Contacts for Rebuild Turner Hall events in Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Rebuild Turner Hall events in downtown Fredericksburg, TX, USA:  2016:  $36K net donations & 64 new members for Turner Hall!; DADurst@CTESC.Net;;;;

KGraham Pearson sound 830-997-2271
Jan Fritz emcee 830-225-0728 & 830-997-2197

Greg Stone sound 214-354-8999

Bill Smallwood: 830-997-8505; Dawn Donalson:  830-456-0347; Duane Weinheimer:  830-329-6608      JAY SEALE: 992-0522

SAMMY GEISTWEIDT AND THE WAGON ACES:  830-889-0175; DADurst@CTESC.Net;;;;;;;;; LondonLonghorn@WildBlue.Net;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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