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Cat-vertising, herding cat & museum cats!

Cat-vertising! Hilarious, but true video-spoof:  Herding cats reminded me of my houseful of foster & furever cats.

The Hermitage, model of the perfect art museum:

Feral Cats, homeless dogs & the law:

Legislative Victories via TX Humane Legislation Network

Animal Cruelty Statute Amendments

Happy PuppySome of the amendments to the State Animal Cruelty Statute that THLN has been  involved with include:

  • A  bill that increased the penalty for a third animal cruelty offense from  a  Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony (SB 143, passed 1997).
  • A  bill that increased the penalty for aggravated acts of animal cruelty  from  a Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony, and from a state  jail felony to a  third degree felony on the third conviction (HB 653/SB  1724, passed  2001).
  • HB 2328 (passed 2007) makes it a  felony to kill, administer poison to, or  cause serious bodily injury to  homeless dogs and feral cats. It also closed  numerous loopholes in the  existing Cruelty Statute, and lowered the mental state  for proof of  animal cruelty from intentional or knowingly to reckless, which  makes  proof of animal abuse much easier.  It also added the requirement of  water  to the list of required care elements for an animal in someone’s   custody.
  • THLN was instrumental in the passage of HB  963 (2011) which provides one common set of rules and requirements for  appeals from all civil courts hearing cases involving the seizure and  disposition of cruelly treated animals.  It also provides adequate  security for restitution of the costs incurred by the government agency  or non-profit organization in taking care of the animals during the  litigation process and expedites the appeal process so that the animals  are not held in limbo for extended periods of time.

USA: Ban Animal Kill Shelters:

USABan Animal Kill

Stop the killing of healthy, adoptable animals in shelters! Every year, an estimated four million dogs & cats are murdered in shelters. Every animal deserves the right to live, so who are we to decide when it is their time to go? It is humane to euthanize an animal if it is suffering from a fatal disease or a severe injury. It is not humane to kill a perfectly adoptable dog or a kitten that has just begun to live, because there is no space. Well, make some room!

Dogs & cats are our companions. They brighten our days, and bring joy & laughter into our lives. Every animal deserves a loving family to belong to. We do not have the power to deny them of that opportunity.

As a dominant species, humans are responsible for protecting animals from abuse & neglect. It is our duty to provide a safe haven for them, not to send them to their death. There are alternatives to euthanasia. Just because killing is an easy solution, does not mean it is the right one. If we truly love & care about animals & their well-being, we will find ways to keep them safe, comfortable & happy until they move onto their forever homes.

Greenville, MS: helping homeless & needy animals

Animal Welfare League P O Box 4902 Greenville, MS 38704-4902 662-822-0000 &   Committed to helping homeless and needy animals in Washington County, Mississippi 

 successfully meeting $50,000 Challenge grant & a 2nd $50,000 Challenge grant! 
Our homeless animals are depending on us, and without YOUR HELP it will be impossible to meet this new challenge. Once this new challenge is met, the Animal Welfare League will be much closer to actually beginning construction of the new facility.
Due to the flooding this spring, the Animal Welfare League has seen an unusually high number of homeless dogs and cats……the number of pregnant dogs that have needed rescuing is almost unbelievable! We must have a new shelter as soon as possible…..please help us!
Click here to print out a form to mail in with your donation!
To make a donation electronically, go to our Donate page and use the Donate button.  Be Sure to indicate in the “”Notes” section on Paypal that your donation is matching funds for the challenge grant. 

For several years, there has been talk of a new county animal shelter.   Many people have asked what is being done in order to get this shelter up and running.   The Animal Welfare League (AWL) hopes to initiate fundraising in order to construct a new shelter.

A caring donor donated a tract of land some time ago for the purpose of building a facility to house and care for the many homeless animals in Washington County.   A new facility will eliminate the risk of animals suffering and possibly dying, as they have at the present shelter in Leland.

It is our hope and mission that the Animal Welfare League can raise $800,000.00 to construct a building for the use to care for the homeless animals in Washington County.  This is going to be impossible without YOUR help.  We plan to hold fundraisers and take online donations, but we need the support of the community.

Once completed, the volunteer’s time can be spent caring for the stray cats and dogs.   The majority of the animals need medical care, and ALL of the animals MUST BE spayed or neutered BEFORE they will be allowed to leave the facility.  Volunteers then work to find them good, permanent homes.   There will be an end to the puppies freezing to death and even being stolen at the present facility.


