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ARCS:  Achievement Rewards for College Scientists: or

ARCS Members,   The new website is up and running.  We just wanted to pass along a few notes about using the new site.  Please take a look at the content on the new site and make suggestions to your chapter content editor for updates.    We invite you to log in and look at the new format of the Member secure site.  As always, if you have any questions please contact

Logging on

You must be on the chapter site you want to log into.   An easy way to get to your chapter’s site is to first go to and then choose your chapter from the drop down “Chapters Across the US” in the top menu.  Alternatively, you can click on LOGIN at the top of the page on the National Site and select your Chapter from the drop down on the login page.

If you have never been a National Board member, enter your old Chapter username and password. If this doesn’t work, click “Forgot Your Password?”  and follow the directions.  If you had previously been assigned a National Board member username and password, use these credentials to log in to your Chapter.

If you have any difficulty logging in, please email for assistance.

Using the new Member Secure site (Member Portal)

When you are logged in you will see a new menu item on the right hand side of the normal menu that says “My Portal”.  No matter where you are on the website you can always return to the member secure site by clicking on this menu item.

On the Portal page you will see all the menu items from the old system, but now they are all listed together in the left hand menu:

Home Choosing this menu item brings up the home page for your chapter.  Return to the “My Portal” page by choosing “My Portal”.

Upcoming Events    Choosing this menu item will show you a list of any events that are planned by your chapter and set up on the website.

PATS Learning Portal This is the entry to all the PATS Learning Portal information.

Document Library This is the same document library, but with a new and improved file browser.  We have set the permissions on these libraries so that you will see only the libraries associated with your chapter(s) and the National Library.

Account Settings This is where you can change your password

Renew Your Membership (Not enabled on all chapters.)  If this option appears you can select this to renew your membership on-line.

Member Profile Choose this menu item to update your address and other personal information.

Getting To Know You This section of your user profile lets you indicate your interests in serving on committees and helping with chapter events.

Donate  Choose this option to make a donation to your chapter.

Help  Information about using the website.  Currently under construction.


Reports  This is where you can get lists of Chapter members, search for other ARCS members in any chapter and run a variety of Scholar reports.  These reports are currently being completed.  As soon as they are ready the Maintenance message will be removed.

Online Forms  If you want to order ARCS items or are required to fill out any forms, this is where you will find them.


  • When editing your profile be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of each page.
  • When you are done LOG OUT.
  • The Report section has a message to indicate, it is being worked on at this time. Once these reports are updated, you will be able to use the reports just like on the old site.
  • Under member profile, the phone numbers and your photo can be updated but not deleted. If you need to delete your photo or a phone number, please contact

Stay connected to ARCS!  Visit the National and Chapter websites periodically to find out what’s new in ARCS Foundation. Login to update your information and access Reports or Online Forms.

from ARCS Foundation Utah Chapter;  P.O. Box 240; Artesia, CA 90702-0240; United States


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