LGC Education Day: Wed., Dec. 9


Hello, Leadership Gillespie County classmates / Education Day Committee!  [Barter62@Yahoo.com; KMurphy@HillCountryMemorial.org; Kristy.Knaupp-Beyer@EdwardJones.com; ERCrane@GMail.com; Alice.White@TTU.edu]

Are you ready to plan & delegate duties?  — for our Wed., Dec. 9 Education Day.  If so, here are two offers to help  (details, below):

  1. from FISD Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright:: EricW@FISD.org Sent: Monday, September 07, 2015 2:15 PM  To: White, Alice  Subject: Eric: Leadership Gillespie County “Education Day:” Wed., Dec. 9. Please “hold” the date on your personal & organizational calendar. …I will be happy to assist in any way your education committee would like. Last year’s class wanted to hear from both the public and private schools, wanted to hear about Higher Ed, and wanted to tour the Gillespie County Historical One-room schools. Therefore, I hosted a school showcase here, whereby each Headmaster, Principal, or Superintendent were given 30 minutes to provide an overview and answer questions. We then went to the University Center and then on a tour of the historical schools. I have attached our agenda from last year for your perusal.     I will reserve the 9th on my calendar and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as you guys prepare the education day agenda including transportation and/or food.  … Eric  [FISD Superintendent, LGC Class of 2015 & member of “my” Morning Rotary Club.]
  1. from Robert HickersonRHickerson9@GMail.com & Fox@TTU.edu  Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2015 8:13 AM  To: White, Alice  Cc: Fox, K    Subject: Bob & Kelly: Leadership Gillespie County “Education Day:” Wed., Dec. 9. Please “hold” the date on your personal & organizational calendars.       Alice and Kelly, I put a day hold on Class Room 125, which is usually open until after 5:00 p.m. We’ll be happy to let you use University Center for your “home room” that day.   Bob

Doris Spraggins will meet us at Texas Tech to give us a brief history/info session on the schools, then we will head to Lower Grape Creek school.  After that, we will head to Albert (Williams Creek school).  Doris said that two schools would be plenty and provide for “quality stops”.  Doris will have a person meet us at each school to unlock and give a tour.  Doris is also working on collecting the stationary, pencils, bookmarks, etc. for everyone. 

from: Fox, K Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2015 9:31 PM  To: White, Alice … What a great opportunity and event! I’ve got it on my calendar.

Also, if & when you’d like me to do so, I would be glad to ask the following folks to save Wed., Dec. 9 on their calendars – in case our committee decides to invite them to make a presentation on Education Day …

  1. my neighbor-friend Jane Woellhof, The Friends of the Gillespie County Country Schools – if we decide to include visits to or presentations about our country schools.  fyi, I’ve recently established & have started funding an endowment (at the Texas Hill Country Community Foundation) to benefit the country schools – in honor of Jane.
  1. Paul Urban, Exec. Dir., TX Hill Country Community Foundation, that invests financial assets on behalf of the Hill Country University Foundation – for LGC folks to get a long-term, financial perspective about how the Hill Country University Foundation (where I am a trustee) is a trustworthy, savvy steward of its financial resources, that came from generous folks in Gillespie County & elsewhere.  I’m also a trustee with the Community Foundation where I have established nine endowments).

Do you want to find a mutually convenient day, date & times to meet in person?  Or do you prefer to plan via e-mail?  fyi, I’ll return to FBG on Sat., Oct. 10.

Pending:  breakfast & lunch; finalizing content, speakers, locations & agenda (e.g., who introduces each speaker, thanks each speaker, announces next activity); who coordinates thank-you note signatures; other items?  Our mentors are LGC alumni FISD Supt. Eric Wright (EricW@FISD.org) & Janet Lindley (LindleyJAM@Yahoo.com).



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