Friendly, spayed, 12-yr.-old Dachshund (mostly indoors) needs loving home within 2 weeks: 918-724-4310 — or will be put down. Doxie “Marcie” hopes you’ll adopt her. 2 Guinea Pig siblings need home(s, too), too.

Friendly, spayed, 12-yr.-old “Marcie,” a mostly indoors Dachshund needs a loving home.  Also, available are two, intact (not fixed:  not spayed / neutered) four-year-old, brother-sister sibling Guinea Pigs:  “Cookie” & “Isabel.”  They are tame, like to be cuddled, enjoy watching TV.  Please:  not for breeding.  They need loving home(s), too.

Please call Kristin Thompson:  918-724-4310 in Fredericksburg, TX, if you can offer Marcie, Cookie &/or Isabel a loving, forever home.

Marcie, Cookie & Isabel hope you’ll adopt one, two or all three of them before the literal deadline.  Thank you for caring.


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