a  felony to kill, administer poison to, or  cause serious bodily injury to  homeless dogs and feral cats. It also closed  numerous loopholes in the  existing Cruelty Statute, and lowered the mental state  for proof of  animal cruelty from intentional or knowingly to reckless, which  makes  proof of animal abuse much easier.  It also added the requirement of  water  to the list of required care elements for an animal in someone’s   custody.
  • THLN was instrumental in the passage of HB  963 (2011) which provides one common set of rules and requirements for  appeals from all civil courts hearing cases involving the seizure and  disposition of cruelly treated animals.  It also provides adequate  security for restitution of the costs incurred by the government agency  or non-profit organization in taking care of the animals during the  litigation process and expedites the appeal process so that the animals  are not held in limbo for extended periods of time.

USA: Ban Animal Kill Shelters:

USABan Animal Kill

Stop the killing of healthy, adoptable animals in shelters! Every year, an estimated four million dogs & cats are murdered in shelters. Every animal deserves the right to live, so who are we to decide when it is their time to go? It is humane to euthanize an animal if it is suffering from a fatal disease or a severe injury. It is not humane to kill a perfectly adoptable dog or a kitten that has just begun to live, because there is no space. Well, make some room!

Dogs & cats are our companions. They brighten our days, and bring joy & laughter into our lives. Every animal deserves a loving family to belong to. We do not have the power to deny them of that opportunity.

As a dominant species, humans are responsible for protecting animals from abuse & neglect. It is our duty to provide a safe haven for them, not to send them to their death. There are alternatives to euthanasia. Just because killing is an easy solution, does not mean it is the right one. If we truly love & care about animals & their well-being, we will find ways to keep them safe, comfortable & happy until they move onto their forever homes.

Greenville, MS: helping homeless & needy animals

Animal Welfare League P O Box 4902 Greenville, MS 38704-4902 662-822-0000 &   Committed to helping homeless and needy animals in Washington County, Mississippi 

 successfully meeting $50,000 Challenge grant & a 2nd $50,000 Challenge grant! 
Our homeless animals are depending on us, and without YOUR HELP it will be impossible to meet this new challenge. Once this new challenge is met, the Animal Welfare League will be much closer to actually beginning construction of the new facility.
Due to the flooding this spring, the Animal Welfare League has seen an unusually high number of homeless dogs and cats……the number of pregnant dogs that have needed rescuing is almost unbelievable! We must have a new shelter as soon as possible…..please help us!
Click here to print out a form to mail in with your donation!
To make a donation electronically, go to our Donate page and use the Donate button.  Be Sure to indicate in the “”Notes” section on Paypal that your donation is matching funds for the challenge grant. 

For several years, there has been talk of a new county animal shelter.   Many people have asked what is being done in order to get this shelter up and running.   The Animal Welfare League (AWL) hopes to initiate fundraising in order to construct a new shelter.

A caring donor donated a tract of land some time ago for the purpose of building a facility to house and care for the many homeless animals in Washington County.   A new facility will eliminate the risk of animals suffering and possibly dying, as they have at the present shelter in Leland.

It is our hope and mission that the Animal Welfare League can raise $800,000.00 to construct a building for the use to care for the homeless animals in Washington County.  This is going to be impossible without YOUR help.  We plan to hold fundraisers and take online donations, but we need the support of the community.

Once completed, the volunteer’s time can be spent caring for the stray cats and dogs.   The majority of the animals need medical care, and ALL of the animals MUST BE spayed or neutered BEFORE they will be allowed to leave the facility.  Volunteers then work to find them good, permanent homes.   There will be an end to the puppies freezing to death and even being stolen at the present facility.


Become an AWL Member!
Payment Options
Dog’s Best Friend : $500.00USD – yearly Cat’s Best Friend : $250.00USD – yearly Pet Lover : $100.00USD – yearly Family : $50.00USD – yearly Individual : $25.00USD – yearly Senior Citizen/Student : $10.00USD – yearly
New or Existing Member?
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Name and Mailing Address
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or click here for membership application to print and mail in.

Animal Welfare League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and an all volunteer organization
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Garland,TX: Save dogs,cats now! Rescue@Ci.Garland.TX.US;;NinaDeLee@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;MichaelBrantley@SBCGlobal.Net

In Garland (Dallas-Ft. Worth / northeast TX-area):  Contact Rescue@Ci.Garland.TX.US;; NinaDeLee@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;; MichaelBrantley@SBCGlobal.Net & 972-205-3570, option 2, then 4 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one of more of the all-breeds dog(s) &/or cat(s) from death row, below.  ALL DOGS AT RISK!  Wed. adoption fees = $40.  Prepay the adoption fee of $80 (including spay/neuter, shots, having dewormer, if needed; & HW test). If dog already altered at intake, the adoption fee is then $35 OR you can  place a rescue tag on him/her at Rescue@GarlandTX.Gov & they will let you know if he/she gets in trouble. 600 Tower Street, Garland, TX 75041

Clinton & Lillington, NC: 55 DOGS & CATS die today: 910-592-8493, ext. 0 & & & 503-522-5403 &

In Clinton & Lillington, NCContact 910-592-8493, ext. 0 & & & 503-522-5403 & now!  to save one or more of the 55 DOGS &/or CATS from high-kill Sampson & Harnett County Shelters

*Clinton, NC:  Sampson County Animal Shelter Policy – All animals URGENT any day, every day upon arrival at shelter past required 0-72 hour hold– no formal time will be announced , photos deleted & animals destroyed  *Shots/rabies given at shelter, *NO PULL FEES 501c3s

*Lillington, NC:  Harnett County Animal Shelter policy- All animals held one week and when doors shut each Tuesdays at 7:30 pm- all not out are destroyed!   28 dogs/puppies & 27 cats/kittens still on adoption floor & IN NEED OF adoption/rescue.

for PHOTOS DOGS & CATS, CONTACT Harnett County Animal Shelter, 1100 McKay Place, Lillington, NC.  910-814-2952 &

ALSO Facebook FRIENDS OF HARNETT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER for info & help   NOTIFY ASAP, groups on standby ready to help! Rural shelters- Small towns, Limited hours of adoption,  NEED RESCUES HELP, LOCAL CONTACTS; online ready & with $pon$or, etc. info

Let your brightest Light shine:

Let your brightest Light shine by emulating “Jumpy,” the dog’s, example:

Closing! NJ cat sanctuary needs your help: &

In Hopewell Junction, NJContact & asap donate &/or help transport 120+ cats.   Owner of Sanctuary Died Suddenly.

in DEVORE, CA: Save 26 DOGS/PUPPIES: 909-386-9820 ext. 0

In Devore (San Bernardino County), CAContact 909-386-9820, x. 0 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the all-breeds dogs &/or puppies &/or cats &/or kittens from Devore kill Shelter, 19777 Shelter Way, Devore, CA 92407    ALWAYS mention dogs’ CORRECT ID#s, if known.


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