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In GAINESVILLE, GA: 770-531-6831 & 770-531-6832 & 678-450-1587

In GAINESVILLE, GA (HALL COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER):  Contact 770-531-6831 & 770-531-6832 & 678-450-1587 (& mention ANIMAL ID#) to rescue, foster, adopt loving dogs &/or cats from death-row.  Unless otherwise noted, ALL get ALONG WELL WITH others & PEOPLE!  This Shelter has Full-Time Vet on Staff, & Pets are thoroughly Vet- & Temperament-Checked before being placed into Adoption AreasAdoption Fee $85 covers all vetting for the animal (spay-neuter, all shots, microchip, deworming). SHELTER HOURS TUES.-SAT., 9a-5P.  PET RESCUE ADVOCATE  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LUCKYPITTIE  “LIKE OUR PAGE & SAVE PETS LIVES.

Donate to get pup in Afghani$tan to US

Donate to help a pup in Afghanistan ($4,000 to bring dog to US):  Meet Bailey. A tiny pup who could barely walk, was kicked, stoned, tossed like garbage. This little Anatolian Shepherd was victim to blatant neglect, starvation and cruelty: part of the Afghani Army. Soldiers of the US National Guard began feeding her scraps & luring her to their camp. Bailey quickly befriended Kevin, a serviceman with a true love of animals. This little pup has served as companion, comrade & confidant. Kevin will soon be coming home, & the thought of leaving Bailey behind is unbearable.   Please help us get Bailey home to Kevin’s family, so when he comes home in June, his loyal companion will be waiting. Guardians of Rescue is working with Nowzad Dogs to get Bailey home. But Bailey’s life depends on you! Please donate. It costs $4,000 to get one dog back from the war. But if everyone just gave a little we can get her onto US soil as soon as we raise the money!

Carthage, IL: to save dog(s) &/or cat(s)

in Carthage, ILContact asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the very urgent situations, & ALL need rescued!  Transport north available!

in Rome, GA: Contact all: Hope@Hope4Dogs.Net & 904-797-9402 & & & 706-236-4545 to save precious cat(s) &/or dog(s)

In Rome, GAContact allHope@Hope4Dogs.Net & 904-797-9402 & & & 706-236-4545 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the lovable dogs &/or cats on  death row;  You DO NOT have to live in GA to rescue them.  There ARE transporters that run & can bring these darlings to you.  There ARE volunteers who will run them out of the building for you, & off to safety at a local vet’s for boardingYOU MUST WRITE “RESCUE OFFER” in the subject line of the email, OR WE WILL MISS THE OFFER OF RESCUE /ADOPTION AND THEY WILL BE KILLED!PLEASE DO THIS CORRECTLY, AS THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!

Tornado-ravaged TX & OK: help cats, dogs, horses & click the “Donate” button. Be sure to put “Tornado” in the “special instructions to seller” so that we may make sure every penny goes to helping rescues in the areas affected by tornadoes.  Donate to help rescue animals that were displaced or injured by the recent tornados in Dallas / Fort Worth & Moore / Oklahoma City.  A horse farm in Moore, OK lost 75-100 horses to today’s tornado, & more are injured & in need of help. Go to The Barbi Twins facebook page for more info & to help.

ATTENTION RESCUERS: If you have rescue contacts in the Oklahoma City area, or the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or you are with a local animal rescue either in Oklahoma City or Dallas/Fort Worth, or you will be providing animal rescue services to the area, please send their contact info to as soon as possible. Commonwealth Humane Society will begin fundraising to help these rescues in saving as many companion animals affected by these tornadoes as possible, & we need to know whom to get the money & supplies to. Animals are affected by natural disasters. Denise Painter, Dot’s Place Animal Haven, Seneca, SC; Member Of The Commonwealth Humane Society Family of Rescuers, Fairfax, VA; Like & friend us on Facebook!

Louisiana’s rescue & lost-&-found pet resources

ARF-LA; Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana = & Judy Guilbeau ( & Nancy Tabb Marcantel (


New Orleans-area, LAContact MOlsen@JeffParish.Net & 504-736-6111 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the healthy, well-socialized dogs seized from hoarder, now on death row — very eager for human interaction & come right up to the front of the kennel. Shelter open weekdays until 6p; Thurs. evenings until 7:30p & Sat. until 4p.


