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Texas Tech University / Lubbock:  Tech Feral Cat Coalition:  https://www.facebook.com/TechFeralCatCoalition   2016-2017 Pres. Dawn.Warren@TTU.edu & 720-841-3474 & faculty-staff volunteers:  Shelley.Kemp@TTU.edu; Maggie.Durham@TTU.edu; other interested folks:  MelissaPierce@Yahoo.com; ShelleyKemp29@Yahoo.com; JenLynSpur@GMail.com; MAWilkinson 46@GMail.com; DrMag2129@SBCGlobal.Net; Kristin.Stanley@Angelo.edu; C24094U@Yahoo.com; Kym.Ruiz@TTU.edu; Kathryn.Terrell@TTU.edu; O.delGadillo@@TTU.edu; LaurieHvr@Yahoo.com; FDiPoppa@GMail.com; Dawn.Warren @TTU.edu; MVHatfield@GMail.com; Virginia.Downs@TTU.edu; Mark.Webb@TTU.edu;

2017 members of the TFCC and I have decided to sell t-shirts! I designed a few, and this is the one the group picked. I was hoping you could help me by spreading the word to any friends you may have that love cats!     The shirts are $15 each and we have a goal of selling 50, so far we have sold 27! This website in particular is awesome because I was able to design a shirt on four different colors and in two different styles, so there is something for everyone! The fund raiser goes through April 25, & orders will be shipped around May 8th.    Here is the link to the fundraiser: https://www.bonfire.com/tech-feral-cat-coalition/

Also, we have a Facebook! Please feel free to like us, and share our posts! I plan on using the page for informative TNR posts as well as keeping a log of the cats we capture and release while I try to find a friend who can make us a website! Here is a link that will take you directly to our page: https://www.facebook.com/TechFeralCatCoalition/ Tech Feral Cat Coalition


Tech Feral Cat Coalition. 53 likes · 131 talking about this. Keep up with Texas Tech students as we trap, neuter, and release feral cats found around campus!

A few more updates

  • The TFCC is hosting a table at the Eco-Fair in the Student Union Building on April 24th from 11 to 12:30. We will be passing out flyers, informing the general student body about what we do and how they can help, and giving out Life Savers (because we save lives.) If you’re around, feel free to stop by!
  • The group has decided to help Tech even more by planting a plot during Arbor Day on April 28th! We are very excited! Once again, if you happen to be around that day, stop by and see us!
    • If you cannot make it to these events, don’t worry! I will post pictures on our Facebook, and e-mail them to anyone that wants them!
  • I am currently in the process of partnering with the Tech Activities Board to host a pet food drive next semester, stay tuned!
  • I am moving into a house in May, and I will be here all summer to help! I am taking a summer class and planning Homecoming week, but I will be available to check feeders, traps, and anything else that needs done! I was thinking maybe we could have a table at a few of the New Student Orientations during the month of June!

from Tech Feral Cat Coalition Pres. Warren, 7-16-’16:     I think working concession stands would be so fun! I do not really want to work during football games, but I would love to work any other time! That is such an easy way to make money, especially once we get more new members! If we get a few people going regularly, I think we could earn a lot of money!

Fundraising Opportunity For Non-Profit Groups/Organizations job in Lubbock – JobSpotOnline.com …  http://jobs.jobspotonline.com/job/20055462/q-Food%20Counter%20Attendant-l-Lubbock?source=1

Spectra Food Service is looking for Non-Profit Organizations that would like to earn money by volunteering to work in concession stand during TTU sporting events, concerts & other special events.  Organizations are paid a commission on their nets sales from each event.  This posting is for Non-Profit-Organizations Only.  This is an outstanding fundraising opportunity for any NPO (501(C)3) who is interested in raising money for their organization/cause.


I also signed us up for a table at the 2016 Student Organization Fair during Welcome Week! The fair is on August 23rd from 5:30-7p: we have the second table from the beginning! Trevor & Evan said that they would come be at the table with me so I don’t think we need anymore help with that.  If I think of anything though, I’ll be sure to let you guys know! I was thinking that I would have a flier explaining the coalition & how to become a member through Orgsync & another one promoting Adopt, Don’t Shop. I am also going to include how to report an animal found on campus. I might need one of you to help me print them, we are going to want a lot. The fair was really busy last year, & there are always students looking for a chance to get more volunteer hours, so I think we will be a popular stop. I am also going to make at least three tee shirts, so that Evan, Trevor & I  look like a group at the fair. If anyone else wants a shirt, or has a design in mind, let me know! Also, if anyone has any pictures of cats we have trapped or fed or anything in the past, I would love to put a few on the board I’m making for our table!

I would like to have a regular schedule of general meetings, maybe twice a month?  I’m asking every new member to upload a copy of their schedule to Orgsync when they apply, so hopefully we will be able to plan times & places that work for everyone. I think having a couple of meetings a month would be a great way to get everyone on the same page & make it easy to plan volunteer opportunities, like working concessions or helping the Humane Society. We could also find times that people could go fill up the food dishes & check traps & whatever else needs done, so one person does not have to do all of the work! I would like to have some sort of attendance policy for members, I think a policy like that would discourage people from signing up & then never helping out.

My goal for the Coalition this year is to get more members that are committed to our group. I would like to see us having a dedicated team that does some volunteering, & I would like the members to have a role in feeding, trapping, or maybe just transporting the cats. My other goal is for the adults to not have to do as much work to make this happen. You all already put in a lot of hours to the school & to the education of me & the other students.  I want this to be fun & therapeutic for you —  rather than having it be









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