Become an AWL Member!
Payment Options
Dog’s Best Friend : $500.00USD – yearly Cat’s Best Friend : $250.00USD – yearly Pet Lover : $100.00USD – yearly Family : $50.00USD – yearly Individual : $25.00USD – yearly Senior Citizen/Student : $10.00USD – yearly
New or Existing Member?
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or click here for membership application to print and mail in.

Animal Welfare League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and an all volunteer organization
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Garland,TX: Save dogs,cats now! Rescue@Ci.Garland.TX.US;;NinaDeLee@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;;MichaelBrantley@SBCGlobal.Net

In Garland (Dallas-Ft. Worth / northeast TX-area):  Contact Rescue@Ci.Garland.TX.US;; NinaDeLee@SBCGlobal.Net;;;;;;; MichaelBrantley@SBCGlobal.Net & 972-205-3570, option 2, then 4 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one of more of the all-breeds dog(s) &/or cat(s) from death row, below.  ALL DOGS AT RISK!  Wed. adoption fees = $40.  Prepay the adoption fee of $80 (including spay/neuter, shots, having dewormer, if needed; & HW test). If dog already altered at intake, the adoption fee is then $35 OR you can  place a rescue tag on him/her at Rescue@GarlandTX.Gov & they will let you know if he/she gets in trouble. 600 Tower Street, Garland, TX 75041

Clinton & Lillington, NC: 55 DOGS & CATS die today: 910-592-8493, ext. 0 & & & 503-522-5403 &

In Clinton & Lillington, NCContact 910-592-8493, ext. 0 & & & 503-522-5403 & now!  to save one or more of the 55 DOGS &/or CATS from high-kill Sampson & Harnett County Shelters

*Clinton, NC:  Sampson County Animal Shelter Policy – All animals URGENT any day, every day upon arrival at shelter past required 0-72 hour hold– no formal time will be announced , photos deleted & animals destroyed  *Shots/rabies given at shelter, *NO PULL FEES 501c3s

*Lillington, NC:  Harnett County Animal Shelter policy- All animals held one week and when doors shut each Tuesdays at 7:30 pm- all not out are destroyed!   28 dogs/puppies & 27 cats/kittens still on adoption floor & IN NEED OF adoption/rescue.

for PHOTOS DOGS & CATS, CONTACT Harnett County Animal Shelter, 1100 McKay Place, Lillington, NC.  910-814-2952 &

ALSO Facebook FRIENDS OF HARNETT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER for info & help   NOTIFY ASAP, groups on standby ready to help! Rural shelters- Small towns, Limited hours of adoption,  NEED RESCUES HELP, LOCAL CONTACTS; online ready & with $pon$or, etc. info

Let your brightest Light shine:

Let your brightest Light shine by emulating “Jumpy,” the dog’s, example:

Closing! NJ cat sanctuary needs your help: &

In Hopewell Junction, NJContact & asap donate &/or help transport 120+ cats.   Owner of Sanctuary Died Suddenly.

in DEVORE, CA: Save 26 DOGS/PUPPIES: 909-386-9820 ext. 0

In Devore (San Bernardino County), CAContact 909-386-9820, x. 0 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the all-breeds dogs &/or puppies &/or cats &/or kittens from Devore kill Shelter, 19777 Shelter Way, Devore, CA 92407    ALWAYS mention dogs’ CORRECT ID#s, if known.

