Help AZ with your best K-12 education initiatives

Help AZ with your best K-12 education initiatives

Please e-share your best K-12 strategies, programs, projects & ideas with my friend in AZ.  Thank you.  Continued success & best wishes with your P-20 initiatives.    Alice, 2005-2010, South Plains Closing the Gaps Coalition; 2002-2004 College for Texans Campaign

From: Richard Holcomb:]  Thursday, March 31, 2016   A New Opportunity for Leadership and Service

.. I am now serving as Senior Consultant to the Arizona Business and Education Coalition (ABEC) a unique and strong leader in creating a positive future for K-12 education in Arizona.

As its name suggests, ABEC brings together leaders from business and education to network, collaborate and speak with an informed, unified voice to the people who shape education policy and delivery in the state. President and CEO Dick Foreman, a public affairs executive in the utility industry and lay leader in education for more than 25 years, has brought new strength and exceptional savvy to ABEC, which will celebrate its 15th year in 2017.

My current assignment is to help ABEC increase its already growing membership, capacity and influence.     I am also engaged in the creation of new initiatives designed to expand public awareness and involvement in the pivotal decisions which will set the long term direction of public education in the next 1-2 years. My work hours are half time, but my devotion to this vital cause is central to my life as a citizen of Arizona.

I have appreciated the interest and support of so many of you as I have sought opportunities to apply my experience and talents in our community and state, and am especially grateful for this new opportunity.        Dick Foreman and I welcome your ideas for collaboration with you and/or other individuals and organizations who care deeply about providing real, lasting opportunities for success to all young citizens of Arizona.

Warm regards,

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