Joyland Amusement Park in Wichita, KS

Joyland saga continues its upward trend (please see three e-messages, that I combined, below, from Dallas Webster:  many thanks, Dallas!).  You may remember Austinite Dallas Webster, Southeast, ’62 — also, 1958-1959 Pres. of Co-Ed Fri.-night sock hop at St. James Episcopal Church; I was 1958-1959 Co-Ed secretary, thanks to John Lambert’s nomination & Jamie Howell’s serving as my campaign manager; & Suzi Wolf was 7th grade VP from Roosevelt & Anne Tait was 7th grade VP from Robinson).  Holy smoke:  a dear friend Beccy Tanner from my Dodge City, KS, years (1969-1987) wrote some of the Joyland articles for The Wichita Eagle:  great job, BT!

From: Dallas E Webster [] Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 1:01 AM  Subject: Joyland saga continues its upward trend       Diana sent me a link to an article and15 images about the Joyland Restoration Project at Botanica’s Carousel Pavilion. that was before she discovered that you cannot view the slide show without buying a digital subscription to the BizJournal. At first glance, it appears that you merely need its free subscription. But you need a $99/year subscription. Just in case you’re still so connected to Wichita that you have or want such a subscription, here is the link:     My effort to find a back door or alternate source was not successful, but I found several related links, including &


I recall that my dad or older (historian) brother told me it was closing — about a decade ago. I searched for verification and found that it closed in 2006. I found a couple of web sites that provided history, perspective, narrative, videos and photos. In my brief … I didn’t catch when it was abandoned. There appears to have been some effort to find someone to take it over. It is in the process of being completely dismantled, but some artifacts are going to be moved and preserved.


Here are couple of links I found interesting, though pretty sad, especially the first one. But the video should have prepared you for it. I just didn’t know how to prepare you for that video.  The second one lets you relive Joyland in the glory years, which includes our years. It should dissipate some of the sadness. &  [interjection from Alice:  — with a terrific video about riding the roller coaster:  took my 1st ride on Joyland’s roller coaster this morning in the safety of my Fredericksburg, TX, home]


I thought you’d be interested in this. Maybe it is worth sharing with your classmates group. This is the first of 3 messages I sent out on this  topic.

This link was still good last Friday.


—– Forwarded Message —–   From: Dallas E Webster <>   Bcc: WHSSE ’62 Classmates & Other Friends   Sent: Saturday, April 8, 2017 1:18 PM     Subject: Fine line between nostalgia and melancholia


I invite you to take this eery video/photo tour of Joyland, past and present [& scroll downward to the Joyland link]     The URL label does not look robust, so you may need to hurry or search for the article.


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