a renaissance of wonder!

We need a renaissance of wonder. We need to renew, in our hearts & in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle & magic.  E. Merrill Root (1895-1973) American Writer

Marvel at world’s largest model railroad in Hamburg, Germany — with the world’s largest model airport @1,600-sq.ft.  Expansion plans through Year 2020 (begun in Year 2007,  $4.4M so far):  http://devour.com/video/miniatur-wunderland/www.miniatur-wunderland.com &www.facebook.com/MiniaturWunderlandHamburg &www.youtube.com/MiwulaTV;

six minutes of the joy, tenderness & wonder of baby animals: www.wimp.com/sixminutes/ & four minutes of cats training their human parents to pet them (copy & paste the address into your Web browser):  http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com/cats-say-pet-me-meow/?ORIGIN=FK_Trivia-6-05-2014&utm_source=fk&utm_medium=C4M&utm_campaign=pet-me-meow/;  or listen to the #1 song on the day of your birth:  http://playback.fm/birthday-song

beauty its wisdom:  (copy & paste into your browser) http://www.ThePastWhispers.com/Texas_Spring.html;

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