In LA:  Pet-related resources:  Louisiana Lost Found Pets Facebook Pages and Helpful Info for Missing Pets   ·       A list of resources and Facebook pages for Lost/Missing and Found Pets    ·       Please post pic and info on some of the Lost/found Facebook pages for Louisiana. [see list at bottom]   And post on this new Facebook page for Metairie/Kenner Lost & Found and Adoptable Animals for adoption by owners:

Lost Pet Tips and Sites

1. Pet Parent Helpers [ ] – South Baton Rouge Louisiana pets petsitting lost pet help & pet adoption help

2. great tips here on getting a lost dog back – I thought I’d heard them all but they have ideas here I’d never thought of:

3. “Pet Recovery Tips – Posters”

4. Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender, Baton Rouge Louisiana – helping people rehome pets dogs cats lost & found

5. Lost-pet poster: Six tips for a more effective sign

6. News article with list of Facebook pages for lost/found pets: “Missing a pet? Found a pet?” List of Lost/Found Pet Pages on Facebook for South Louisiana Parishes

7. Lost My Doggie [for cats too!] – Our Lost Dog Locating Service will Help Find Your Lost Dog, Lost Cat or Missing Pet –
Lost My Doggie – Lost Pet Tips –

8. Maddie’s Fund – What You Don’t Know About Lost Pets Can Hurt Them –

9. Helping Lost Pets, Find cats dogs found pets missing –
Christine Schultz Grenat And now we have a NEW program coming together, Lost Pets of Baton Rouge that will help owners find their missing pets faster. I just set up an account HERE:
Have you seen a possibly lost pet? You can post pet sightings, lost and found pets here:
Helping Lost Pets, Find cats dogs found pets missing
Join the National Lost/Found Pet Registry and help pets get back home. It’s free

10. Pet Amber Alert – Lost Pet Recovery Guide – FREE!

11. Missing Pet Partnership Some of the best information for locating lost/missing pets is at – Has some good advice for missing pet behavior, when and how to look, and other ways to help locate pets.
Tagging your car to help find your lost pet. Seattle Pet Detectives – Tagger Instructions | Missing Pet Partnership –

12. Helping reunite pets and owners in Louisiana. The NUMBER ONE tool for reuniting lost pets and their owners are fliers. Please use and share this free flier-maker tool far and wide. It works!

13. News article with list of Facebook pages for lost/found pets: “Missing a pet? Found a pet?” List of Lost/Found Pet Pages on Facebook for South Louisiana Parishes

14. “Tabby Tracker is a public database of lost cats. Lost cat owners and lost cat finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and even receive automated email notifications when matching cats are added to the website. Start by searching our lost or found cat listings then proceed to register your lost or found cat to add the cat to our database and begin receiving email updates.”

15. “Fido Finder is the largest public database of lost dogs. Lost dog owners and lost dog finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and receive automated email notifications when matching dogs are registered on the website. Start by searching our lost or found dog listings, then proceed to register your lost or found dog to add the dog to our database and begin receiving email updates.” 
Lost Dogs – How to Find Your Lost Dog – Fido Finder –
Lost and Found Facebook Pages for Louisiana   Current list (know of any other Louisiana Facebook page for Lost/Missing/Found Pets?) Please post pic and info on some of the Lost/found Facebook pages for Louisiana.   new Facebook page for Metairie/Kenner Lost & Found and Adoptable Animals for adoption by owners: ]

Lost and Found Pets of Southeast Louisiana –
Lost Pet Networkers of South Louisiana –
Lost Pets of Ascension Parish –
NOLA Pets Lost and Found –
Lost and Found Pets of New Orleans –
Lost Pets of Baton Rouge –
Lost Pets of West Baton Rouge –
Lost Pets Of Livingston Parish –
Lost Pets of Tangipahoa Parish –
Lost Pets of St. Tammany Parish –
Acadia –
Lost and Found Pets Acadiana –
Acadia Parish Lost/Found Pets –
St. Martin Parish Lost/Found Pets –
St. Mary –
Vermilion –
St. Landry –
Lafayette –
Jeff Davis –
Iberia –
Evangeline –
Shreveport Bossier Lost & Found Pets –

Another way to help is to make sure your dog knows your area well by taking her or him for regular long walks around the neighborhood. This helps in two ways, first, more people will get to know you and your dog and will be more likely to try to get the dog if they see him or her out by themselves. Second, your dog will know his or her way around and will be less likely to get lost and travel for miles, more likely to head for home and find it when hungry, hot, or finished with exploring alone.     Always keep a good clear current photo of your pet or pets on your computer ready to make lost pet fliers. Try to photograph them every few months.

