FBG Animal Shelter & PAWS awareness & outreach plans. Also, Big Fix in Kerrville, TX

YGerhardt@FBGTx.org & Cindy@FredericksburgStandard.com (830-997-2155; 712 W. Main; FBG 78624),  weekly 5.437” x 3” display ad into the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post.  to engage readers in a wide variety of ways — to save precious canines’ & felines’ sacred lives:  .

  • Invite readers to save &/or share your Keepsake ads about the cats & dogs
  • Call us into Action with all the ways folks can proactively help:  get their own pets spayed/neutered & how to get PAWS’ spay-neuter vouchers; proactively foster roaming cats or dogs; post “Lost” or “Found” cats & dogs on FB & other social media:  maybe even tell us how to electronically post (or recommend that we recruit a child to show us <smile>)
  • Share your own &/or PAWS’ Wish List about what you most need
  • PAWS spayed / neutered 14,000+ dogs & cats since 2004.  In 2015, PAWS fixed 424 pet cats, 235 dogs & 373 community cats.  100% volunteers & funded only by individual donors.  PAWS’ expenses between $6K-$7K / mo.


  • An unspayed female cat, her mate & all of their offspring can total:  11,606,077 cats in 9 years:  1 yr. = 12 cats; 2 yrs. = 67 cats; 3 yr. = 376 cats; 4 yr. = 2,107 cats; 5 yr. = 11,801 cats;  6 yr. =66,088 cats; 7 yr. – 370,092 cats; 8 yr. = 2,072,514 cats; 9 yr. = 11,606,077 cats!  Prevent senseless euthanasia in shelters:  spay & neuter your pets.


  • Invite Rotary Interact Clubs or other in-school, after-school (like Boys & Girls Club members) or faith-based Youth Groups like Young Life … to collect & donate dog food or cat food or save old newspapers for bedding; or provide gift cards for the shelter, or offer to become a PAWS volunteer coordinator (Bonnie, I LOVE your packet of PAWS information!!!); etc.
  • Invite other individuals or organizations to $pon$or display ad(s) in the newspaper (to give me extra cash to get a $7,500.00 endowment started at the Community Foundation for the FBG Animal Shelter)
  • Invite other individuals or organizations to mention the FBG Animal Shelter FB page or Website &/or PAWS FB page or Website in their new or on-going ads in the newspaper or in other media.

Cat grooming at Pedernales Veterinary Clinic:  Yvonne Gerhardt:  830-997-1907 & 830-456-5792

Also:  Hill Country Animal League with affordable spay & neuter services; 924 N. Main St.; Boerne, TX  78006:  www.HCALTx.org & RYarbrough@HCALTx.org & 210-232-6156  & 830-249-2341.  Minimizing the overpopulation of unwanted dogs & cats in the Hill Country area by providing affordable spay-neuter & preventive-care services.

in Kerrville, TX:  www.BigFixCats.com & 830-896-6053; P.O. Box 294003; KVL, TX  78029; JudySavage@ATT.Net & Sheila Gallagher at 830-377-1411.

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