annual Arbor Day, tree-planting project @$1.79 per student: Ask

from Debra Ersch []:

“Effective,” “inexpensive,” “easy” & “fun” … Words that 2,785 businesses & civic groups use to describe how the Fourth Grade Foresters Project benefits them.

We work to revitalize the celebration of Arbor Day in America’s schools by finding sponsors to send their local fourth graders home with a tree to plant on Arbor Day. Texas Arbor Day is coming up on Friday, November 4th! It’s easy for your club to sponsor elementary students near you:

1. Just call me at 402-429-9722 & tell me which schools you may want to sponsor.

2. I will send a list with the approximate number of fourth graders in each school. Because sponsorship is only $1.79 per student, you’ll know right away if this project fits into your budget.

3. When you decide to sponsor, I will contact your school, verify the number of students, & get the principal’s “okay” to accept trees for Arbor Day.

4. You will then receive an invoice from me for the number of students X 1.79 each. That $1.79 charge includes: individually bagged trees for each student, a personalized recognition card featuring your club name & Rotary logo, a planting and care card & shipping to one location (club house or directly to one school).

5. You decide how involved your club wants to be in distributing the trees on Arbor Day. You may have club members help hand out trees to students, or the fourth grade teachers can give them out. Either way, the recognition card attached to each tree tells your local fourth graders that your club cares about them, your community & the environment.

It’s really that simple. So just call me at 402-429-9722 or reply to this email for more information. I’ll be glad to hear from you. Debra Ersch, Co-founder Fourth Grade Foresters 402-429-9722 P.S.

The deadline to participate is September 30th. Thank you!

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