Three, 5-mo.-old kittens in Lubbock / NW, TX, need spay/neuter, shots & loving foster / furever home(s) &/or placed onto PetsMart or LAS Adoption Rows:

Please contact with your kitten- & cat-friendly contacts, suggestions, prospective foster &/or forever home(s) &/or e-forward to others who may be able to help.  Thank you for caring for the precious feline souls.

Kathleen, I strongly recommend that you contact my trusted friend George Torres,* Director of Lubbock Animal Services – to find out how he & his team may be able to help.  When I lived in Lubbock & fostered 150+ cats & kittens, more than three dozen of my foster cats & kittens found loving, forever homes by joining Adoption Row at LAS &/or by being taken by LAS to PetsMart’s Adoption Row.  If George & LAS don’t have the spay-neuter / vaccination funds for your three kittens, then please mention to George that he or his staff may contact me about my paying for your three kittens’ veterinary services.  About three weeks ago, he old me that he had families wanting to adopt kitten(s) & that he had open spaces on LAS Adoption Row for healthy, adoptable kittens.

*  806-775-2716; 806-775-2700; 806-799-7387; 806-775-2212; 806-775-2712; 806-775-2002; 806-549-4963

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