5 Signs that your cat may be hiding an illness: consider scheduling a check-up with your vet without delay

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5 Signs Your Cat May Be Hiding An Illness  Article by JESSICA L DESROSIERS    ASK EXPERT     Cats can be professionals at hiding their illnesses until they are very sick. Whether it is a natural instinct to hide illness in the wild or merely your cat’s own stubborn streak getting in the way, knowing the signs of potential illness in your cat is key.

If at any time you see the following signs or your cat just isn’t acting himself or herself, consider scheduling a check-up with your vet without delay.
Your cat is suddenly very talkative  Your cat is suddenly very talkative  An increase in vocalization is one of the first signs many owners notice when their cat is ill.    Cats tend to increase vocalizations when they are in pain or attempting to let owners know that something “isn’t right”.     A cat may walk around meowing or yowling aimlessly at objects or at the air, or may seek you out and follow you, never stopping even if his needs are taken care of.
Your cat is hiding more
Your cat is hiding more   Hiding can be another commonly seen sign of illness.      Cats may want to hide themselves from the commotion of daily activities in order to reduce stress or not alert others to a visible injury or pain. They may also hide if they are feeling ill such as with pain, fever or stomach upset.      If your cat starts suddenly hiding, he may be trying to hide illness. Take note, hiding behavior can be linked to stress or anxiety which can also be addressed by your vet.
Your cat is acting strange   Your cat is acting funny   Cats in pain may start to walk or act funny in an attempt to minimize the pain.      They may have a hunched back as they walk, or may protect their abdomens from being petted if they are experiencing stomach pains. They may also sit or lay more frequently to minimize use of a limb that does not feel well.      Cats may also change their routines to avoid showing a visible injury.
Your cat has sudden behavior changes   Your cat has sudden behavior changes     A sudden change in your cat’s personality can indicate that something isn’t right.      Your cat may suddenly become more aggressive towards you, striking out and biting or scratching when you attempt to do things that he loved previously.      Your cat may also suddenly become clingy or more affectionate than usual due to not feeling well or in an attempt to tell you something is wrong.      Cats may also have changes in behavior or habits if they are experiencing cognitive problems.
Your cat has accidents  Your cat has accidents    A change in bowel or urinary habit is a big indicator that something is wrong.      Cats experiencing pain from arthritis or illness may miss or stop using the litter box. Cats with digestive or internal pain may also have changes in how often they urinate, or may change stool consistency.      If your cat was perfect about his bathroom habits prior, he may be telling you something with his accidents. Be sure to also bring in a sample of urine or stool to your vet if there are accidents occurring, as they can provide clues to what is causing your cat to feel ill.
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