Purchase one-of-a-kind women’s clothing in Fredericksburg, TX

If you &/or you & your women friends want to see the CARLISLE women’s clothing selections … during each of our four seasons [www.CarlisleCollection.com], please contact Anne Weinheimer at Anne@Tx22.com or 830 456 3574 to schedule the best time for you.

Anne says:     I have beautiful, fashionable, classic styles, and then some edgy things to mix in.     I don’t sell two of anything in our community.  In other words, your coat/dress is now put away and no one else can purchase it.     I love to do this out of my home during the day for women who will make an appointment and shop, or women may come and bring friends if that is their preference.  I will also open my boutique for evening shopping parties if that is a desire.       Anne Weinheimer   CARLISLE CONSULTANT   www.carlislecollection.com   anne@tx22.com   830 456 3574

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