Willow Creek Global Leadership Conference: 250,000+ simultaneous participants worldwide

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WCA:  wonderful information & looking ahead to 2016 when FBG hosts the simulcast event.

AVW’s de-brief:

My eternal “Thanks!” for having included me in the Willow Creek Global Leadership Conference.  Because I can’t participate in your upcoming de-brief meeting … due to an on-going Tues. evening commitment, here (below) is my three-item follow-up report … for you to e-share, edit, etc. …. as you deem appropriate.  I welcome ideas, requests & offers from others – in furtherance of others’ goals / Life calling / vision – especially those whose goals might naturally align with my animal-welfare activities &/or that I might be able to be helpful with (given that I’m a “connector” & repeatedly identified as “connected” or with “connectedness” ****  ).

As a direct result of the Willow Creek conference:

  1. Several of my newly begun,* animal-welfare activities were validated in my heart, mind & soul;
  2. After having procrastinated for 1.5 yr. (ever since moving from Lubbock to FBG in 2-’14), I have visited in person with The City of FBG Animal Shelter folks & PAWS representative.**
  3. Together we have mutually agreed up some plans, which are now being put into action*** … through increasingly leverage-able opportunities (via Willow Creek Global Leadership Conference, three Rotary clubs of FBG, Leadership Gillespie County & other serendipitous / Divinely inspired connections)

I look forward to serving as an on-site, Year 2016 volunteer when the Willow Creek Global Leadership Conference is simulcast in FBG!       Alice    Trustee, Hill Country University Center Foundation & Texas Hill Country Community Foundation; Pres.-Elect, Rotary Club of FBG Morning …

**  the wonderful manager of the City of FBG Animal Shelter Yvonne Gerhardt, her supervisor Braxton (who encouraged me to update informally at weekly Rotary luncheons … his supervisor Chief of Police Steve Wietz)  & one of  Yvonne’s community partners Bonnie Smith with PAWS.

*  $7.5K-to-be-funded on or before 12-31’20:  City of Fredericksburg Animal Shelter endowment in honor of Yvonne Gerhardt & Bonnie Smith at the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, TX; PO Box 291354, Kerrville, TX  78029-1354; 830-896-8811 (www.CommunityFoundation.Net & click on blue FundWeb box)

Funded!  $7.5K  Fredericksburg Dog Park endowment in honor of the Rotary Clubs of FBG at the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, TX; PO Box 291354, Kerrville, TX  78029-1354; 830-896-8811 (www.CommunityFoundation.Net & click on blue FundWeb box)

Funded!  $7.5K  Fredericksburg PAWS endowment in honor of Bonnie Smith & Yvonne Gerhardt to provide resources for spay-neuter of cats & dogs in Gillespie County (with a preference for stray, homeless & feral cats); at the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, TX; PO Box 291354, Kerrville, TX  78029-1354; 830-896-8811 (www.CommunityFoundation.Net & click on blue FundWeb box)

