Helpful websites

Post your events at (Things to Do; Calendar; Submit an Event).  And refer friends, families & neighborsto (& select “Search for Services” in the middle of the page & then fill in two blanks about your needs & your location … & voila!  — a list of places/organizations that have what you need.  Or call 2-1-1 for referrals to resources you need.  2-1-1 helps first-generation families succeed in college through childcare, transportation, food, housing, domestic-violence prevention & more referrals.  Financial aid for college?  In Texas:  1-888-311-8881 (easy-to-remember phone number:  almost identical forwards & backwards).  One laptop per child:  give a laptop.  Change the  Do your good deed for the day in 15 seconds:  e-encourage a high school student to stay in school.  Everyday nearly 7,000 students drop out of high school:  help make it 6,999 by your e-boost of encouragement.  Reasons to boost:  a high school diploma looks good on any wall; compared to non-graduates of high school:  high school graduates are less likely to live in poverty or to be onpublic assistance; 7 times more likely to own a home; are in better health; 8 times less likely to go to jail.  E-boosting is good karma:  you’ve probably done something bad that you need to make up for, plus:  the children ARE our future.

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