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Springfield, TN. save 17+ all-breeds dogs, hurry!

Springfield, TNContact & 615-384-5611 to save 17+ all-breeds dogs, hurry!  a LOT of amazing, super adoptable dogs & puppies!  Robertson County Animal Control   Springfield, TN

Iowa: Save a pet

IowaWire Fox Terrier Rescue & Cheryl Collins

Herding cats video spoof & no-kill

Hilarious, but true video-spoof:  Herding cats reminded me of my houseful of foster & furever cats: & Sparrow Marcioni & 678-612-9222 cell & 866-280-1696 office   Founded in 2005, CatRangers rescues only animals that are facing imminent death. These can be shelter animals on death row, abandoned animals or even those caught up in hoarding situations. CatRangers works primarily through fosters & small sanctuaries where rescue kitties can recover before finding them loving forever homes.  We work closely with other rescue groups across the US to find safe havens for animals in peril. Each rescue group that is considered completes appropriate request application, & a CatRanger representative will complete a formal site survey before transferring any animals to their care. CatRangers is responsible for rescuing 400+ cats & many dogs since their programs were implemented in January 2012.   Four of Georgias most-neglected animal control facilities have had almost no euthanizations of cats since beginning the CatRangers rescue program.

in Clinton, NC: Save19+ all-breeds dogs: 503-522-5403 or High-kill shelter

In Clinton, NC:  Contact 503-522-5403 or & 910-592-8493, x. 0 & & & asap SAMPSON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER:  high-kill, gassing siteDeath-LISTED CANINES WILL BE GASSED FOR WEEK IF NOT RESCUED NOW!   …  limited adoption hours, too few volunteers, limited updates … SHELTER FULL. NO PULL FEES 501c3s Shots/rabies given at shelter;  $pon$or$hip for spay/neuter OR transport;  Locals can raise pledge$ for dogs (cats too if requested) but fostering  problem, help us with enough of these great dogs, &  will try to arrange a “freedom” ride to you. Can get the older ones heartworm tested & trying to get it done ASAP! Dogs are all friendly with dogs /people, but can have any retested gladly. Please NOTIFY ASAP,  group is on standby ready to help!  If there are any that can be helped we can sponsor or get vetted;  volunteers had some kennels built so about 6 can be fostered now, & we will get more built if we have to help them, we just need commitments for any.  Transport & quarantined-fostered available shelter dogs, pups, cats, kittens healthy & ready for rescue- havfreedom ride sponsor if helped.

Animal Rescue Directory for All States:

Click on State to find listing of Animal Rescue Group/Shelter Pages on   Facebook

Help Support the Animal Rescue FB Directory

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Prevent extermination of San Angelo, TX’ feral cats:

 Vote “No” to prevent extermination of San Angelo, TX’(southwest TX-area) feral-cat colonies:  San Angelo is trying to exterminate all of the feral cat colonies – which have been maintained for years & have been effective at reducing the cat population.  Please pass this around to get some “NOs.” We need to beat them at their own game! The Animal Services Board mentioned in the February Meeting Minutes poisoning cats to exterminate them.

in Park Hills, MO: Save 10 all-breeds dogs: Hurry!


in Park Hills, MO:  Contact to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the 10 wonderful, all-breeds dogs, below:

Dear Rescue Partners & Friends of Rescue  Thank you for taking the time to read our email which is intended to get as much exposure as possible for the dogs facing euthanasia at the Missouri Animal Control facilities of Farmington, Park Hills, Deslodge & Leadwood (a gassing facility).  The Farmington Rescue Friends are a group of volunteers who are working very hard to ensure that euthanasia rates are diminished in these facilities.   If you have any questions or would like to tag an animal for rescue, contact or Text Aimee 3143630821.   No Pull Fees – Rescue must have a current Missouri Department of Agriculture License.  Please, if you can’t rescue, please send on to your rescue friends to see if they can help!!!