Expert advice for multi-dog transports:

Transport coordinator Joan Nickum, & 913-909-6496 to help with her multi-dog transports:

PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST TO TRUSTED CONTACTS – NO CRAIGSLIST OR FACEBOOK, PLEASE!!  As always, the legs are somewhat flexible – let me know what you can do, & I’ll see if I can adjust.  I’ve assumed that I’ll need 2 drivers per leg for most of the run, but if you can take the entire gang, AWESOME!   The start times are flexible too.     Crossposting is going to be important on this one.  If anyone posts to a Best Friends list, please emphasize that I would like offers to be in the form of emails rather than phone calls.  The last time I was inundated with phone calls & was unable to even respond to most of them.  Thanks so much for your help.  Joan Nickum  Kansas City.

Transports will be monitored.  Fifteen minutes has been added to each leg for water & bathroom breaks.

Fund$ for animals via personalized dog-&-cat collars, wine & more!

In Midway, KYContact & to order personalized dog & cat collars, leashes, martingales & harnesses; select your product, personalize it by choosing from a variety of colors, patterns (e.g., embroidery).   April & May orders get donations for The Way Home Rescue Alliance: … via Local volunteer recent TWHRA adopter who runs Create-A-Collar & has generously offered to donate $1 for each non-embroidered item sold & $2 for each embroidered item sold every April & May to TWHRA!


In Hamilton, NJ:  Contact if you can do a prospective-adopter home visit.  Shop iGive to help PMAR:   Order Pibbles Wine with our rescued pups photos on the wine  Online application:   Our adoptable pups:   Help us out by donating your used things here:   Visit our fan page on Fb for doggie updates:   Visit us on Twitter:   Get AWESOME savings of prescription medicine FOR YOU & YOUR ANIMALS:

Contact TX legislators to legalize rescuing from Pounds & Shelters: HB2981

Ask Your Representative to Help Improve Texas Pounds and Shelters!

I have good news. A bill that would help save animals in Texas pounds and shelters is on its way to a vote in the Texas House of Representatives. HB 2981 would prohibit pounds and shelters in counties of at least 75,000 people from killing animals when rescue groups are willing to save them.

Reach out to your State Representative today and urge him or her to support HB 2981 to save animals’ lives in Texas.

HB 2981 fosters cooperation between publicly funded pounds and shelters and private rescue organizations. Before killing an animal, shelters will be required to post notice of their intention to “euthanize” the animal and give private organizations the opportunity to take the animal.

This bill will save the lives of many cats and dogs in shelters, and as a result, save tax dollars that would otherwise be spent “euthanizing” animals. HB 2981 is a win-win bill for Texas’ taxpayers and for animals. It would result in countless cats and dogs being adopted into loving homes instead of being killed in shelters.

Take action today. Urge your State Representative to support HB 2981.

Sincerely,   Becky Robinson

P.S. Please forward this to your compassionate friends and family in Texas. Together, we can create life-saving change for animals!

ARK saved 600+ cats & dogs in ’12 with medical bills @ $53+K: please donate:

DeLand, FL:  Last year ARK rescued, treated & rehomed 600+ cats & dogs; medical bills $53,000+. Please help save lives by donating through PayPal: &

ADOPT ON SITE SATURDAYS  11a- 3p   441 S Woodland Boulevard, DeLand FL   3 8 6 . 7 4 8 . 2 3 5 6

eCards benefit pets:

Contact about how to access NEAS eCards to show your friends & family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets  Northeast Animal Shelter | 347 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970 | 978-745-9888     | Mon.-Fri., 10a-8p | Sat. & Sun.: 10a-6p  Our eCards are the perfect way to show your friends and family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets (New England’s Largest no-kill animal shelter; since 1976 NEAS has placed 100,000+ animals into loving homes).
Send someone you love a free eCard from Northeast Animal Shelter  Each eCard has a beautiful picture of a cat or dog rescued by Northeast Animal Shelter, thanks to donations from friends like you.  Our eCards are the perfect way to show your friends & family that you share our mission to save the lives of homeless pets.

