Spay-neuter vouchers for lower-cost spay-neuter of your / your adopted, feral or neighborhood cat(s) &/or dog(s) through the Humane Society of West Texas: & 806-239-2841

Contact & 806-239-2841 to purchase a Humane Society of West Texas (Lubbock, NW, Texas area) low-cost, spay-neuter voucher to have your adopted, neighborhood &/or feral cat(s) &/or dog(s) neutered.  HSWT’s free-roaming cat voucher is $67 & will cover spay/neuter, rabies & ear-tip.*

*  Ear-tipping is to make sure there is a noticeable feature to let animal services or others know that the cat has been spayed or neutered.  It protects the cat in case someone is trapping free-roaming cats & taking them to the pound.

The Lubbock-area veterinarians whom the Humane Society of W. TX works with are really amazing & do a lot to help needy animals in West Texas.  If you are adamant that the ear-tipping be different, you will have to contact the one of the vets & work something out with them; however, if the ears are not tipped in an obvious way, the kitty may be at risk.

Beth Howard, Office Manager, 806-239-2841

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