“Forging Futures Classic” draft meeting notes 3-9-’17

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Forging Futures Classic  Golf Tournament  to-be-finalized Spring 2018 date   to allow a reasonable amount of time for major-sponsor solicitations to maximize the benefit of being among the first, fund-raising events in major-sponsors’ calendar-year budgets  at     Boot Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas

            Thur., March 9, 2017 Meeting Notes

Many thanks to the 11 committee members present:  Alice White, Bob Bates, Bob Hickerson, Kim Kimmey, Marc Williamson, Mary Brogan, Michelle Weberpal, Mike Skinner, Patti Sagebiel, Paul Hayes, Sam Sagebiel  … and to all other committee chairs / members — who are proactively & creatively continuing with their respective roles, plans & activities.  Please save 2nd Thursdays, 9a for monthly meetings.  We will meet in HCUC Room 123 or 137 unless otherwise notified.

Overall status report

  • Four contracts signed: Boot Ranch, Community Foundation, TX Tech University System legal office & auctioneer with $500 non-refundable deposit.  Donors may now be actively solicited by the Coalition.*  Respective committee members will notify their collaborative partners (Boot Ranch, TTU, TTAA Hill Country, OLLI, HCUC Foundation & Community Foundation) about the to-be- revised date.
  • We have the signed agreement between the Coalition & The Community Foundation (TCF) to set up an account. With this agreement, we can accept & deposit the $9K start-up funds committed by our four participating entities (Hill Country University Center Foundation @$XK; Texas Tech University in the Hill Country (FBG) @$XK; Texas Tech Alumni Association of the Hill Country @$XK & Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the Hill Country @$XK). These funds will go into the coalition’s account with the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country, our Coalition’s fiscal agent.  (The Community Foundation Texas Hill Country / TCFTHC; 607 North Milam, P.O. Box 212; Fredericksburg, TX  78624-0212; 830-896-8811 & 830-343-7712; CommunityFoundation.Net)
    • We are currently editing the required Donor Form & when this is completed these forms will clearly define who the payee should be for donor checks. These donor forms with checks attached can dropped off at or mailed to the HCUC (exact location TBD).  These will be picked up by Bob Hickerson or one of the other Finance Committee personnel & taken to TCF.
  • Hill Country University Center Foundation will fill in needed cash-flow gaps in case immediate expenses exceed current balance for our Coalition’s fiscal account with the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country
  • We need to continuously provide White@TTU.edu with e- & hard-copy versions of your reports or summary notes. Alice has agreed to compile a helpful roadmap for 2018 & subsequent years’ committees.
  • Draft budget assumes 250 people at events = 100 golfers & 75 spouses, 25 FFC Core Group members & 50 underwriters/sponsors. Projected expenses = $161.8K
  • The final decision need to be made regarding:
    • How best to show case our HCUC Site
    • Where to have our “gala” (or whatever we decide to call our special event)?
    • Players are entitled to how many guest at Cocktail party & Gala?
    • Sponsors/Underwriters will be entitled to 1 guest (or more, TBD) at No Charge for to-be-determined level of sponsorship.
    • If other guests are invited, what fee should be charged?
    • How many tents to order for Boot Ranch &/or HCUC? — given that Becker Vineyard’s concurrent event at HCUC has been postponed for 1 yr.
    • Process to send Forging Futures Golf Classic branded, personalized thank-you notes to all sponsors, donors, volunteers, etc. Community Foundation will provide a donor-friendly IRS approved receipt for donations – including $X that may be tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
    • Cocktail party at Boot Ranch: to see place, enjoy amenities & have directions for next-day breakfast & golf-tournament

 Committees’ Status Reports

Continue to be synergistic.  Whenever you need assistance from other committees, proactively ask. 

For your convenience in e-communicating with each other (alphabetized by first number or letter of reader-friendly e-address — ready to copy & paste into the “To” or “cc” or “bcc” area of your e-correspondence):  Mary Brogan’s e-address?  1943RAB@GMail.com; Alice.White@TTU.edu; ALogue@AllenLawLLP.com; Brad.Hardin@ABTexas.com; BrentWaldoch@Live.com; Dawn@August-Es.com; DoubleM71@HotMail.com; DonnaM@GasteHaus.com; ED@HCUCenter.org; HayesPE@GMail.com; JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com; Kathy.Estes@FrostBank.com; Lance.Pickle@TTU.edu; Marc.Lee.Williamson@GMail.com; MesquiteSage@Yahoo.com; Mike@MikesProjects.com; PMMoser@SBCGlobal.Net; RHickerson9@GMail.com;

Names of 20 committee members, alphabetically by the 1st letter of 1st name:  Alana Logue, Alice White, Bob Bates, Bob Hickerson, Brad Hardin, Brent Waldoch, Dawn Ouanesavanh, Donna Mittel, Kathy Estes, Kim Kimmey, Lance Pickle, Marc Williamson, Mary Brogan, Michelle Weberpal, Mike Skinner, Paul Hayes, Paulette Moser, Sam & Patti Sagebiel & Tom Hutton

Coordination & Steering:  Bob Bates     Event is on the 2017 FBG/Gillespie County Calendar, available to residents and visitors through the Visitor Center.  Bob continues to follow all aspect of the tournament planning and peripheral activities that will make this event successful.  This includes getting the Texas Tech/Coalition documents signed, sealed and delivered.

