Fredericksburg, TX: school contacts

Fredericksburg, TX:  Schools’ contacts:

Superintendent / Rotary Club of FBG Morning:  Dr. Eric Wright:

FBG Elementary School on far No. Adams St.:  Principal Monica Ward:; Lori Maxcey:; Olga Peacock:  4th grade-level representative for FES (Dr. Eric Wright, Supt. of Fredericksburg School District; in “my” Rotary Club of FBG Morning):  a visionary, effective leader, sincerely friendly, approachable & an all-around good guy:  everyone loves him.  His father was a school superintendent & a Rotarian.  His mother recently had surgery to correct her childhood bout with polio – hence Eric’s deep interest in helping  Rotary International End Polio Now campaign.  Another thing about Eric is that he has formed a multi-school-district consortium — for mutually beneficial, education-enriching contacts, so Eric will have folks’ contact information & friendships within & among surrounding school districts – if Alice’s son wants to ask him about those contacts.

Former FISD supt. Dr. Marc Williamson (, who is a board member with TX Educ. Agency’s “Education Service Region 13:  (a very, very big deal), that provides the political power to make systematic educational-reform changes for ALL school districts in the Greater Austin (including FBG) geographical area.  Marc will also have endless contacts & wise (& hilarious) advice about which school districts to contact — & which not to contact.  – if Alice’s son wants to ask him about those contacts.

Dr. will have first-hand experience & opinions about all of the local & surrounding school districts – including contacts for each school / school district.

extremely wise, experienced, trust-worthy person … to chat informally & confidentially about any & everything school-related, I would talk with my
FBG Morning Rotary friend Della Zey, a reading teacher at FBG Elementary School (in the no. Llano St. / Adams St. area of FBG):  DellaZ@BeeCreek.Net

Misc. private school contacts – who can guide Alice’s son along the how-to-meet folks & various procedures or local habits … to make himself available for teaching position(s) route:

St. Mary’s School, 202 S. Orange St., FBG; 830-997-3914 (sole phone # for school & all teachers, staff, administrators):  Principal John “Main” & 4th grade teacher Debbie Klein:  830-998-1645: not much of an e-mail user;

Heritage School / private, liberal-arts K-12, I think; 310 Smokehouse Rd.; 830-997-6597 & 4th-grade teacher Kerri Zschappel [pronounced “Chapel”]


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