Please Note:

  • The dogs are NOT professionally temperament tested.  Any comments about behavior are just our observations.
    Transportation can often be arranged through volunteers (but not guaranteed).  We may request help with gas money for long distance transports.
  • No vetting is currently being offered to the dogs at these facilities.
  • For out-of-state rescues, shots and health certificates are normally required.  We can obtain these but it will be the financial responsibility of the pulling rescue.    To see more:

Jefferson County, MO: 636-797-5577 need Mo AG to pull cats & dogs; please hurry

in Jefferson County (St. Louis-area), MOContact 636-797-5577 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more wonderful cats &/or dogs before their death date 
full of cats, need to move them ASAP.  New, weekend hours:  1-4p, Sat. & Sun. for adoptions, returns to owners or rescue.  If you haven’t pulled from JCAC since last year, you need to get a new copy of your MO DEPT. OF AG License to them before you pull!   Dear Rescue Partners and Friends of Rescue, list of animals needing rescue.  We receive a Potential kill List twice a week.  This means the animals’ stray hold time is up & if it becomes necessary to euthanize for any reason, they are eligible.  You must have a Missouri Dept. of Ag Rescue License to pull from JCAC. No PULL FEES! To tag an animal for rescue, please call JCAC:  636-797-5577  All reservations for rescue must be communicated DIRECTLY to JCAC by 4p the day before a scheduled kill date!  Local transportation can sometimes be provided.
FACEBOOK: Many of the Shelter Buddies volunteers and other local rescue volunteers monitor our Facebook album. This is the fastest way to get an answer about an animal or see its status and see if there is SPONSORSHIP or if the sponsorship has increased. Click on the animal’s picture to comment or see comments. You can also get to additional Flickr photos and videos from Facebook.
Animals included in this email are NOT professionally temperament tested.   Any comments about behavior are just our observations.  Animals that have firm rescue commitments or bite cases usually are not included in this email.  This means there are usually more dogs in the facility than pictured.  DOGS  All dogs get Bordatella. Depending on age, JCAC has been worming and giving DHPP and if the vet has been there, a rabies vaccination.  Animals available on or before that day are at risk even if not on kill list if they fill up   Shelter Buddies Of Missouri &

Summerville, GA: Save all-breeds dogs: hurry!

In Summerville (Chattooga County), GAContact to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or one or more of the 42 wonderful dogs; SOME LOCAL / Atlanta-Metro area TRANSPORTATION CAN BE ARRANGED.  Some Dogs Are Fully Vetted!

upcoming “No-Kill Seminars” near you: Ask &

LOCAL SHELTER DIRECTORS, VETS, EMPLOYEES & FUNDRAISERS. LET’S ALL WORK TOWARD A REALISTIC NO-KILL GOAL. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!  Come meet & be inspired by these & other nationally known speakers. The early-bird registration rate is only $275 = a $50 savings off the regular registration fee.  Learn about NO MORE HOMELESS PETS OR KILL SHELTERS SEMINAR JACKSONVILLE, FL &/or contact Best Friends about sponsoring this seminar in your geographical area):

We look forward to seeing you at Best Friends’ 15th No More Homeless Pets National Conference, where we believe by working together, we can Save Them All™!   P.S. Forward to a friend and when three or more people sign up at the same time, you get a 10% discount. (Discounts cannot be combined)   For questions, please email

Contact BEST FRIENDS ( & about holding a No-Kill seminar in your geographical area &/or attend upcoming SEMINAR in your geographical area.  COVERING MANY TOPICS INCLUDING HOW TO DEVELOP A LARGE, APPROVED, GOOD FOSTER NETWORK! See video below……If the Foster Network can be expanded, More Rescues would be able to pull from shelters and more lives would be saved. Also many more GOOD topics including marketing the NO Kill Idea, Ramping up Fundraising efforts, etc.  This should be attended by as many Rescue Groups, Fosters, Shelter Employees & Directors, Pet Advocates, as is humanly possible. Video of attendees’ thoughts about the seminar:

Learn from experts at saving lives

Watch Video

Meet some of the amazing speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise at the No More Homeless Pets National Conference:

