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The Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg, Texas   Draft  1-‘17

1-’18:  Doss School Administrator Gwen Stockbridge:  GStockbridge@Doss.TxEd.Net through Jane Woellhof, Gillespie County Country Schools

Forging bright, prosperous Futures for youth, families, enterprises & communities throughout the Hill Country     

 Proactively & effectively attracting, maximizing & leveraging enterprise-opportunities & revenue streams that provide ever-increasing financial support for the HCUC

 Inspiring academic, career-development, community enrichment       

Ensuring in perpetuity a solid financial foundation for operational needs       

Leveraging assets for mutually beneficial opportunities

 Overview     In 2001 Texas Tech University came to the Texas Hill Country, an area that represented the largest underserved population in the State of Texas for higher education.  Hill Country-area leaders & the City of Fredericksburg had harbored a strong desire for higher education.   They have supported the higher-education effort to the extent possible — including utilization of city land where the community-funded Hill Country University Center resides.  In the early HCUC years, the State of Texas provided a special line item that supported, in part, TTU campuses in Fredericksburg & Marble Falls.

Personal Perspectives     People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.     THEREFORE consider an on-going, friend-making, in-person strategy:  offer to treat folks to a cup of coffee & to hear their ideas for 15 min. max.

to show communities that the HCUC cares about them / values them — by visiting sites within each community in the HCUC geographical service area at least semi-annually & hosting a speed-networking luncheon semi-annually in selected communities – in order to

Get acquainted with formal & informal leaders through each community:

Proactively discover new friends & their opinions & perspectives about each town’s goals, needs & assets

Generously offer HCUC resources that may help communities achieve their goals & update the offers & opportunities based on input from new friends throughout HCUC service area

How to get started

Design a one-page, two-sided, full-color, card-stock document with handy, helpful resources

Challenge readers to help themselves to the resources in terms of wherever they work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive:  i.e., in all dimensions of their lives

  • Include Kim’s photo, contact information & her offers to speak at trainings, meetings, seminars (city council, leadership programs, parents or faith-based gatherings; graduations, celebrations; career days; weekly or monthly meetings of local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Optimists, Zonta, etc. organizations)
  • Suggest HCUC as everyone’s “home base” for reunions, celebrations, memorials, learning, training; providing their services as a trainer or facilitator
  • Include the half-dozen HCUC endowments at the Community Foundation
    • Coordinate photo opportunities when HCUC / CF grants / HCUC scholarships are awarded &/or include a special-invitation reception for honorees prior to HCUC May graduation ceremonies
  • Include Workforce Commission contact information!  Why?  Help with resume-writing, interview skills, MONEY for certain income-level students going into high-priority technical / career areas
  • Include Community Foundation contact information:  to relieve school districts from having to be responsible for time-consuming Booster Club accounting requirements; to provide consultancy services if families want to memorialize or honor a deceased student, teacher, beloved staff member, etc.
  • Suggest rental of HCUC room(s):  for family school or family reunions, school or memorial events, weddings?  Photo opportunities for brides-to-be, graduations; etc. business-training or retreat site
  • Invite schools’ counselors to nominate 3 sophomores & 3 juniors to complete for 15 slots – to serve as ushers, greeters & helpers during all TX Tech graduation ceremonies (or OLLI events or Rotary or community events or Career Fairs, etc. at the HCUC, etc.)
  • Invite student, teacher, staff & administrators’ organizations to submit to HCUC opportunities to purchase advertising space in yearbooks, student newspapers, graduation fliers, co-sponsor “Best wishes photos in local newspapers – of all graduating seniors at each high school; booster-club publications, Parent Teacher Association / parents’ groups, local Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Take along HCUC- &/or TTU- &/or CTC-branded mementos for folks willing to meet with you – find out how many more items they would like to have for students, colleagues, family, etc.

