8 spayed-neutered feral cats found safe re-location site through Lubbock Animal Services!

Eight spayed or neutered feral cats in Kerrville (NW of San Antonio) found new home(s), thanks to Lubbock Animal Services:  George R. Torres, Director of Animal Services, Lubbock Animal Services, 3323 SE Loop 289; Lubbock, TX 79404; GTorres@MyLubbock.US   806-775-2700, Office & 806-775-2717 Fax

Thank you SavageJudy@ATT.Net & 281-433-5674 & Sheila Gallagher:  SRGall@WindStream.Net & 830-377-1411 for arranging safe re-locations for them.

Feral cat return / re-locators:  Request an attractive e-flier  about keeping the newly relocated cat(s) in an enclosed area for four weeks & feed & water the cat(s) in the enclosed area – before releasing them into their new territory; & spread their feces & urine around the property — the biggest thing that helps with a successful relocation.  …. otherwise, they are likely to dash off as soon as possible & become fast-food for local predators.

Feral-cat relocation Expert Kristin.Stanley@Angelo.edu 

—–Original Message—–From MilaGibson1@Yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2015 1:59 PM  Cats…immediate need     Alice,   My friend in Kerrville has been caring for 30 feral cats . She had to move to South Carolina in one more week. She has found places for all but 8. She had them all spayed and neutered and their shots. Do you or any of your feral cat networking friends have places for her last 8? She has traps that can transport them.    I am Kerrville today. When she told me about her remaining 8 cats I thought you might be able to help.    Her name is Judy Savage. Phone number 281-433-5674. Email SavageJudy@ATT.Net Thank you.  Adopted 2 barn cats in rural SW Lubbock:  Jennifer Dever at 806-781-0887.

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