Wichita, KS-area, community-access radio station 95.5 FM KSUN for everyday people

KSUN 95.9 FM, community radio station, is licensed by Sunflower Community Action, a 501c3 organization that fights for voting rights & for racial & economic justice.  Mass-media platform for organizations that otherwise had limited access to disseminate their messages.

Sunflower Community Action empowers everyday people to create a just society in which all are respected with equal rights & opportunities to live healthy & secure lives.

We will have programs on behalf of the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center, the Native American Council of Elders, the African American Council of Elders, the Ministerial League, Interfaith Ministries, the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature, etc.

WSU’s station, KMUW, is fully supportive because they know they can’t serve the kinds of diverse audiences & constituencies that we can with KSUN. Though our signal only has a two-mile radius now, we are arranging to put the antenna on a high building that will offer a five-mile radius. But the most important thing is that it will be streamed online in the next few months & the programs available through podcasts.

Carl Williams, Radio Station KSUN Project Liaison, Sunflower Community Action Volunteer; 316-371-1735; 261 N. Armour; Wichita, KS 67206; WCarl@ATT.Net

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