Young Life in Kerr County, TX

Young Life in Kerr County, TX  — recipients of the Mo Ranch Polar Bear Plunge 2016 with a goal to raise $30k through our efforts recruiting a diverse Polar Bear Court made up of community leaders representing both Ingram & Kerrville, as well as creating a community event that will bring out a large number of sliders on January 1, 2017. Mo Ranch directs 100% of the proceeds to the non profit they select each year so the monies raised goes directly to Kerr County Young Life. Last year we took almost 90 campers on one of our camp trips ranging from 6th-12th grades including students that represent the ethnic & socio-economic population in our community as well as teen moms with their babies through our program called YoungLives; & students from Schreiner University. In total we granted almost $25k in camp scholarships last summer but only about $13k of that was raised before summer. We ended summer with a $12k deficit in our camp account which is paid out through our Operating Budget putting that account in deficit as we close the fiscal year in September.

To promote the Polar Bear Plunge to the fullest extent & create excitement for our Polar Bear Court doing their best to raise funds for camp scholarship, we are seeking a matching grant we can advertise & promote in our marketing efforts. Our hope with the Court & in requesting a matching grant is that we can positively promote the businesses & organizations that are helping us send every kid to camp that has a desire to go regardless of their ability to pay.

As you can see from us taking a $12k deficit out of last summer we will not turn away a student, but in order to get keep our Camp Budget & Operating Budget out of deficit next summer we need to do everything we can to create awareness & raise the scholarship before summer begins.

Because the Polar Bear Plunge is a one-time event for us, our hope in requesting a matching gift is that we can use the total funds raised over the next 2 summers as we anticipate a greater need for camp scholarship in 2017 & 2018 as our program at Ingram High School continues to grow, & we launched our Wyldlife program at Ingram Middle School & will be taking 6th-8th grade students from there to camp as well.


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