Health / medical / dental services of The Good Samaritan Center in Fredericksburg, TX

How much The Good Samaritan Center means to the uninsured families of our community!  The need continues to grow because nearly 90% of the Center’s patients DO NOT qualify for the federal health plan because they don’t earn enough to reach the poverty level.  The Center benefits us all because it takes a very significant load off the HCMH emergency room thereby keeping the hospital’s overall costs down.

Last year The Good Samaritan Center had 2,500+ medical appointments;  1,300 dental & hygiene appointments, dispensed nearly $400K medications at no charge; expanded the Medical Assistance Program to cover 500+ patients who received $1+M worth of medications donated by pharmaceutical companies.  The Center now has a full-time medical director,  who sees patients three days each week; a nurse practitioner who sees patients each Monday; & a Community Health Worker, who reaches hundreds of people outside the Center at health screenings, churches & through in-home visits.

All this is done through private donors who contribute 70+% of the Center’s $900K budget.  No public money, state, federal or municipal funds are accepted.  The Center’s quarterly newsletters  are the principal engine for maintaining contact with donors.

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