LGC’s Education Day, Dec. 9, 2015


Wed., DECEMBER 9, 2015 |Education

  • Understand the umbrella of educational offerings in Gillespie County from pre-school to secondary and post secondary programs
  • Explore Fredericksburg’s network of education providers, both public and private
  • Seek an understanding of the current trends, challenges and opportunities faced in education

Key planning resources: Supt. Eric Wright, Bob Hickerson & Dr. Kelly Fox, Hill Country University Center & your prior class session mentors.

    1. Alice White: White@TTU.edu;
    2. Jesse Barter: Barter62@Yahoo.com;
    3. Katie Murphy: KMurphy@HillCountryMemorial.org;
    4. Kristy Knaupp-Beyer: Knaupp-Beyer@EdwardJones.com;
    5. Ethan Crane: ERCrane@GMail.com and
    6. LSimmons@NimitzFoundation.org; LindleyJAM@Yahoo.com;  EricW@FISD.org;

     Alice.White@TTU.edu; Barter62@Yahoo.com; KMurphy@HillCountryMemorial.org; Kristy.Knaupp-Beyer@EdwardJones.com;ERCrane@GMail.com; LSimmons@NimitzFoundation.org

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