Continuous Improvement / Quality Control monitor:  Tom Hutton      Tom continues observing what we are doing and making suggestions for improvement for this and future events.

Marketing / Correspondence:  Kim Kimmey, Mike Skinner     Reminders:  Kim & Mike have reserved www.ForgingFutures.org & http://www.ForgingFutures.com for future use and/or to keep others from “borrowing” our Website for their uses.       Kim gave a quick but thorough tour of the Website & invited all committee members to copy-&-paste or key into our top-bar / Internet browser:  MikesProjects.com/project1 [then use password = ffgc123] to take your own, self-guided tour at your convenience.  Afterwards, please share your comments with her at ED@HCUCenter.org & with Mike at Mike@MikesProject.com  They will add respective sponsor-level benefits onto the Website’s Sponsor page.  There will be e-payment option for sponsorship payments & a“donate” button for folks who simply want to be “Friends” of Forging Futures by donating but not attending.  To avoid donor fatigue (by having donors, sponsors & friends re-key their name & contact information), Kim Kimmey will harvest – from the Community Foundation — all donors,’ sponsors,’ & friends’ contact information for future use

Finance:  Bob Hickerson & Mike Kimmey     Contact Bob Hickerson to comment on his proposed budget.  Mike Kimmey has entered all budget information onto a very helpful Quick Books database? / spreadsheet?  Community Foundation has provided Kim Kimmey with two, swipe-card readers.  Also, sponsors & donors may pay on-line via Community Foundation process.

Sponsorships:  Brent Waldoch, Michelle Weberpal & Mary Brogan      Kim, Michelle, Mary & Brent are continuing to gather lists of potential contributors & request that all members of the Core Group provide ED@HCUCEnter.org with contact information for people &/or organizations that might donate.  Major sponsors who pay by pre-determined date will be featured on invitations.  After the date, then all sponsors will be recognized on Website & at golf course.  Benefits to sponsors for each sponsorship level?  One sponsor per hole? @$1,000 / hole?   Appropriate dollar-level of sponsorship(s)?  Reserved seating for sponsor(s)?

Golf:  Paul Hayes     Boot Ranch personnel have provided logistical information for the event & have ideas about what BR might offer as activities to add a little “flavor & fun” to the on-course experience.  On-going discussion about “goody bags or memorabilia” for participants.  Food & beverages on the golf course @$30+  Invite in-town vendors to provide food & beverages on the course?  TX Assoc. of Beverage Control regulations:  alcohol served only by licensed Boot Ranch employees – not volunteers.  Concessions:  stationary or circulating?  Paul has calculated all aspects of the tournament’s timing.  Hole contests?  Automobile give-away?

Housing/Transportation:  Donna Mittel       Donna will provide information for our Website & collateral materials.

Hospitality:  Dawn Ouanesavanh & Paulette Moser      Dawn, Brent & Bob B. met at August E’s in January to discuss several options for both the cocktail party & Gala dinner.  This planning continues.  As noted in the “final decisions” bullet point, with the cancellation of the Becker Winery event, we will continue to discuss where the Gala (or whatever) will be held.

Volunteer Coordination:  Marc Williamson     FBG High School Golf coaches & their student, golf team will assist whenever they can.  If you know of other groups that might possibly be interested in helping, please contact Marc with those names.  Volunteer needs can be easily filled; also, equipment:  tables, tents, shuttle service:  14-person van @$100/hr. for two days:  expensive!  (from 2-3 parking areas to club house & back) or via golf carts & volunteers to shuttle guests?

Auction:  Alana Logue & Kathy Estes (also, Jeannie Jackson, Liz Neuberger & Janet Smiljanic)     Kathy has contracted with popular, energetic auctioneer Mr. Bost & his spotter @$3,700 with $500 non-refundable down payment.  To avoid donor fatigue, live-auction items will be limited to 5, ranging in price from $7K – $36K.   This committee is actively working on potential auction items (e.g., Belize Islands’ tour package:  5 nights for 5 couples – an entire island to themselves … plus, a personal chef, staff; signed sports mementos from TX Tech; exotic hunting trip; trip to Burgundy-area in France; golf week-end at Pebble Beach, CA; antique rifles, guns, clocks, estate jewelry & art; up-scale dinner-for-12 at a FBG home; purchase of a pedigree Longhorn with an event at a rancher’s home; etc.) & a donation-only event at the conclusion of the live auction.

Caveat:  Minimum bid required to ensure payment-in-full to person or company offering certain items for auction.  Thus, if the minimum bid is not met, then it is a no-sale item & there will be no loss for person providing the item and no cost for our four-entity coalition.  Auctioneer Bost recommends 5 or fewer, high-dollar, live-auction items – commensurate to entry fee.  Live auction during cocktail party or dinner?  Testimonial from a scholarship recipient.  Bost has successfully concluded live auctions with a “Paddles UP” interaction:  he auctions off a glass of water for the value of a scholarship (e.g., $10K/yr. x 4 yr. = $40K).  At registration, auctioneer provides paddles with large-sized numbers for easy-sight bidding & gets credit-card information up front – faster process (v. laborious, wait-in-line, information gathering after the auction)

Closing Comments

Thank you for your can-do, creative, generous spirit.  With your support, together we will fulfill our vision of Texas Hill Country:  Enriched through Higher Education!

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