Leadership Gillespie County, 2015-2016 classmates

LGC Class of 2017:  Bobby, TRex Oil & Gas Companies:  B.HillinSr@TRexEC.com; NatalieBowman6@GMail.com;

iOpener youth ’15-’16:  Abbey:  AZSchappel@iCloud.com & 830-998-8086:  project to benefit FBG SPCA; Sandra Birdlebo, dog-quilt donor:  SBirdlebo@Yahoo.com;  LGC visitor to the Capitol in Austin:  Tammy.Pirtle@House.Texas.Gov & 512-463-0325.  Ethan Crane:  512-934-1991

Fundraising committee:  Cathy Ball, Mike Birdlebough, Konnie Patke, Josh Rodriguez, Troy Sifford, Lisa Simmons,  Boys & Girls Club contact:  Bianca Arias:  BiancaArias@BGCATxHC.org  

CathyAhn1969@GMail.com;  MBirdlebo@Yahoo.com; TSperryRoberts@HillCountryMemorial.org; KPatke@FBGTx.org;

Josh.Rodriguez@Jelly.com; Troy@IFollowFredericksburg.com;



  1. Asphalt Topper/Resurface
    1. Provided details on DIY asphalt.
    2. Noted that Edmund Jenschke could be a potential resource.
  2. Soccer Nets and Basketball Hoops
    1. Noted that soccer nets range from $70-$80
  3. Grading for Soccer Field
    1. Provided details on the type of work that goes into grading the soccer field.
    2. Discussed class feedback.
    3. No action taken.
  4. Additional Information
    1. Noted that Domingo Sanchez would like to help with the project.
    2. Discussed progress made with FHS on providing benches.
    3. Noted that currently the biggest fundraising item is the asphalt topper.

Leadership Gillespie County:  www.Fredericksburg-Texas.com/Gillespie/Gillespie_County_Leadership_Program.aspx

20 class members of The Class of 2015-2016:  BVorauer@FBGTx.org; CathyAhn1969@GMail.com; Josh.Rodriguez@Jelly.com; ERCrane@GMail.com; ERCrane@Austin.TWCBC.com; Barter62@Yahoo.com; TourismSales@FBGTx.org; KMurphy@HillCountryMemorial.org; Ken@FredericksburgStandard.com; KPatke@FBGTx.org; Kristy.Knaupp-Beyer@EdwardJones.com; KyleKiehne@GMail.com; Kyle.Kulda@JPMorgan.com; LSimmons@NimitzFoundation.org; MBirdlebo@Yahoo.com; Nichole@BeckerWines.com; RobertE@NimitzFoundation.org; TSperryRoberts@HillCountryMemorial.org; Troy@IFollowFredericksburg.com; Wes@AbsoluteCharmRealEstate.com; Alice.White@TTU.edu;

Program Coordinators:   Doug@OpasFBG.com; AStevens@HillCountryMemorial.org; Jon@TheCenterForSuccess.com

Doug Edwards, Opa’s Smoked Meats, 410 S. Washington St.; Fredericksburg, TX 78624; 830.997.3358; www.OpasSmokedMeats.com

Mixer / mentor:  Holy Ghost Lutheran Church Pastor Bobby Vitek:  PastorBV@Austin.TWCBC.com

Sept. 2015:  two-day, orientation retreat at MO Ranch.  Photos taken by Doug Edwards during our ropes’ course adventures:


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