Massachusetts’ dogs & cats

Worcester, MACanines for Disabled Kids, 255 Park Ave., Suite 601; 01609; 978-422-5299; Tues.-Thur., 9a-2p or by appointment.

West, TX animals URGENT! 254-754-1454 & & 254-722-3775

In West (IH-35: north of Waco), TXContact 254-754-1454 & & 254-722-3775 asap to rescue, foster, adopt &/or donate-for-boarding … for all-breeds cats’ & dogs’ safety after catastrophic fertilizer-plant explosionEXTREME EMERGENCY!   Due to the mass explosion in West, Texas, this has been declared a major disaster area.  Many animals displaced!  PLEASE consider rescuing, fostering, or even boarding animals that are out of time at the Humane Society of Central Texas!    We can get them into temporary boarding.  PLEASE HELP!  need emergency RESCUE “NOW”!   A CRITICAL SITUATION!   This blast is being compared to an atom BOMB!  Begging for your help!  Big or small!  Even donations for boarding!  This is SUPER URGENT! in Waco, TX:   Humane Society of Central Texas (Formerly the Waco Humane Society) 2032 Circle Rd.  *  Waco, TX  76706  *  254-754-1454 OUR MISSION: The Humane Society of Central Texas is committed to improving the quality of life for animals and people in Central Texas through humane sheltering, community education and advocacy on behalf of all animals.

The Humane Society of Central Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
 HOURS OF OPERATION To Better Serve You!  Starting November 5, 2012                      

Monday            10 a.m.-6 p.m.    

 Tuesday            10 a.m.-6 p.m.                  

Wednesday       10 a.m.-6 p.m.                  

Thursday           10 a.m.-6 p.m.  

Friday               10 a.m.-6 p.m.   

Saturday           10 a.m.-5 p.m.  

Closed to the Public on Sundays & Major Holidays              ______________________________________________________________________________________


Austin (central TX): Ask for specifics about annual, horse-challenge event

in Austin (central TX-area):  horse-training challenge with $5,000 in prize money.  To participate &/or $pon$or the Challenge: under “Challenge” or or 888-542-5163.  Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (BEHS) launched the first Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge in 2009 to introduce the public to rescue horses while showcasing the horses’ talents.  “Far too often people look down on rescue horses, seeing them as unwanted or useless,” says BEHS Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Williams. “Our goal with the Challenge is to prove that assumption false, & our horses & the Training Challenge participants have made us proud each year!  Some of our Challenge horses have gone on to be kids’ horses, competitive trail & endurance horses, & show horses.”  The Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge (the Challenge) is a training competition open to anyone in Texas or a surrounding state who is willing to become an approved foster home for Bluebonnet.  It includes five divisions:  Professional Trainer, Foster Home/Amateur Showing Under Saddle, Foster Home/Amateur Showing in Hand, Youth, & Senior Foster Home/Amateur Showing in Hand (new for this year).  Contestants spend three months (July-October) working with a horse from the rescue & then demonstrate the horse’s skills in a freestyle competition & over an obstacle course at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo on Sat., October 19 in Austin, Texas.  In addition to the new Senior Foster Horse/Amateur division, this year’s event offers several other improvements including increased prize money, extra points for those horses shown under saddle, & a Difficulty Score which is used to rate the horse’s behavior or training prior to the beginning of the Challenge (so that the judges can better rate each horse’s progress).  Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society is accepting applications for participants until July 1 for the 2013 Rescue Horse Training Challenge.  Each participant will be assigned a horse in July & will pick up his or her horse around July 15.  The organization is also seeking $pon$or$ in order to offer even more competitive award$ to participants$pons$or$hip benefits include complimentary admission, advertising privileges, vendor space & more.

Help Idaho companion animals

in Caldwell (Canyon County), ID: Contact to $pon$or loving dog(s)&/or cat(s) looking for loving homes.   Canyon County Animal Shelter; 5801 Graye Lane; Caldwell ID  83607 


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