Lisa Waggoner

  • Why we believe no-kill is achievable: Learn from Brent Toellner of  KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri; Bonney Brown, who helped Washoe County,   Nevada achieve no-kill; Denise   Deisler, Rick DuCharme and Scott Trebatoski, who are working together to save lives in Jacksonville, Florida; and other leaders who will inspire you to break through barriers to create no-kill in your   community.
  • Jumpstart your volunteer foster programs: Find out how Ann Lindholm of   Austin Pets Alive! grew the organization’s dog foster program from a one-person operation to a team of more than 35 volunteers. In less than three years, this team was supporting a network of more than 1,200 approved foster parents, 3,300+ dogs. Learn how you can build a lifesaving foster care   network, too!
  • Keep cats calm, cool and collected: Certified cat behavior consultant Jacqueline Munera of Positive Cattitudes will focus on reducing stress to increase adoptions, while certified cat behavior consultant and best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett will teach you how to manage multi-cat households and litter box issues.
  • Make dogs more   adoptable: Learn from professional trainers and behavior   consultants like Mike Kaviani of Austin Pets Alive!, Aimee Sadler of the Southampton Animal Shelter, Lisa Lyle Waggoner of Cold Nose College, and Best   Friends’ Michelle Besmehn, Cherie Mascis and Sherry Woodard, among others.
  • Focus on   spay/neuter services: Jonathan Chavez and Aimee Gilbreath of   Found Animals will address why one style does not fit all when it comes to spay/neuter programs. While Ruth Steinberger, founder of Spay FIRST! will present on bringing   spay/neuter services to underserved communities.
  • Bring your marketing and fundraising programs to the next level: Brand   strategist Kim Pucci, who spearheaded the “Believe in Zero” campaign for UNICEF, will help you develop a marketing plan for your organization. And, fundraising coach and author Sandy Rees will teach you how to craft the most persuasive   messages that produce results through direct mail and email.
  • Help keep animals healthy: Dr. Julie Levy,   Director of Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida, Dr. Jennifer Broadhurst of the Jacksonville Humane Society, and Dr. Sandra   Newbury of the Shelter Medicine Program at UC Davis, and other veterinarians will present on the latest updates in veterinary medicine.

Come meet and be inspired by these and other nationally-known speakers. The early bird registration rate is   only $275 = a $50 savings off the regular registration fee. Learn more and register today!

We look forward to seeing you at Best Friends’ 15th No More Homeless Pets National Conference, where we believe by   working together, we can Save Them All™!

P.S. Forward to a friend and when three or more people sign up at the same time, you get a 10% discount. (Discounts cannot be combined)

For questions, please email

Palm Desert, CA: save dogs from hoarder’s dangerous dog pack

Palm Desert, CAContact 760-485-9657 & asap to rescue, foster, adopt almost 1 yr. Cattle Dog “Big Red”  from hoarder’s kill-or-be-killed dog pack (Big Red in immediate danger of being the next dog killed within the pack because he is a male who is getting bigger & poses a threat to the hierarchy of the other alpha males); &/or donate supplies to volunteer &/or money to veterinarian:*  pallets of dog food, fog bowls, helpful contact with Riverside County Animal Control; live traps, donations for food & vet; places for the dogs to go when trapped; all Cattle-dog rescues,  mass-media contacts to get this story out.   …about the pack:  alpha males are not bad, mean dogs … a situation where struggling with the outside world & how to survive inside the “kill-or-be-killed,” extreme-survival pack itself; for the ones who make it back:  lying around like ranch dogs in a yard with the puppies playing with each other.  Underneath that idyllic picture, the pack rules.  “I have to be very careful when putting food down that small bites are dispersed everywhere at the same time, so the hungry pups do not rush up to the available dishes, because they are just as likely to get attacked & mauled there also.  These dogs in this camp are there because of a hoarder allows them to be born in to this prison of a suffering, miserable existence.”  Each born with the capacity for love, loyalty & joy.  … if left at dog camp, they will die slowly after lots of suffering.

*Donate to vet:  Animal Clinic of  Desert Hot Springs, 13120 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA  92240; Dr. Kip Madsen, 760-329-8765 & Fax: 760-329-6219; Office manager Cindy; Earmark your donations for “Kitty’s Rescues”    Many, many starvation & exposure deaths.  … I am continuing to go up there with food & water every day:  try to keep them alive while we sort the rest of this out.  Other neighbors have similar stories, and these are just the ones who made it out alive).