Ravenna, KY: Save all-breeds dogs & cats: & TWHRA$pon$or$hip$

Ravenna, KYContact & asap (Please include your name & your rescue’s name) & to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or loving pets, below.  Adopters: Visit the Estill County Shelter at 50 Ginter Rd, Ravenna, KY (M-F 8a– 2:30p) Or call 606-723-3587. Please refer to the dog’s CTL# when calling the shelter.    NEW INTAKE for 2nd Day in a Row – NOW COMPLETELY FULL!  ALL are now at EXTREMELY HIGH RISK of being PTS ANY MOMENT now that the shelter is FULL!  IMPERATIVE we get some of these animals MOVED IMMEDIATELY for them to be SAVED!  $PON$OR$HIP$ INCREASED AGAIN! BEGGING YOU TO TAKE A LOOK!  PLEASE NOTE:  ALL DOGS ARE VACCINATED UPON INTAKE ~  DAPP2 (Parvo, Parainfluenza, Adeno (2) & Distemper) vaccine! Also DEWORMED!  * The information below is all the information the shelter sends to us.  If you need additional information, PLEASE do not wait to contact us.  It could take a day for us to get more information for you (if you email us after the shelter has closed for the day), and it is difficult for us to arrange transport and vetting/boarding at the last minute! If you are interested at all in a dog/cat, please contact us right away!** Please don’t wait until the last minute if you can help…these lives are in imminent danger! We must have time to arrange transport and make any other arrangements! Time is of the essence!  This is a small rural shelter that serves five counties. 99% of these animals won’t make it out of the shelter alive without rescue. PLEASE take a look and give these innocents a chance to live! These animals are located at the Estill County Animal Shelter in Ravenna, KY. Please inquire about vetting/boarding availability. NO PULL FEES! Discounted vetting available locally.   Please note: Receiving rescue MUST call the vet clinic to make arrangements to cover any fees incurred. Fees MUST be paid before the dog’s records will be released, and a credit card or other arrangement must be in place before the animal arrives at the clinic. Please feel free to share and cross post with your reputable rescue contacts. No Craigslist or Internet Classified Please. You can follow this weeks animals on our Facebook page! THANK YOU!  Dogs/Cats Below can be PTS ANY TIME  Several of these dogs have already been at the shelter almost a full week!  The longer they are at the shelter, the more likely they are to be EUTHANIZED!   The shelter will not necessarily give us advance warning before euthing, so please don’t delay if you can help! It is EXTREMELY URGENT to get CONFIRMED RESCUE for these beauties IMMEDIATELY to ensure their safety! LOTS OF SPONSORSHIP!

St. Louis, MO: 636-797-5577 save all-breeds dog(s) & cat(s) from death row

In St. Louis, MOContact 636-797-5577 now! save dog(s) &/or cat(s) from death rowYou must have a Missouri Dept. of Agriculture Rescue License to pull from Jefferson County Animal Control. NO PULL FEESAll reservations for rescue must be communicated DIRECTLY to JCAC by 4 p the day before a scheduled kill dateLocal transportation can sometimes be provided.  JCAC has new weekend hours – OPEN 1-4p, Sat. & Sun. for adoptions, returns to owners or rescue.  FACEBOOK: Many of the Shelter Buddies volunteers & other local rescue volunteers monitor our Facebook album. This is the fastest way to get an answer about an animal or see its status & see if there is $PON$OR$HIP or if the sponsorship has increased. Click on the animal’s picture to comment or see comments. You can also get to additional Flickr photos & videos from Facebook.    Animals included in this email are NOT professionally temperament tested.   Any comments about behavior are just our observations.   Animals that have firm rescue commitments or bite cases usually are not included in this email.  This means there are usually more dogs in the facility than pictured below. PLEASE press on the Google Plus link for each animal to see more pictures!   DOGS  All dogs get Bordatella. Depending on age, JCAC has been worming & giving DHPP and if the vet has been there, a rabies vaccination.    Animals available on or before that day are at risk even if not on kill list — if they fill up & &

Animal-Welfare grant$: & www.AGWA.US

People interested in obtaining a professional grant writer (probably for a fee, but you can ask for volunteers), should contact American Grant Writers’ Association.

Here are a few open opportunities in our field:

  • Bernice Barbour Foundation established to fund organizations which provide programs to protect, preserve, and nurture companion animals, large animals, native wildlife, and marine species in the United States. Hands on care, animal health/welfare, and veterinary medical research are priorities.
  • DJ & T Foundation: Due every July 31.  Two programs:
    1) Clinic grants for the establishment of on-site or mobile surgical units, spay/neuter transport vehicles, and equipment for new and established clinics, etc. NOTE: They no longer pay for the purchase of RV type units.
    2) A reimbursement SNAP voucher program. Through the SNAP reimbursement program, they underwrite low-cost and free spay/neuter surgeries for people who cannot afford to have their dogs spayed or neutered.  Visit their website for more information:

Waterloo, IL: Help stray dogs &/or cats:

Waterloo, &

Springfield, TN. save 17+ all-breeds dogs, hurry!

Springfield, TNContact & 615-384-5611 to save 17+ all-breeds dogs, hurry!  a LOT of amazing, super adoptable dogs & puppies!  Robertson County Animal Control   Springfield, TN

Iowa: Save a pet

IowaWire Fox Terrier Rescue & Cheryl Collins


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