Good triumphs

Good triumphs whenever we make our own, freely chosen decision for “good,” “kindness,” “generosity,” “unconditional loving kindness” & self-emancipating “forgiveness:” inspiring, emotional & spiritual journey of a grieving mother whose young, innocent daughter was murdered.  …  What makes a life event either easy or hard? Perhaps a better question would be what makes a life event something we suffer over or practice through? The answer:  Our relationship with ourselves & with Life. If we know, not intellectually but in our deepest being, that Life is living us perfectly, that what happens is never a reward or a punishment, that every situation is our very best opportunity to choose unconditional love, to awaken & end suffering, nothing is ever a problem.   – Cheri Huber from PEACE Quotes are offered by Living Compassion  transforming lives, ending suffering

Visual inspiration via modern artist Norman Rockwell’s collection:;

Let your brightest Light shine by emulating “Jumpy,” the dog’s example:; & other precious dogs’ reactions to being naughty or to climbing up or down stairs: &

Jimmy Stewart’s poem A Dog Named “Beau,” that brought Johnny Carson & his late-night- TV audience to tears: * for entire text, scroll downward to the bottom of this page;

the majestic, trusting elephant family who comes to dinner … right through the reception area of the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia, Africa:

Joyful surprise!  in 2012 young people in Moscow staged a “flash mob” happening by dancing to an 83-year-old American song, written by a Russian-born American Jew Irving Berlin:;  &popular songs & favorite cars of the 1950s & 1960s: & & the inspiration, brilliance, peace, unity & beauty of synchronized aerial- & floor-acrobatics by hundreds of performers:

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