Visit FBG Convention & Visitors Bureau & get their feedback about your handout, mementos, how to improve 10-min. visit, handout; whether you could get HCUC information included in all incoming conferences’ & conventions’ goodie-bags

Schools & school districts within the geographical area:  get how-to advice from EricW@FISD.org

Whom to visit first; why, when & how to network with administrative personnel, housekeepers, bus drivers; willing, positive counselors, teachers, staff – for 10 min. maximum during their regular meetings?  One-on-one as their & your time allow.  What HCUC can offer to schools, school districts:  TTU resources, CTC resources – including Phi Theta Kappa honor society connections; meaningful connections with Rotary’s youth programs & other service clubs (that can provide volunteers, donors, judges, advocates, prospective school-board members, Reality Check kits @$500 per school for on-going use; etc.)  Offer to hang each school’s banner within HCUC Hall of Fame (within snack-bar area on main floor or upstairs?)  Office-supply closets, volunteers for on-going &/or special events.   Get HCUC onto Pokeman GO & other geo-caching games – to find their school banner within HCUC, etc.  Find out from TX Tech Athletics what HCUC can legally offer to schools (given NCAA rules):  posters, banners, visits by the Masked Ride & horse, cheer squad, mascot(s), pom squad; drill team, etc. — & if such visits can happen, then pleasepleaseplease remind all TX Tech athletes to tell young students that the athletes are TX Tech students, what their academic majors are, what their professional & career plans are – otherwise, the young student will be clueless that the athletes are also STUDENTS who do well in class & aspire to their own careers (not just the NFL) after athletics

Create exciting festivals &/or fun contests, recruit volunteer judges & award HCUC- / CTCD- & TTU-branded prizes to winners (invite parents, grandparents, families to the awards ceremony)

Answer two questions on the CTCD &/or TTU applications     Design a front page for HCUC Web site     Write an essay about the meaning of Rotary’s 4-Way Test     Envision their life-long success as a family legacy     Student art to display throughout HCUC

Come to college today!  Invite folks to volunteer at HCUC (to boost their resume; job, college & scholarship applications) & suggest various kinds of duties:  tours, welcome, guides to the appropriate room; set up & run Reality Check experiential-learning exercises (for 5th graders & older – including adults) at area schools or during visits to HCUC; etc.

Create & prepare thank-you goodie bags for area schools’ bus drivers, counselors, teachers, staff members, parents, cooks, housekeepers

Add others’ resources to your ever-growing HCUC list of resources

Routinely ask for other school districts’ or organizations’ top three points of pride & their top three most unusual resources (e.g., FISD tiny houses; robotics competition, dual credit with mileage reimbursement; “soft skills” successes; etc.)

Your perpetual-motion, friend-making Strategy

IF you like the person you just met with, ask them for two or three of their most-admired, most-trusted colleagues … & their contact information … for you to visit next – to share your resources & to learn from their wisdom.  Ask if you may say that your new friend had referred you to them.

Where to visit in each town?

Leaders / superintendents of public & private schools / school districts & get their “next step” recommendations about which school(s) & which personnel to briefly meet with

Law enforcement:  they would love for HCUC to sponsor police-academy training!  They know which local youth organizations & faith-based sites are effective with youth

Three top non-profits in town that work with youth or adults aspiring to better themselves     Three top faith-based organizations in town     Public libraries, tourism & chambers of commerce organizations

On-going friend-making & friend-keeping habits

Clip-&-mail positive information from local newspaper(s) to schools – whenever they & their students are mentioned positively

Compare the strategies (above) to ideas that a 15-min. chat with Ernie Loeffler or Tim Lemert or Penny McBride might offer to you – about creating perpetual, abundant revenue streams for HCUC

Meet with The Masters

Janie.Ramirez@TTU.edu to ask her about Project Future, Back-to-School Fiesta, P-16 Council, Raiders Rojos National Alumni Association, grant$ received

Dr. Caroline Eidson & Lisa Fielder about College Forward strategies & successes

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