Forging Futures 2017 Classic: start-up notes

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As I stated in the memo to select a date for our next core group meeting, I said I would send out an e-mail stating what I wanted each committee chair to be prepared to elaborate on relative to their responsibilities.  What follows is the basic information I would like you to share with the rest of the core group.  If you have additional information to share, feel free.  This, hopefully, will set the stage for a synergistic approach to us working both individually and together to make this inaugural tournament a success.

The first request is that everyone who has and uses contact information for donors, sponsors, suppliers, vendors, etc. to forward that information to me and to Alice White so we can keep a list of all these people.  It will serve as a source of information for the future and will provide us with the necessary information to formally communicate our gratitude to them for their contribution(s).

I will select a person to serve as our continuous quality improvement monitor for this event so that we can learn from both our successes and “stumbles” in preparation for future events like this.

Marketing and Correspondence:

Basic information:

  • Share information you have at this time on logos.
  • Tell us where you stand on a webpage development.
  • Talk about letterheads and other documentation to be used in correspondence inside/outside the core group.
  • Work with Alice White and others on contacts with former athletes, coaches, Tech Administrators, known alumni contributors in Tech activities, BR members, etc. for a “save-the-date” notification. (Work with Golf Committee.)
  • Start designing a poster board noting a “wish list” of programs/projects with the estimated cost for each item.
  • Begin the initial listing of contributors. (Working with Sponsorship, Coordination and Steering, and Auction Committees, Tech Alumni Chapter and others).
  • Work with Hospitality Committee to set up the Kick-Off Brunch/Luncheon with local dignitaries. Have newspaper, radio, TV representation at the Kick-Off meeting.
  • State where you need additional information from other committees in order to complete your task.
  • Tell the group how we can help you with fulfilling your responsibilities.
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