Greetings from Rotary International 2016-2017 President-elect

Greetings from Rotary International 2016-2017 President-elect John Germ:


THE THEME: ROTARY SERVING HUMANITY Rotary has been many things to many people in the last 111 years. Through Rotary, our members have found friends, community, & a sense of purpose; weve forged connections, advanced our careers, & had incredible experiences we couldn’t have had anywhere else — every week, when 35,000+ Clubs around the world, Rotarians come together to talk, laugh, & share ideas.

But above all, we come together for one overriding goal: service. Service to humanity has been the cornerstone of Rotary since its earliest days, & has been its main purpose ever since. I believe that there is no better path to meaningful services today than Rotary membership; & no organization better placed to make a real & positive difference in our world. No others organization so effectively brings together committed, capable professionals in a wide variety of fields, & enables them to achieve ambitious goals. Through Rotary, we have the capacity, the network, & the knowledge to change the world: the only limits are the ones place on ourselves.

Today, our organization is at a critical point: an historic juncture that will determine, in so many ways, what comes next. Together, we have provided extraordinary service in our world; tomorrow, our world will depend on us to do even more. Now is the time to capitalize on our success as we complete the eradication of polio, & catapult Rotary forward with determination & enthusiasm, to be an even greater force for good in the world. Of the many lessons polio eradication has taught us, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: that if we want to bring all of Rotary forward, weve all got to be moving in the same direction.

Continuity of leadership, at the Club, District, & RI level, is the only way we will flourish, & achieve our full potential. It is not enough simply to bring new members & form new Clubs; our goal is not more Rotarians, but more Rotarians who can achieve more good Rotary work, & will become the Rotary leaders of tomorrow. Near the end of his life, reflecting on the path that brought him to Rotary, Paul Harris wrote:

“Individual effort may be turned to individual needs, but combined effort should be dedicated to the service of mankind. The power of combined effort knows no limitation.”

He could hardly have imagined then that one day, more then 1.2 million Rotarians would be combining their efforts, &, through their Rotary Foundation, their resources, to serve humanity together. And we can only imagine what great deeds Paul Harris would have expected of such a Rotary! It is our responsibility to achieve those deeds; as it is our privilege to carry forth the.Tradition of Rotary Serving Humanity.

Sincerely [signed] John John Germ       President, Rotary International, 2016-17

P.S.  THE PRESIDENTIAL CITATION CRITERIA: MANDATORY ACTIVITIES Clubs must achieve both of the following goals: * Set at least 10 goals in Rotary Club Central. * Pay semiannual dues to RI on time in July and January.     Note: Verify your payment options on your Clubs invoice or by contacting your financial representative.

MEMBERSHIP ATTRACTION & ENGAGEMENT Verify that all membership data reported through My Rotary or your data integration service provider is accurate by checking Club   larger Clubs (51 or more members) must achieve a net gain of at least two members. * Improve the member retention rate by at least 1 percent from last year, or maintain 100 percent retention. * Induct new members under the age of 40. Clubs with up to 50 members must induct a minimum of two new members under the age of 40; Clubs with 51 or more members must induct four. The new members must create profiles on My Rotary.

FOUNDATION GIVING Giving & recognition data for your Club & Club members will be recorded in the contribution & recognition report available to Club officers in My Rotary. In celebration of our Foundations centennial, several of these goals refer to the original donation of $26.50 that started The Rotary Foundation in 1917.

Additionally, $536 is the approximate equivalent of $26.50 today. Clubs must achieve 3 of the following goals:

* Support our Foundation with a contribution of at least $536.

* Support our Foundation with a contribution of at least $26.50 from each member.

* Attain at least $2,650 total giving to PolioPlus in honor of The Rotary Foundation centennial.

* Attain a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita.

* Attain a five-year high in total Club giving to the Foundation (combining giving by all members under any designation, with a minimum contribution of $2,650 per

member) in honor of the Foundations centennial.

* Increase the number of Benefactors & Bequest Society members in the Club by at least one.

ONLINE TOOL ADOPTION All data for these goals will be automatically recorded when the actions are taken.

Clubs must achieve 2 of the following

goals: * Have at least 50 percent of members identify their skills & interests in their My Rotary profiles, & unlock that section to make it visible on their public profiles. * Post at least one in Rotary Showcase.

*  Post a project in need of assistance in Rotary Ideas or contribute to a project in Rotary Ideas.


Clubs must achieve 3 of the following goals:

* Sponsor at least one Rotary Community Corps to enhance community engagement & ensure project sustainability. Note: Your Clubs RCC must be certified with Rotary International. To ensure your status as an RCC sponsor or co-sponsor is recorded, your Club President can check RIs records in Rotary Club Central Reports, & can contact to report any errors.

* Ensure that at least one Club member belongs to a Board-recognized Rotarian Action Group ( Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Partner with the Foundation by sponsoring at least one project funded by a Global Grant or a District Grant. Note: Your Club can contact your District to verify whether it is registered as a Global Grant sponsor or is listed as a District Grant sponsor in the original spending plank submitted with your Districts 2016-17 District Grant application.

* Have at least one Club member attend a Grant Management seminar. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Implement a project with one of Rotary’s service partners. Note has several partners that work directly with Clubs & Projects. See a current list of service partners at  . Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Establish a partnership & conduct a project with one or more corporations, government entities, or non-governmental organizations.  Report in Club Central.

* Enhance a projects score & visibility by partnering with at least five other Rotary Clubs in your region. Report in Rotary Club Central.

NEW GENERATIONS Your Club’s Rotaract or Interact Club must be certified with Rotary International. To ensure that your status as a sponsor or co-sponsor is recorded, Club Presidents may confirm RIs records in Rotary Club Central Reports. Contact or to report on discrepancies.

Clubs must achieve 3 of the following goals:

* Currently sponsor or co-sponsor a Rotaract Club.

* Currently sponsor or co-sponsor a community-based Rotaract Club.

* Currently sponsor or co-sponsor an Interact Club.

* Have at least one Club member mentor a Rotaractor or Interactor. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Involve Rotaractors or Interactors in Club projects & events. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Sponsor or host at least one Rotary Youth Exchange student. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Sponsor a participant in a RYLA event. Report in Rotary Club Central.

PUBLIC IMAGE Clubs must report in Rotary Club Central

* Host an event to inform the community about the Rotary its Foundation centennial. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Get local media coverage on outstanding Club projects. Report in Rotary Club Central.

* Involve local media with at least one Club event, project or fundraiser. Report in Rotary Club Central.

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