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Carrying the Black Bag:  A Neurologist’s Bedside Tales” by J. Thomas Hutton, MD, PhD (JThomas_Hutton@Yahoo.com) to TheAnt244@GMail.com; Otto.Ratheal@TTU.edu PRV02a@GMail.com; TayloLi555@GMil.com; Eric@HutchinsonFinancialinc.com; CSelness@GMail.com; Dutch@BeeCreek.Net; PSwenson @BeeCreek.Net; SusanImke@Yahoo.com; RGillette@HCTC.Net; SGillette@HCTC.Net; JimCee1967@Cox.Net; Jay Lin8@BeeCreek.Net; DoubleM71@HotMail.com; Pederson6@USInternet.com; BSelness@GMail.com; JudyWilkins @SWBell.Net; AKDaigle@GMail.com; DonnaRuth123@GMail.com; MJRatheal@SuddenLink.Net; Maryglenn@MaryGlenn.com;

from the author:     Steady progress is being made on my book & my publicist is hard at work. My book, Carrying the Black Bag: A Neurologist’s Bedside Tales is slated to be released mid-November although changing the Texas Tech University Press warehouse could alter this. The timing will become clearer soon.     … Several have already been busy lining up potential book signings and presentations, suggesting book review columns in local newspapers, and offering to host receptions for invited guests. These are all great ideas and much appreciated.     My blog site, Views From Medicine Spirit Ranch, will be altered to morph into a combined Ranching, Retirement, and Reading and wRiting blog site (the four Rs, okay it’s a stretch). It will serve as my author’s Website. … I will be posting increasing book related blog pieces: JThomasHutton.WordPress.com    Eventually links will appear on my site to Amazon books & Barnes & Noble to facilitate purchasing. Not much at present for you to do other than read the book. I hope you enjoy it. I will make you the first to see the book cover, … soon posted onto my blog site. Will be sending along book reviews etc. as they come in. Keep thinking about bookstores and libraries you might contact, speaking engagements, publicity opportunities & especially digital means to spread the word (i.e., your friends & contacts).

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