Discernment process: women’s shelter for FBG?

Discernment process:  women’s shelter for FBG?     George Lumpkin <glumpkin59@hotmail.com>; John D. Willome <jwillome@goodsamfbg.org>; ‘Debra Hadsall’ <financialfreedomparty@gmail.com>; ‘Bobby’ <pastorbv@austin.twcbc.com>; cseminara@goodsamfbg.org; ‘Pagan, Victor’ <vpagan@hillcountrymemorial.org>; ‘Cindy Heifner’ <director@needscouncil.org>; ‘Connie Eckhardt’ <cteckhardt@yahoo.com>; Lou Newman <evergreen_inc@earthlink.net>; karcott@yahoo.com

more aware of the fear-abuse-repeat cycle locally … & thus take proactive, preventive action to break the family legacy of bullying, fear, guilt, blame, sorrow, hopelessness  …  allowing children to learn & model early on … that there are win-win, peaceful solutions beyond violence, threats, win-lose mentality

  1. saving budgeted money within various agencies’ budgets
    1. the school districts (fewer disciplinary issues, distractions & related expenses; less violence, no bullying) &
    2. other social-services agencies & organizations – from having to deal with children failing, being frustrated, acting-out (because they’re so preoccupied with safety issues or because they’re too afraid to meaningfully participate in anything that might bring attention to themselves or their families; etc.); &
    3. local hospitals’ & clinics’ medical & mental-health services: when the physical & mental injuries are eliminated or reduced in severity or reduced in terms of longevity
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