***  Coincidence?  Divine Intervention?  After the two-day, orientation-retreat of the Leadership Gillespie County Class of 2016 (with LGC classmate Mike Birdlebough, a Willow Creek alumnus / volunteer & fellow Rotarian), the newly elected president of our LGC 2016 class asked me to follow up with the Animal Shelter, PAWS & the Dog Park folks – to inquire about their needs & plans … in case our LGC Class of 2016 might be interested in volunteering &/or adopting one or more of their Wish List project(s), that we can accomplish before our May 2016 graduation.  I’ve done so.  In the meantime, here are my personal, animal shelter-related offers to-be-shared with my 19 LGC classmates:     Three OffersI am willing to pay for three awareness-building &/or perpetual financial-support kinds of services, below, as part of my in-kind services in support of &/or in addition to our class project(s) during our 2015-2016 class year (& beyond … if class members are willing for me to do so) …  to benefit the City of FBG Animal Shelterwhile simultaneously mentioning our LGC Class of 2016.  … something like Sponsored by the Leadership Gillespie County Class of 2016   www.Fredericksburg-Texas.com/Gillespie/Gillespie_County_Leadership_Program.aspx    … within the weekly newspaper ads, monthly Welcome! announcements & annual reports &  on-going social media announcements from the Texas Hill Country Community Foundation.    Details:  Because of my animal-welfare “calling in Life,” I already have the Three-Offer activities well into The Start-up Phase (e.g., approval through director of The City of FBG Animal Shelter manager & sales staffer with the local newspaper; pending approval for new services through Welcome to FBG visits, that I already purchase for other organizations; & to-be-finalized paperwork-pending through the Texas Hill Country Community Foundation where I am a trustee).  Except for Jennifer / Welcome to FBG, I’ve spoken with all folks involved.  They helped me create the three plans, below; & are talking among themselves to put the three plans into action – for the benefit of the Animal Shelter..  The newspaper display ads will start in mid-Sept.  The Welcome services will start after I receive Sept.’s Welcome bill & brainstorm with Jennifer about revising the resources she talks about on my behalf.  I have my $1,000 Animal Shelter “down payment” ready for the Community Foundation as soon as the Community Foundation & The City of FBG / Animal Shelter folks decide exactly which entity will receive the annual, available earnings for exclusive use by the Animal Shelter.  I plan to have completed the Animal Shelter endowment at the $7,500 level  on or before 12-31-’20.  In the meantime & into perpetuity, the legal documents & publicity by the Community Foundation about the FBG Animal Shelter endowment – with class members’ permission – can include mention of our LGC Class of 2016.

****   from Malcolm Gladwell’s  national bestseller The Tipping Point:  How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Back Bay Books; 2000) says that the powerful business strategy of “connecting” is accomplished by a “handful of exceptional people” with “a special gift for bringing the world together” by “moving up and down and back and forth among all the different worlds and subcultures and niches and levels” (pp. 21, 38, 43, 48, 51).       Also, from StrengthsQuest profile:  my “Top 5” Signature Themes are explained, below.    – The Signature Themes report below displays my five most powerful themes, as indicated by my responses to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, The Gallup Organization’s online talent assessment instrument.     ALICE’s SIGNATURE THEMES     Connectedness      Things happen for a reason. You are sure of it. You are sure of it because in your soul you know that we are all connected. Yes, we are individuals, responsible for our own judgments and in possession of our own free will, but nonetheless we are part of something larger. Some may call it the collective unconscious. Others may label it spirit or life force. But whatever your word of choice, you gain confidence from knowing that we are not isolated from one another or from the earth and the life on it. This feeling of Connectedness implies certain responsibilities. If we are all part of a larger picture, then we must not harm others because we will be harming ourselves. We must not exploit because we will be exploiting ourselves. Your awareness of these responsibilities creates your value system. You are considerate, caring, and accepting. Certain of the unity of humankind, you are a bridge builder for people of different cultures. Sensitive to the invisible hand, you can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our humdrum lives. The exact articles of your faith will depend on your upbringing and your culture, but your faith is strong. It sustains you and your close friends in the face of life’s mysteries.  … Psychologists at The Gallup Organization have been investigating the nature of human strengths for over 30 years. During that time, Gallup interviewed over two million people — the best teachers, doctors, lawyers, managers, salespeople, leaders, software programmers, and other professionals — to discover what made them successful. From all these interviews, 34 recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior emerged. These patterns, or “themes” as Gallup calls them, are the raw materials for building a strong and productive life.  A person does not need to possess all of these themes; to live a strong life, one simply has to identify which of the 34 are their most powerful — their Signature Themes — and then cultivate them with learning, practice, and focus. The Clifton StrengthsFinder measures a person’s talent within each of these 34 themes and immediately reveals his or her five most powerful themes.  You can learn more about the Clifton StrengthsFinder at http://www.strengthsquest.com

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