Pampa, TX, Animal Welfare Society seeks donation$!

Please share your monetary donations for just this month for Pampa Animal Welfare Society. It is tax deductible if the check is made out to PAWS. Please address to: Pampa Animal Welfare Society. Attn: Faustina Curry. P.O. Box  2095 Pampa, Texas 79065-2499.  Another way is to log onto FaceBook & look for a blue donation button on the left side of the page. A receipt will be sent.

So, as of 10/5/15 we have rescued 2,300+ animals since we started in Oct. 2013! The rescues have always supported us since they have like the personalities of our animals, & we are an organized group.

Unfortunately, due to the downturn of the oil business in Pampa the big players have moved out, & the monetary support has dwindled.  We have $100 in the bank until the end of Oct.

No animals will be transferred since we won’t have the funds to get animals medically ready.

Any amount will be appreciated.      Thank you, Beth Jones                     If not I, who?

Beth Jones <>; Mona Reagan <>, Linda Copley <>, Carol Kalkman <>, Sharon Burnett <>, Sharon Peters <>, Kathy Cancellieri <>, Tinya Duffey <>, Fleur Bradley <>, Lisa Clark <>, Julie Martindale <>, Julie Horwitz <>, “” <>, Susan Repp <>, Susan Vincent <>, Heather Sanner <>, Kelly Cave <>, Mary Heisel <>, Alan Davidson <>, Sassy Skelton <>, jennifer timmer <>, “Colvin, Jennifer” <>, Kathy Bordenson <>, Carol Treskon <>, Lisa Jobes <>, Helen Peterson <>, Harriet Anderson <>, Ellen Krings <>

from Jennifer M. Timmer    Graduate Degree Program in Ecology    Colorado State University    Fort Collins, CO 80523    517-775-5906

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