My three Offers:

  1. to e-introduce YOU & your most-admired community / education / service / animal-welfare / literacy / philanthropic / youth / adult-learning organization(s) to my 4,000+ geographically organized e-contacts – mostly in TX;
  2. to post your organization(s)’ information, Website(s), purposes, 3 Offers & 3 Wishes onto my blog that receives 30+ daily visits; &
  3. to e-share with you – upon request — my hundreds of cat-&-dog rescue e-addresses to further your animal-welfare goals.

My three Wishes:

1. to e-connect with & emulate no-kill cat-&-dog rescue organizations;

2. to share information with others about how I created perpetual revenue stream(s) for charitable causes I believe in – via endowments at various community, university, college, alumni, fraternal, service-focused, educational, 501c3; etc. foundations; &

3. to create an endowment to benefit charitable works of the TX Tech Feral Cat Coalition in Lubbock, TX.


To find out more or donate to the Seedling Foundation, 8001 Centre Park Dr., Suite 140, Austin, TX 78754, contact or visit    Seedling Foundation serves 600+ children (with one or both parents incarcerated) each year & currently has a waiting list of 150 students. Your donation will help Seedling provide training & support to current mentors & will provide mentors to students who don’t have one yet.


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