HCUC Consortium of TX Tech Hill Country organizations

Hill Country University Center Consortium of TX Tech Hill Country organizations (TX Tech Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, TX Tech Colleges of Education & of Arts & Sciences, TX Tech Foundation, HCUC Foundation, Hill Country’s TX Tech Alumni Assoc.)

Proposed Oct. 2017 golf-tournament, fund-raising event at Boot Ranch:  8-10 mi. no. of FBG on Milam St. / FM 965 on west side of road.     1943RAB@GMail.com; ALogue@AllenLawLLP.com; RHickerson9@GMail.com; BrentWaldoch@Live.com; Dawn_Weightman@MSN.com; DonnaM@GasteHaus.com; Kathy.Estes@FrostBank.com; KKimmey@TheWorkKS.com; Lance.Pickle@TTU.edu; Marc.Lee.Williamson@GMail.com; Mike@MikesProjects.com; Monty@GarrettInsurance.com; MesquiteSage@Yahoo.com; HayesPE@GMail.com; PMMoser@SBCGlobal.Net>; JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com;

Bob Bates:  1943RAB@GMail.com; Shelby.Crews@TTU.edu; JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com; ED@HCUCenter.org; SpiderJohnson@GMail.com;



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