Chi Omega Foundation & 2016 fund-development survey results

The Chi Omega Foundation appreciates your participation in the  e-survey conducted in May & June 2015. Below, we share a summary of the survey findings. Your responses along with those of others, are extremely valuable as we improve our efforts on behalf of all Chi Omega women.  This survey is the largest study of fraternal donor behavior in the country conducted by Cygnus Applied Research. It was administered online for 38 fraternal foundations including 19 men’s fraternities & 19 women’s fraternities/sororities. Of the 67,752 fraternal donors & alumni who participated, Chi Omega was represented by 3,500+ participants affirming Chi Omegas’ generosity & desire to help provide exceptional educational & fraternal experiences for the next generation.

Throughout 2016, highlights of the study findings will be shared in The Eleusis. The first article will appear this month. Taken as a whole, the survey shows Chi Omegas living our values with loyalty to our Fraternity.

Key Findings

  • Chi Omega has the largest women’s fraternity alumnae population with current addresses: 239,855;
  • Higher 2014 average donation value & alumnae participation compared to other sororities & Greek foundations;
  • Revenue growth that soared above other fraternal organizations almost exclusively driven by alumnae who made new donations at or above $10,000.  Many of these remarkable gifts were made in support of our Sisterhood Never Stops Campaign.

Though many of these figures reflect our leadership among our peers, there remains tremendous opportunity for further engagement to fulfill Chi Omega’s mission.


Instill a Deeper Understanding of the Importance of Annual Giving
With 2.5% of our alumnae population giving to the Foundation in 2014, there is incredible potential to increase the Foundation’s impact. We must continue to emphasize the importance of annual giving and demonstrate to every donor that their gifts make a meaningful difference in providing critical educational resources.

Create a Greater Understanding of Foundation Activities and Key Fundraising Cases
Our alumnae & donors want to see their contributions at work, learning more about the impact their gifts are having on the Chi Omega experience and in the lives of Chi Omega women. We can meet these expectations by providing more, in-depth information, statistics & testimonials in communications.

Build a Greater Sense of Connection among Alumnae
The more connected an alumna is, the more likely she is to contribute. Maintaining contact among alumnae & between alumnae & the Foundation—whether via newsletter, social media, reunion events, initiating chapter updates, volunteer roles or other communications—is essential to this connection.

The Board of Trustees & staff are relying on your input, & the input of others collected through this survey, to more fully engage alumnae & friends. As we review the hundreds of survey findings, we will do the following:

  • Our donor relations committee will be expanding to thank more donors, especially all first-time donors.
  • We will accelerate reporting of program outcomes & demonstrate the tangible results of Foundation gifts.

We will ask volunteers & staff to help spread news of the Foundation’s key role in shaping women’s opportunities & decision-making abilities for a lifetime.

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