5 Ways to advocate for CATS in your community … thanks to Alley Cat Allies: www.AlleyCat.org

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How to Live with Cats in your Neighborhood


Feral cats:  domestic cats not socialized to human … living outdoors near humans for 10,000+ years.  Live in “colonies” & have strong social bonds with their colony members.

Trap-Neuter-Return:  effective, humane way to stabilize feral-cat populations.  Humanely trapped, taken to a veterinarian, where they are neutered & vaccinated.  Friendly cats & kittens are placed into loving homes.  Healthy, adult feral cat (who are fearful of human contact) are returned to their colony site, where they are often provided continuing car by volunteers.

Catching & killing feral cats is cruel, inhumane & creates a vacuum — as do attempts to “relocate” cats.  The “vacuum effect” is a documented phenomenon:  once the cats are removed from a territory, other cats move in to take advantage of the newly available resources & breed:  forming a new colony.  Catch & kill is an endless & costly cycle.

Easy solutions to cat behaviors:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/Response 

5 Ways to Advocate for CATS in your Community

  1.  Learn about issues facing cats.  Join our Feral Power! e-action alert list:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/SignUp   Get started now:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/ActionCenter to protect & improve the lives of cats by signing petitions & sending letters directly to your elected officials & decision makers.
  2. Write an editorial for your local paper.  Write a letter to the editor.  Use your letter to educate the public — on the basic facts about community cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, the truth about shelter kill rates & local programs & groups.  Show others that there is a public movement on behalf of cats:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/PublicityGuide
  3. Distribute information in your community.  Educate your community by placing literature in locations that animal lovers frequent:  at  your local shelter, veterinary office or pet-food store:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/Marketplace
  4. Educate your elected officials.  Encourage them to enact policies that protect & improve cats’ lives while protecting public health:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/ChangeYourCommunity
  5. Support your local shelter:  showcase the shelter’s feline-friendly practices:  [a] help the local shelter adopt approaches that serve the animals & the public’s health:  [b] improve community-education programs; [c] refuse to accept community cats into shelters;  [d] provide free or low-cost neuter services for the public; & [e] other humane practices that shelters use to protect cats’ lives:  http://www.AlleyCat.org/Shelters
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