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EFFECTIVE feline-positive LEUKEMIA & AIDS TREATMENT   4Life Transfer Factor Classic Formula  sold only on the internet – or through distributors.  Expensive!  Watch for best deals at http://www.Amazon.com @$34 per bottle of 90 or @$32  per bottle if purchased by the carton.  Shipping costs vary, depending on the distributor.

Transfer Factor is expensive, so, not all your adopters would be able to afford it.  But it is worth suggesting.    And, it can save tremendously on veterinary bills in general!

Please mention the life-saving TF formula in your Web pages about feline AIDS & leukemia.  You may contact me / refer people to me –  for help with questions / dosing; needs to be given at least 3 times/day … dosing can vary greatly – depending on the illness/animal; etc.  I’ve had a lot of experience with it.  I will not charge anything.  I just want to help the animals.

P.S.  The time frame (for false positive AIDS test-results in kittens) keeps going up:  from 6 mo., to 9 mos.   Recent articles by veterinarians document a reversal!   from positive to negative-test results – in kitties as old as 10 months. Could end up being even longer!

If you want to try TF, use the 4LifeTransfer Factor Classic formula — NOT the cat or dog formula – or the formulas with mushrooms or other ingredients included. (e.g., If an animal/person has any yeast/fungal infection – even unnoticed – a formula with yeast/fungus – will make the animal/person WORSE.   And, if there are other ingredients – you can OVERDOSE these – if you need to give high doses of Transfer Factors (which are needed for serious conditions). And – if there are other ingredients – you cannot use it Intra Venously or Sub-cutaneously .

AIDS-POSITIVE & Leukemia-Positive cats CAN be treated.  With 4LifeTransfer Factor.
It doesn’t “cure” the disease – but – it builds up the wbc’s – so the animal’s immune system – becomes“normal”. [Should do the same for Leukemia]

I know this because I’ve had personal experience with using Transfer Factor for Feline AIDS.  I used to distribute TransferFactor  (Because I used so much for myself & my cats, it was cheaper this way!).  I gave it to someone who called me to try it as a Last Resort – for her AIDS cat:  He was crashing – All his white blood cells were VERY low. He was on the way out.  Her vet could not do anything for him.  Owner started him on 4Life Transfer Factor Classic Formula.  The cat rallied! Right away!  The next blood work he had (2 months?) showed that all white blood cells were up in the normal range.  After the cat improved – his Owner kept him on low doses of Transfer Factor, & he went on to live for many years – happy & HEALTHY.

WHAT TRANSFER FACTORS ARE  This is the medical name for the molecules in Colostrum (First Mother’smilk) – which transmit immunities to newborn babies. In pre-antibiotic days, doctors would often use it to treat severe illnesses.

COLOSTRUM, which contains Transfer FactorMolecules – is nowhere near as effective.  This company extracts- JUST the Transfer Factor Molecules from theColostrum.  So, it’s MUCH more concentrated – and – the formulation Irecommend – 4Life Transfer FactorClassic Formula – which is marketed for people – can be used cross-species – for ANY animal – because it contains no milk (Colostrumdoes).  And – it can be used sub-cutaneously(Or, IV by Vet.) – because it consists of ONLY TF Molecules.  I have found NO OTHER COMPANY selling just pure Transfer Factor molecules.

This TransferFactor formula is like a miracle cure for virtually any illness. TF can even be used topically to treat things like Ringworm – or just Itching.    And, it also seems to have the capability to help repair germinal cells (The cells that develop into tissues/organs). I’ve saved many cats/kittens with it – that vets had given up on!  With MANY different conditions. (And, it is the only thing that helps me with my Lyme Disease.)

IN MY OWN EXPERIENCE     In addition to saving the AIDS cat above – it has saved the life of a 7-week-old kitten already comatose from Distemper

An adolescent kitten with Wet FIP – who vet said would only live 2-3 more days. [I weaned him off the Steroids given by the vet – very slowly – while increasing the Transfer Factor Doses.  Kitty did much better once on the TF alone –Started eating on his own, running around playing with other kitties, etc.  This kitty did die a few months later – but – the supplements (including the TF) – had been changed by someone else.        Don’t know if he would have continued as healthy or not – if the supplements had not been changed.  At least he had several months of a healthy, happy life.

A 6-year old cat with aggressive Mammary Tumor Cancer

Cats / Kittens with difficult, Upper Respiratory infections,

A totally emaciated 7 week old kitten (so emaciated that her eye SOCKETS were prominent on her face.  And – she pooped ONLY worms.)

TF saved the life of a cat who had eaten 6 leaves of a Lily plant & was already Comatose.  No one expected her to live.  Her vet was open-minded enough to try the TF subcutaneously.  She RALLIED.  Didn’t even have any kidney damage(which is how Lilies kill) – when she was tested 3 weeks later.  Vet was flabbergasted. As per the TF Company Vets I called – The TF destroyed the Free Radicals.


As you know – CRF is a progressive disease – Meaning it will continue getting worse & worse.  HOWEVER – I researched – & decided to try this 4Life Transfer Factor Classic Formula for my 3 CRF cats.  I had my vet check their bloods every 2-3 months.  At one point – he told me that ALL THREE NO LONGER HAD CRF.  The damage that was done – was done. But – It had stopped progressing.  This is unheard of! This WAS
because of the Transfer Factor.  (Eileen Poole – a Leukemia cat rescuer, who I respected as being VERY knowledgeable – had also told me it could stop CRF).

I use TF for any sickly animal. – There’s no Guarantee – but, it usually does the job!  It is very safe(It’s from Mother’s Milk!).  And, it can be used along with medications, as it does not interfere with ANY.  [EXCEPT for HIGH-Dose Steroids.  This interference is INDIRECT – since the high-dose steroids knock out Immune Cells – while the TF builds them up.]

The only potential side-effect from using Transfer Factor – INFREQUENTLY – is that the animal/person – can get diarrhea.  This is not from the TF directly.  It’s from the toxins released by a high load of germs being killed off.  So – keep some Gerber’s Baby Rice Cereal around – in case.  It will dissolve instantly in wet foods to control the diarrhea. (And, lower – don’t stop -the TF dose temporarily.)

Cats generally like the taste.  If I empty capsules of TF onto the top of my cats’ food – the first one there – will lick it all off.  For the “exceptional” cat that won’t eat it – It can be mixed into a small amount of food – so you know they get it all.

For young, nursing kittens – without a mom-cat – If you mix TF into their formulas- it will substitute WELL for Mom’s milk. They’ll get all the immune factors they need.



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