from Cynthia Price-Glynn: reflections on playing the piano

11-7-’16:  .. If you do it [music] for enjoyment & to feel mystical pleasure you can make music at any level of competence by just exploring the sounds you can evoke from the pianobecome friends & partners with the instrument.   Creating your own music for your own pleasure & varying moods can be daunting at first – – but doing it daily for just a few minutes can improve your ideas & free your inhibitions.   Of course learning composed music can be wonderful – – as long as you don’t get frustrated by trying to play beyond your technique.  Yes you want to progress technique – – but at a leisurely pace so you have control & develop your musicality as your fingers-hands-wrists-lower arm-elbow-upper arm-shoulder feel your music-making whether it is simple & basic or complicated & virtuosic.

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