Lubbock (northwest TX-area): low-cost spay-neuter for pets; & safe sites needed for TTU feral cats

In Lubbock:  Two spay-neuter opportunities for your dog or cat:

1.  Lubbock offers assistance certificates for spaying or neutering pets      Lubbock Animal Services is offering a program to encourage city residents to spay & neuter their pets. The promotional program will waive the income requirements of the current assistance program & allow residents to get assistance certificates to spay & neuter their pets.     The city will issue 100 certificates for dogs & 100 for cats on a first-come first-serve basis at the Animal Shelter Adoption Center, 3323 S.E. Loop 289.*       Residents must meet the following criteria:  Have proof of residency with a current LP&L bill (less than three months old); Driver’s license or government-issued ID must be presented; 18 years or older; Only one certificate per household; No application for assistance program within the last year; Certificates will be valid for 60 days from the issue date and will not be issued for prior services rendered & Stray, feral, rescue or foster animals do not qualify.    Certificates will continue to be issued beginning at 9 a.m. every day until all 200 certificates have been issued. Residents must be present to obtain a certificate.   Any additional services will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner, according to the press release, and will not be paid or reimbursed by the City of Lubbock Animal Services Department.     *  Directions for southeast Lubbock location of Lubbock Animal Services ( go east/far east on central Lubbock’s 50th St. (stay on 50th St. across IH-27, across Ave. A. & across Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to  Loop 331 / Southeast Blvd.). Proceed right / south on Southeast Drive for .1 mile & then before you drive beneath the Loop 289 overpass, exit / right onto the West Loop 289 frontage road. Get onto the paved (not the gravel) frontage road & drive past 2 or 3 right-hand drive ways. Immediately after you pass a brown-&-white Animal Shelter sign, move into the right-hand, paved lane of the frontage road & follow Animal Service signs into the one-entrance parking lot on your right-hand side.

2.  $ave money when you get your beloved pet spayed / neutered:  contact 806-763-0092 & to request a referral form for $50 spay / neuter voucher program through veterinarians, other animal service organizations & from pet owners. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Dr. Brenda Wilbanks & Haven staff.

In Lubbock:  Contact if you have safe sites to offer for TX Tech Univ. feral cats, who will be getting spay-neutered, rabies shot & ear tip.  Safe site = a barn where feral cat(s) may stay enclosed, fed & watered for 4 weeks & a donkey (to keep predators away).

Tavares, FL: 352-343-9688 & 352-636-3740 & AnimalRescueOfficer@LakeCountyFL.Gov & 352-343-9688

TAVARES, FL 32778;  LAKE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES; 28123 CR 561:  Contact 352-343-9688 & 352-636-3740 asap to adopt &/or   AnimalRescueOfficer@LakeCountyFL.Gov & 352-343-9688 to rescueDONATE / $PON$OR  loving DOG(s) &/or CAT(s).  Transport available.   VISIT IN PERSON:  M-F, 10-6 & SAT., 10-4    (SHELTER CLOSED 3rd SAT.).  Larger-sized photos of ALL DOGS TO SHARE OR to SEE: &

Shelby, NC: Contact & & 704-476-6765

In Shelby, NC:  Contact & & 704-476-6765 asap to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or wonderful dogs & cats from an agonizingly painful gassing death in a high-kill site.  To adopt:  call 704-481-9884, x. 4; go to Cleveland County Animal Control at 1609 Airport Road in Shelby, NC & pay cash-only fee with Option 1 (note or fax from your vet stating you will have dog/cat spayed or neutered @$60) or Option 2 (sign up through our local humane society for low-cost spay/neuter @$100); 501c3 Rescues interested in pulling from CCAC need to provide copy of 501c3, veterinarian references, director’s name & contact number, website.  Rescues may call 704-476-6765.

In GAINESVILLE, GA: 770-531-6831 & 770-531-6832 & 678-450-1587

In GAINESVILLE, GA (HALL COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER):  Contact 770-531-6831 & 770-531-6832 & 678-450-1587 (& mention ANIMAL ID#) to rescue, foster, adopt loving dogs &/or cats from death-row.  Unless otherwise noted, ALL get ALONG WELL WITH others & PEOPLE!  This Shelter has Full-Time Vet on Staff, & Pets are thoroughly Vet- & Temperament-Checked before being placed into Adoption AreasAdoption Fee $85 covers all vetting for the animal (spay-neuter, all shots, microchip, deworming). SHELTER HOURS TUES.-SAT., 9a-5P.  PET RESCUE ADVOCATE  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LUCKYPITTIE  “LIKE OUR PAGE & SAVE PETS LIVES.


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